The Role Of Non-Verbal Communication In Persuasion

Have you ever thought about the reason why the “poker face” is used during usually tensed games of poker inside casinos or on TVs? Have you ever noticed the small gestures players tend to make when making certain calls during the game? Nonverbal influence plays a huge role in communication and its direct effects or cute are able to boost persuasion. In other words, a player might manage to trick the rest of the gamblers that his hand is too poor to bring him victory, tempting them to place all bets on their own hands only to end up losing while the poker-faced player smiles at them. Business is another critical field where non-verbal communication can at times be even more important than a good written sales pitch.

Immediacy Cues That Can Increase Persuasion

They refer to nonverbal signs that are able to transmit more warmth and a higher degree of involvement. These could refer to smiling, making eye contact, using affirmative nodding, and other similar ones. Making eye contact can help you be more persuasive and trying to sell something to someone or convince them to do something – but the contact needs to be frequent rather than prolonged in order to have the desired effects. Fail to make eye contact with your audience or counterparts during an intense game of poker and you will also fail to win them over and have them trust you. People who trust you tend to do what you ask them to, and this works great for business people and professional or amateur poker players altogether. While the advantage of playing live poker comes from the fact you can use your poker face, small hand or head gestures and have your opponents eat from your palm, online alternatives are less permissive. Since there is no live contact with the rest of the players sitting at your table, you will need to use different skills to compensate and win. If you are a talented player, you should use that talent and experience to the fullest.

Practice Your Non-Verbal Persuasion Skills In All Walks Of Life

If your main goal is to improve your business sales pitches in terms of delivery, you need to keep on practicing your non-verbal communication non-stop. The human face can reproduce over 250,000 different expressions. Smiling is one of the best weapons you have got, but you cannot use it at all times or it will make you look insincere. If you are involved in a game of multi poker online and you are not actually looking at your competitors, you needn’t worry about anything else than giving your best shot and using your expertise to try and win, trustworthy platforms like Ladbrokes Poker now enable you to take your passion for the game on the streets thanks to their new Poker App. Yu can download it for free and install it on your Android or Apple device and access your favorite games of poker on a 24.7 basis. The progressive jackpot games here feature highly rewarding prizes and the welcome bonus matching first deposits is reason enough to give it a try.

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An industry that has mastered payment

Payment systems have evolved down through the years – from primitive forms of barter, to use of currency, to all sorts of credit. And over the years, the concept of “paying up” has yielded to the notion of making things easy to purchase. In the quest to make payments convenient for both the customer and the vendor, our system of commerce has come up with a huge variety of payment modes, including bank withdrawal transactions, credit card payments and all sorts of third-party payment channels. In recent years, this evolution has been driven by high technology and the need of security.

A business that knows easy payment

An example of an industry that has grasped the concept of making payment easy is the online casino business. Online casinos have harnessed the easy-payment idea by putting their high-tech skills to work to make deposit and withdrawal not only convenient, but safe and secure. Nowadays online casinos offer the widest varieties of payment around. Smartphone users can even pay through their phone bills. Cynics might consider this just an easy way to lose money. Customers – and there are millions of them – consider it an easy way to pay for entertainment. Why? Well, for one reason, players know that if the games are played right, losses can be cut to an absolute minimum – two to five percent on most games. So, the way players see it, putting in $100 and coming out with $95, means their five bucks has gone toward a few hours of fun. Playing the games right means knowing a little strategy. Strategy? In a gambling game? Go to Australia Casino games and take a look at a roulette layout, for instance. The last column of numbers has a larger amount of red numbers than black numbers. The other two columns have more black squares. Placing one wager on the third column and another on the back square in the red-black option covers most of the numbers with just two bets. The odds of winning are increased. As in roulette, there are plenty of strategies in other table games.

But playing proper strategy is only one reason players consider destinations such as Australia Casino games a good bet. The main reason is simple: casino games are just plain fun. Anyone who has sat in on a blackjack or poker game knows the fun of playing wagers on the right cards. It is the element of fun that has brought flocks of people to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo and other gambling destinations around the world. And it is why online casinos have thrived for two decades. Some people would just as soon have a little fun dropping a few bucks in a casino game than dropping a million on a stock they once thought was hot. People like to take the small risk for a chance at big reward.

Extra reward

There’s even more than fun and strategy. Online casinos offer nice bonuses these days, and players like these extra perks., for instance, and the first thing you’ll see is a big bonus offer. Australia Casino  offer some of the more lucrative bonus plans around, because they have a special “promotions” section that specializes in rewards. You can find sign-up bonuses, deposit bonuses and bonuses for getting your friends to play. The games are easy to download, no matter what type of software or browser you have. And, of course, the payment and withdrawal options with Australia Casino games provide the top-notch security.

When you add it up, games such as Australia Casino games are good reasons why playing online casinos make it easy to pay.

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Importance of speaking skills

Why those persons who can speak better can get better jobs?

If this is your question, welcome on this page! It’s actually a matter of fact that people with great speaking skills can achieve better results and get better jobs. It’s because their self confidence when speaking conveys a sense of security and knowledge, that are both necessary when dealing a job.

Speaking, but not only

Speaking is tightly linked to more skills such as listening, writing and reading. All of these skills come in touch when we have to communicate.

Today well rounded communicators and speakers all have proficiency in each of the four skills. Their job goal is to communicate things, let people understand them and move people’s feelings or provoke people’s position towards them.

Communication is more than simply “tell something”. Speakers today have to inform and persuade, they should be able to attract people’s attention and direct it towards a specific idea or thought.  This is necessary if a speaker wants to work in the mass media communication.

Journalists and reporters are more and more often above all speakers. Same goes for politicians and experts of specific fields.

Speakers should be able to stand up from the rest of the mass and speak freely and forming a message which is powerful and effective.

Offices and bureaus

Speakers can work as journalists or as communicators for the press industry without to work in touch with people. Collaborations and part time jobs are also admitted.

Working in an office, speakers should be able to arrange meetings and contact magazine directors on their own. They have to fix any kind of problem, most of all by themselves. Sometimes it’s hard to do, especially if you get an office door not working and you are locked in!

By luck, each office has at least a telephone. So you can call locksmith service and get help in a very fast time.

A locked door isn’t a mystery for the team of experts from Locksmith, that’s why you should always keep a list of emergency phone numbers to call including Locksmith. Pricing are affordable and honest in relation to the kind and quick service they provide to each customer.

Just a few minutes and the guys from Locksmith will fix the problem. Sometimes even the most skilled speaker has to sit down and wait for some help from other as much skilled persons.

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Why Do The Elderly Like Playing Society Games

The elderly seem to like games and fun activities just as much as children do; and because we know retirement homes for seniors make for a place where games are regarded as a means of working out both the mind and body, here are a few recommendations worth the attention.

Games Boost Imagination And Memory

There is a wide array of games that can successfully stimulate memory and trigger better focusing skills while promoting attention and easing the stress. Games have also been proven to improve language and cognitive skills, which are exactly what retired seniors who no longer go to their past 9 to 5 jobs need. Plus, topping all that with loads of fun and entertainment seems to create the recipe for success. Did you know that there are many seniors who enjoy playing various video games – usually with their nephews? While genetics only plays a small role in the creation of our memories and the well-functioning of our brains, exercise, sleep, stress, or medication and gaming are other important factors to consider. So while medication and sleep can be well supervised while living in a senior home, games are voluntary and the desire to pay them needs to come from within.

Canada 6/49 online-lotery

Why Do The Elderly Like To Play Social Games?

Because these games enable them to get in touch with others their age, giving them the chance to exchange opinions, concerns, and experiences while staying entertained. Among them, bingo games seem to draw the biggest crowd possible – especially due to the fact they can be played both online and offline. Bingo nights are some of the main attractions for people living retirement facilities, but the elderly who cannot reach land bingo venues to play, there are plenty of online sites they can use. Lottery games also count among some of the most appreciated games seniors enjoy playing for the chance to win life-changing jackpots. Just imagine what sort of cruises and exotic vacations they could be planning if they win the big MegaMillions or US Powerball prizes! The site displays the latest Canada lotto 649 game results alongside results for dozens of other popular worldwide lottery games on all continents.  New Zealand, Australia, Hog Kong, Arizona? No matter what country or continent you might be in, you can use the quick “search by country” option and select the exact lottery game you are interested in. You can even get some advice on how to boost your fruity slots or lottery skills and keep yourself busy for hours.

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Law Career – Is It Worth It?

Is it worth choosing a career in the legal field from a financial standpoint? Many claim law schools tend to brainwash students into thinking they will have no problem finding a job working for a prestigious law firm – while they opinionate this is nothing but a false claim. By looking at the burdens triggered by law school debt which tends to linger for quite some time after graduation, these are legitimate arguments than need to be carefully analyzed by all future potential students.

Why Opt For Law School?

The reasoning usually different for each and every individual taken aside many people do it for the complexity and interesting side of the career. The majority of people place lawyers high up the reputation ladder when it comes to professions. This is obviously a powerful argument for someone to pick law as a career that can gain him the respect and admiration of friends, family, and society in general. Plus, the idea that lawyers are constantly always in high demand is another factor that convinces a lot of people to embrace law as a career that is prone to always bring them financial benefits.  

How Much Can You Expect To Win?  

Optimally, the majority of students expect to land associate positions with huge and well-reputed law firm and take home around $160,000 a year or more. Nevertheless, as fresh graduates, the chances of actually getting such a job are slim – if we are also to consider the harsh competition and the large number of law graduates. So you can expect to still play bingo real money or so some more serious casino gambling in order to try to cover your debts and support yourself. Lucky Touch Bingo makes for an excellent venue in this regard, as it provides passionate gamers and gamblers with a variety of bingo and casino games altogether. 75-, 80, and 90-ball bingo games can all be played there, while enjoying the whooping 500% welcome bonus offered for your first deposit with them. You can deposit £10 and play with £45 and play while on the go using your favorite mobile device connected to the Internet. All games are compatible with all types and makes of mobile devices and you can travel to and from the office and keep the fun and games going. This is a clever way of rounding your monthly income if you are passionate about it and determined to use a good strategy and play to win.

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The Two TG Children In UK

According to the Victoria Derbyshire programme, the number of children aged 10 and under who are receiving help and counseling from the NHS support services in order to deal with their transgender feelings has more than quadrupled during the last 6 years. Recently, the story of two of the youngest TG children in the UK has emerged in the media. If you are not yet familiar with it, we invite you to read on.

Hello Kitty And Monster High

Lily and Jessica are the names the two girls had chosen for them in order to protect their identity. When the reporter first saw them, the two 6 and 8 years old girls were cheerfully playing with their Hello Kitty and Monster High toys and mannequins. They had named them Zoo-Keeper Kitty and Disco Kitty. An apparently normal play date scene between two little girls; but what makes the story so amazing is the fact that the two girls were actually born boys. Soon after they were born and they were able to talk, they started expressing their interest in everything girl-related, including dresses, jewellery, and dolls. Looking at them, nothing gave away the fact that they were born boys. Their clothes, the way they were talking and playing all suggested they were meant to be girls.

The discomfort and stress the two little girls trapped in a boy’s body felt is associated with a medical condition known as gender variance. The two weren’t drawn to regular boyish activities, toys, and clothes; they didn’t want to see a locksmith chance a broken door lock on the door and they weren’t fascinated by handyman tools either. While their parents were negotiating the locksmith costs for the locksmith work they were planning on doing around the house with the help of the Lock4Less technicians, the two were more interested in playing with their dolls.

Not Just A Passing Phase  

Like most people, the parents thought the whole transformation is nothing but a phase that will soon pass. But it turned out to last for quite a while – several years now – and the chances of seeing it gone are slim. Lilly and Jessica’s parents recommend you not to panic; in case you are experiencing something similar with your own children, know you are not the only one. Meet up with other parents with the help of specialized TG parent networks and discuss all of your concerns and questions. Watch online videos and ask your general physicians for referrals to the NHS Tavistock Gender Identity Service and always allow your child to freely express his gender through clothes and toys, helping him build his own self-confidence and find out who he truly is.

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The Amazing Importance Of Healthcare Speakers

The field of motivational healthcare speaking might be new to you; and you might feel you need to gather more knowledge and insight into this fascinating universe of inspiring words that touch lives and make a difference in people’s lives,. If this is your case, or if you are already familiar with the power of public speeches and you would like to learn some new tips to get better at it, we are here to make sure your needs are fully catered to. These next few liens will address the needs of healthcare speakers who need some guidance on the topic of healthy lifestyles and everything such a lifestyle involved.


Get Ready To Provide Answers To Ever-Growing Healthcare Questions


Considering the power of words coming from a specialist in its field – in our particular case, a healthcare expert such a physician or dietician – and people’s need for guidance and updated information, the role of such a speaker is critical. To many people, health matters, lifestyle and wellbeing topics are daily regulars and nutritionists, life coaches, champions, or doctors make it as the number one speakers they want to hear. The fast-paced world we live in is forcing most of us to make the wrong calls when it comes to the foods we eat, the type of stress we submit ourselves to and the lack of psychical activity that pushes us into becoming sedentary people.

People need guidance and they need to be told how to handle their relationships and how to take care of their bodies so they can find the balance they need to stay healthy and live longer lives. With so many illnesses and health conditions affecting the lives of millions of people every year, more and more people are seeking ways to prevent rather than treat when it is too late in most cases. As a nutritionist speaking about the healthiest foods that can lower blood pressure or prevent chronic diseases and keep Alzheimer away, you will need to show proof that you truly know what you are talking about. If you are about to speak about meals that are healthy and which should be eaten daily because they are rich in anti-oxidants, go to the website of the videoculinary fellows and seek the best healthy, gluten-free or 100% vegetarian recipes, memorize them, and learn which are the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other useful substances teach portion contain, because your audience is prone to ask questions.

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Boats Powered By Kites

This is no news; the concept of using wind power for ocean transportation is a highly appealing one to many people for years now. But how about boats that are powered by kites? Yachts, cargo ships, you name it. Why ignore the classic sail boats, you might ask. If you are to look at the numbers that are comparing freight ships powered by kites and traditional sail boats, the answer should easily come to you. According to professional measurements performed on the SkySails Systems, it would seem that kite sailing comes way ahead of competition. We are talking about     the SkySails System delivering far more than 5 times the performance measured per square meter of sail as compared to classic systems that use the propulsion through wind. The wind power helps a 160 square meter kite to create up to 8 metric tons of traction force, comparable to a powerful turbine engine. Speaking of engines, if you can n longer start your car because your key broke or you need some fast key services, check out the database online to get in touch with thousands of professionals in your area.

Important Fuel Savings


Wind conditions are an important factor to take into consideration; depending on it ships will be able to save up to 35% in terms of fuel, with a minimum of ten percent. The auxiliary propulsion systems will be responsible for these important savings. Favorable wind conditions led to temporarily save more than 50% by deploying SkySails. Moreover, the cruising speed of a ship can be boosted from 10 to almost 12 knots while using towing kite propulsion. The system is new and it is environmentally friendly; it was tested on the 90-meter long cargo ship called Michael A, which has been going through important pilot testing in Europe for a few years now.


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Blogs, Technology and Gadgets

For The Techies

Do you love technology? If so, and if you are on, you will not be disappointed. is a website all about technology, gadgets and technology reviews. You can see that there are many different categories for you to browse through such as SEO, Social Networking, PC Tricks, How-To Articles and more. There is something for every techie that visits the website. On their main page, there is a great article about iSkysoft, a data recovery program for your iPhone. Have you ever had an iPhone that does not boot up? Or maybe an iPad or iPod? If so, the iSkysoft program is your savior. This program can recover your contacts, all history, calendars, SMS, reminders and more. There are so many people out there who have had this happen to them and they had to start over again with a new iPhone and try to remember everyone who was in their contacts. Not only does have great articles like this one, they also have articles about apps, food delivery websites and more. 

Something Great For A Techie

Let's say you have read through all of those articles and blogs about technology and you are looking for something to do, technology related. If you want something technology related to do that will make you money, check out the Affpower casino affiliate. On that website, you will be able to sign up to promote one of their casino products all around the world while earning a revenue. Of course, since you are using their casinos but promoting them yourself, they are going to want a portion of the revenue, but that is perfectly fine if you promote right and start drawing in the right crowds. Right now, Affpower has two brands you can promote. Those brands are Cosmik Casino and Deuce Club Casino. You can choose one or both to promote with the help of Affpower's marketing team. Bring in as many customers you can to rack up that commission. 

Technology is everywhere and on, you can see where, when and how it is. You can read blogs all about it and even write your own reviews on products that you have used and found successful or unsuccessful. This website is definitely a great one for those who love to read about everything that is technology related or just to get caught up on when the latest and greatest apps have hit or are going to hit the app stores. 

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Need A More Creative Mind?

The art of handcrafting a company logo or an entire brand is not a child’s play. There are things to consider, analyze, study, compare, contrast, select and get rid of and often times there is so little time to do it all. When working for clients who want and need everything done “yesterday”, changes are the pressure will have some great effects on the end result. However, different people, in this case, different logo designers tend to respond differently to time pressure stimuli. While some might completely have their brain frozen and be incapable of drawing two straight lines the right way, other might get an extra kick of inspiration and give birth to genuine masterpieces. What category of a logo designer you feel you are part of? And, more important, what is it that you do when you need to get more creative?


Learn To Rely On Your Own Self More


Start small, take baby steps and learn how to depend more on yourself and less on others. This way, you will gain that extra degree of independence that is going to stimulate your creativity a great deal. This does not mean you should begin to completely disobey your superiors or your clients’ demands and opinions – but when you feel that rush of adrenaline and that creative spirit overwhelming you, go ahead and listen to it. Also, start to think, think, think. All the time. If you own a smartphone – who doesn’t lately, anyway? – you will have a harder time learning how to remember your appointments or projects and other such. How about doing some plain old train, car, or subway travelling? It will help you clear your mind and reunite with your most inner thoughts and ideas.    



Do Something Completely Different


This is what specialists like to call cognitive diversity. Find it. Start to enjoy it. Put it to its best use. Instead of talking to your friends online, writing on your blog or drawing using your favorite online program, go ahead and do things offline, old school. Talk to your friends face to face, at a bar. Take a pen and a piece of paper and go to the park, sit on a bench and start doing some free-style writing, the fresh air and singing birds should help you find tons of extra inspiration and creativity. Draw all the logo ideas you can think of using a plain pen and stay away from the advanced online tools you regularly use. You will get to successfully drag your mind in a different thinking mode and get to significantly hit the refresh button on your creativity.


It is also crucial to know when to shift between your public and private thinking systems. Use all the exterior resources you can find to accurately scaffold your own thinking in brand new direction. Your mind needs all the help it can get and a few simple tricks should help you get there. Speaking of reaching places, the – Unimed Medical Tourism branch promotes medical tourism at its best. Visit the site and learn why you should travel to Israel and get in touch with the most skilled specialists there.

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