The Need To Motivate Your Organization

The origins of the word motivation can be found in the Latin term ‘movers’ which can be translated to moving forward in order a cater to a need. In particular, we all have our personal inner drives that determine our own level of determination to achieve something. So does this mean no one could ever motivate us from the outside? Let’s take a closer look.


Is Motivating Others Just An Illusion?


No, it simply means motivating others is a harder task than first anticipated by many. Also, to some extent, it means that you are still the one stimulating yourself to act toward a goal, while someone else pushed you towards reaching that level of stimulation, to that will to move forward. The human race has evolved greatly; today, we can find ways to use a person’s personal information and get his energy juices flowing.


Motivation And Leadership


Leaders within any organization need to be able to accurately evaluate and perceive all of the interior motives of their staff. By finding the reasons why their staff decided to join their organization they will manage to know what buttons to push to motivate them into being more productive, more enabled more in the zone, just like visiting a top lottery website for the first time will keep one highly focused.


For some, the need for accomplishments and recognition are the main drivers for choosing a job. Helping these people get the constant feedback they need and telling them the way their work impacts the entire organization are the best motivations tools. Special privileges are also expected by those who see great recognition, so using incentives could motivate these employees in particular. Those seeking power need to be involved in the planning of the production and enabled to manage entire groups. Those who search for affiliation should be constantly kept informed.   


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