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Vicki Hitzges, Speaker

Vicki Hitzges

    Former TV News Anchor

    High Energy Motivator

    Making Meetings Fun

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Vicki Hitzges Speech Video

Vicki Hitzges Speech Video

Vicki Hitzges Video Clip

Vicki Hitzges Video Clip

Vicki Hitzges teaches audiences to strengthen relationships, motivate employees, conquer change and choose to feel positive. She speaks from experience. She learned how to relate quickly as a Dallas TV reporter and talk show host. She can motivate a crowd of ten or 10,000, she's dynamic and funny, and she's conquered change all along the way.

After leaving television, Vicki became a publicist for high profile clients including, at that time, the world's top motivator, Zig Ziglar. Ziglar selected Vicki as one of a handful of speakers to personally mentor. Within three years, she'd spoken from New England to New Zealand.

Vicki delivers powerful, fun presentations designed to build your organization's people. Her clients range from Microsoft to New York Life Insurance to Nokia Siemens to Chase Bank to the C.I.A. (Southwest Airlines employees got so charged up, they carried her around the room on their shoulders! Literally!)

Whether talking about a moment that's heartwarming (like what the elementary school teacher told her father that changed his life forever) or practical (like how the webbing between your thumb and pointer finger can make or break your career), Vicki holds an audience's attention.
In fact, the first year she was eligible, Vicki received the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation. CSP is the highest earned designation awarded by the National Speakers Association and the International Federation for Professional Speakers to recognize proven expertise and experience. Fewer than 10% of the speakers worldwide hold this title.

Her first book, Attitude is Everything - 10 Rules for Staying Positive, sold out overnight. 5000 copies -- bam! The book came out on a Tuesday and went into it's second printing the very next day! Her new book, Stuck on Stop-How to Quit Procrastinating, won a "top selling" place of honor with the publisher. Both books consistently enjoy five-star ratings and fly-off-the-shelf sales.


Attitude in the Workplace – Winning Attitude
Optimists earn respect, close sales, and produce loyal clients.  Let’s bring cheer to your work site.


Whoa! You work in a place that attracts downers, or you have cheerful employees, and you want to keep ‘em that way! Great plan! After all, if the atmosphere’s negative, your best talent may leave, and your customers definitely will.

Keep a positive, happy workplace that attracts top talent. Enjoy a steady stream of well treated new and repeat customers.

This fun, interactive talk will send your people back to work as optimistic winners!

Your people will learn to:

  • Squash worry
  • Feel positive
  • Create a “wanna be there” work place
  • Develop habits that encourage positive thinking

When it comes to relationship success, personal happiness, and career triumphs, attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference.

ADDRESSES: Positive thinking. How to stop worrying. Employee morale.

RESULTS: Banish worry. Vibrant, happy workers. Boosted morale.

A positive workplace, strong relationships, and energized business!


Power Punch Your To Do List – Dominate Deadlines
Beating deadlines mean more sales and business.  Let’s bring movement in your business.


Let’s get your people thinking, laughing and working! Crushing goals leads to enhanced character, high self-esteem, and increased opportunities.

Your people will get strategies and encouragement to tackle goals, open doors and feel great. Your company’s productivity will rocket skyward!

Your people will learn:
Why psychologists say we avoid tasks (Probably not why you suspect)

  • A can’t-miss principle to stop procrastination
  • What to do if you stall because you’re afraid you won’t succeed
  • How to get past “writer’s block”
  • An EASY cure to make you instantly more creative (Try it!)
  • The #1 BEST action to take when you don’t want to work but must

ADDRESSES: How to stop procrastinating. How to be creative. How to overcome the fear of failure.
RESULTS: Higher work rate. More service.  More products going out. Greater sales.

More productivity. Eager workers. More money and MORE BUSINESS!


Conquer the Challenge of Change – Conquer Change
Businesses that fail can’t handle change.  What keeps them from it?  Fear and not knowing how.


Does your organization struggle to adjust? Frustrated from too much that’s new and unfamiliar? A bit afraid your competitors will outpace you…and you’ll fall behind?

Good news: Your people CAN change!

This entertaining, practical keynote explains how.

Your people will discover:

  • Why we MUST change
  • Why we RESIST change
  • The three steps to MASTER CHANGE

If we don’t move ahead, we fall behind. Learn to conquer change!

ADDRESSES: Change in the Workplace.  How to Manage Stress at Work.  How to Cope with Change.
RESULTS:  Your employees will leave not fearing change.  They’ll have an excitement and energy to master change because they’ll leave with an effective, three-step plan to conquer change.

Speed past your competition. Grab the business!


Better Customer Service – Customer Service and Teamwork

Vicki’s “signature” keynote.  Boost relationships at work and at home.  GREAT kickoff.  Lasting results.


POPULAR kickoff or closing convention keynote. Highly interactive.

 Your audiences will discover how to:

  • Actively listen (the #1 sales and relationship skill)
  • Make a whiz bang, positive impression
  • Win others’ willing cooperation
  • Master positive thinking
  • Give and accept compliments (a top relationship-building skill)
  • Keep your organization positive through encouragement

Imagine if your employees, prospects and customers thought of your company as “the place I love to go.”

Make sure your team masters these vital skills so you enjoy long-term, solid business relationships.

ADDRESSES: How to Work Together (and Enjoy It!), How to Be An Asset, How to Deliver Quality Service
RESULTS: High morale. High productivity. Enthusiastic Internal and External Customers.

You’ll enjoy a positive, productive, VIBRANT workplace!


Speaking Topics:

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