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Top 10 Most Inspiring Messages for the Times

Karen Viotti
Monday, Jul 13, 2020

Now, more than ever, we need inspiration. The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked our world, and many are struggling to overcome their fear and navigate through this uncharted territory. COVID cases are skyrocketing across the country, millions have lost their jobs, and civil unrest and search for justice and racial equality have left many asking, “what’s up with 2020?” It seems everywhere you turn, all you see is bad news, and it’s impacting our productivity and engagement. So now is the time to drown out the negative. One study suggests we need at least 5 times as much positive stimuli to counteract the negative, so here are 10 (and a bonus) inspiring, positive messages from some of our most inspiring business keynote speakers to turn you around and put you on the right track, and ready to tackle whatever 2020 throws your way!

“Own your power. Be fearless because fear has no place in your success equation.” - Carla Harris

This is just one of the many “pearls of wisdom” you get when Carla Harris speaks. She shares her hard-won "Pearls" to help audiences maximize their chance for success in the seat they are sitting in as well as their odds of reaching the seat they aspire to sit in.

“Be the person that people can call for help. Reach out and try to be someone else’s mission control.” - Mike Massimino 

As a former NASA Astronaut, Mike Massimino knows a thing or two about isolation. He’s been sharing his tips on how to survive during quarantine but this might be the most powerful one of all. Even though we’re apart, together is the only way we can survive and thrive through this time. Be someone’s mission control.

“Don’t wait for the perfect time, you'll wait forever. Always take advantage of the time you’re given.” - Daymond John

As one of the most recognizable entrepreneurs of the last decade, many are looking to Shark Tank’s Daymond John to give them his “secret to success”. Whether he’s speaking about entrepreneurship, marketing & branding, financial literacy or goal-setting strategies, Daymond’s high energy, relatable advice and practical takeaways are always inspiring. 

“We can do so much more together if we realize how connected we are.” - Lenora Billings-Harris

Lenora shares a thought-provoking message that will inspire you to embrace the strengths you have and to value the strengths of others to increase your organization’s options for higher performance in all areas of talent management. As a diversity & inclusion coach and keynote speaker, she explains how to connect to others with compassion instead of through stereotypical judgments.

“In life, winning and losing will both happen. What is never acceptable is quitting.” - Magic Johnson

One of the most influential business men and sports legends in the world, Magic Johnson shares his 10 rules for success. Johnson delivers a passionate message about his life story and how we can make a difference in our community.

“When you have a strong ‘Why?’ you can be strong. You can put one foot in front of the other and you can make it to the other side.” - Alex Sheen

Alex Sheen talks about the importance of a promise and its impact on humanity. Through emotionally powerful stories, he convincingly discusses how our character and integrity is determined by how we treat our commitments. For Alex, the “why” is simple: because I said I would.

“Business As Unusual is here to stay. And the ones that embrace change as a way of life and constantly look to innovate are the ones that will thrive, no matter what change comes their way.” - Duncan Wardle

There’s no better time to innovate than when you’re forced to pivot. So, instead of thinking about why you CAN’T do something, start thinking about how you CAN. Duncan Wardle is helping companies around the globe embed a culture of innovation and creativity across their organizations, using his unique Design Thinking process to capture unlikely connections, leading to both fresh thinking and revolutionary ideas.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” - Janine Stange

It may not be an original quote from her (that credit goes to Theodore Roosevelt), but it’s definitely a motto that has shaped how Janine Stange approaches any obstacles she encounters, and is a good lesson for all of us facing hardships and uncertainties.  Janine’s positive attitude and commitment to persevere despite the challenges along the way are what led her to complete her mission to sing the National Anthem in all 50 states. If you haven’t watched National Anthem Girl on Amazon Prime, definitely add it to your watchlist.

“You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.” - Ben Nemtin 

After committing to a series of positive life changes, Ben Nemtin had a shift in perspective that changed his outlook on life and opened himself up to endless possibilities. From there he committed to following his buried dreams and helping others through acts of service. The rest is history and Ben’s life-changing message has opened up audiences around the world to cultures of service, gratitude, and endless potential.

“I firmly believe you’re never supposed to wish for more than you’re willing to work for. Expectations should never exceed your effort.” - Inky Johnson 

Inky Johnson had dreams of being a professional football player, but all of that changed after a devastating injury playing for the UT Vols. But rather than retreating, Inky forged a new path, one that inspires well beyond the football field, because Inky knows that each step of the way, every hurdle and every success is an opportunity to reflect, to celebrate and to revise your process accordingly.

And a bonus quote from resilience expert, Jim Davidson:

“All storms end.”

As an adventure climber that has survived devastating obstacles, Jim will tell you that that #1 thing to remember about surviving life’s storms in that all storms end. We may not know if the storm will last 2 days or 2 years, but it will end. And during the storm, you have to keep your focus on moving forward, on staying resilient, and actively persevere.  


The simple truth is we could keep going and come up with hundreds of other inspirational quotes and messages from countless speakers we work with each day. These are just a few examples of messages we’ve heard recently that resonated with us as a team. We’d love to hear from you about some positive messages that have resonated in your lives over the past several months.

And of course, if you’re interested in bringing these or any other keynote speakers to your group to inspire via a virtual keynote or small group- meeting, reach out to us at (901) 754-9404 and we’ll help you get started today!


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