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Ben Nemtin Exclusive

Ben Nemtin

    • Member of MTV's Hit Show, The Buried Life 
    • New York Times #1 Bestselling Author
    • Started an Inspiring Movement that Encourages Individuals to Realize their Dreams and Help Others
Fee Range

$10,000 - $15,000

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Commencement Address - University of Utah

Commencement Address - University of Utah

Talk About Your Dreams

Talk About Your Dreams

Ben Nemtin - Motivational Speaker Reel

Ben Nemtin - Motivational Speaker Reel

Ben Nemtin is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of What Do You Want To Do Before You Die, the star of the MTV show The Buried Life and an internationally renowned keynote speaker. As the co-founder of The Buried Life movement, Ben’s message of radical possibility has been featured in major media including The Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC News, and more. Oprah Winfrey called Ben’s life work “truly inspiring.”

In university, Ben was hit with a crippling depression that forced him to drop out of school and retreat into his parent's house. He felt buried by school, by work, and his own mind. In an attempt to feel more alive he made a list of '100 things to do before you die' with his three friends. They decided that for every bucket item they accomplished, they would help a complete stranger accomplish something on their list. 

They called their mission The Buried Life, after a poem which articulated their feelings perfectly - they felt buried. The foursome borrowed an RV, bought a second-hand camera so they could film the journey and hit the road for two-weeks one summer to tackle their list. What happened next was a mix of luck and magic. People started to hear about their quest and wanted to help. Total strangers stepped up to assist them with their bucket list and others reached out asking for help with their biggest dreams. 

That two-week road trip started a movement that fuelled Ben and his friends to continue to check things off their bucket list and help others for the next decade. From playing basketball with President Obama to singing the National Anthem at a major stadium; from raising over $400,000 for charity to placing a record-breaking $250,000 bet on roulette—Ben has learned that by doing what you love, you inspire others to do what they love.

Ben is committed to spreading the message of radical possibility and leaving people not only inspired but also equipped to tackle the seemingly insurmountable. Ben and his friends founded a production company based in Los Angeles that produces television which challenges the current media landscape and pushes to break boundaries.

Ben Nemtin has shown audiences from 200 to 20,000 how to dream bigger, achieve more and energizes them to unbury the life they want. Ben delivers a high-octane message that motivates people to shake off mediocrity, live up to their greatness and give back to others. To book Ben Nemtin call Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

5 Steps to Making the Impossible Possible
Ben Nemtin is on a mission to achieve the unthinkable. From playing basketball with President Obama to streaking a soccer field, from raising over $400,000 for charity to placing a record-breaking $250,000 bet on roulette—Ben’s bucket list quest has inspired millions to strive for greatness. Ben weaves the compelling story of how The Buried Life started with 100 impossible dreams scribbled on a piece of paper and grew into a global movement of millions, skillfully connects his story to the fabric of our daily lives.

Ben’s message of radical possibility combined with his ‘5 Steps to Making the Impossible Possible’ leaves audiences not only inspired but also equipped to tackle the seemingly insurmountable.  Ben’s system of achieving any impossible goal demystifies daunting tasks and turns ‘dreams’ into ‘projects’ by creating a digestible pathway to success. Mediocre is crowded, raise your bar and surprise yourself.

The Future of Corporate Culture: Why Your Employees Dreams Matter
The future of corporate culture is being shaped outside of the office. Ben knows firsthand that pursuing your passions brings you purpose, fulfillment and happiness. The simple truth: you won’t get your employees to devote themselves fully to your organization if you aren’t helping them achieve their dreams. Encouraging employee dream realization creates a healthy work-life balance which is the key factor in determining employee happiness.

Ben’s program educates audiences about the importance of a bucket list, creates a safe space for sharing dreams and inspires audiences to act on it by building tiers of accountability. The tools he leaves behind allow employees to turn their enthusiasm into action, with the help and encouragement of their employer. Employee dream realization increases retention, aides recruitment and aligns work-life balance which leads to happiness.

It's Ok to Not Be Ok
He is a #1 New York Times Bestselling author, starred in his own MTV show, met President Obama at the White House, has been interviewed by Oprah and has been chasing his dreams for the past decade. He also struggles with depression. You might not guess this is a struggle for Ben and that’s exactly why he wants to talk about it. In university, Ben was hit with a crippling depression that forced him to drop out of school and retreat into his parents' house. It wasn’t until his friends pulled him out of the darkness by forcing him to join them on a summer abroad that he finally started feeling back to himself.

Ben began redefining what he needed to optimize his health and lead a balanced life. This meant change and that change manifested itself in The Buried Life, a commitment to finally follow his buried passions and true purpose. Ben is a mental health advocate who believes the stigma of mental illness can be broken by having open, honest conversations. He believes that it is not on the 1 in 5 that struggle with mental health to break the stigma, it's on the 4 out of 5 that don't. By showing how his own vulnerabilities have become his strengths and underlining that all humans struggle, he gives others the courage to talk about their own internal battles and normalizes the conversation. Ben shares the tools that help him cope with the stresses of life and emphasizes the fact that it is ok to reach out for help. His astounding story and authentic levity gives audiences hope and normalizes mental illness in a healthy and vibrant way.

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