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David Rutherford, Communications Speaker

David Rutherford

    Former US Navy SEAL, Speaker on Teamwork & Leadership
Fee Range

$15,000 - $20,000

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Top Motivational Speaker David Rutherford

Top Motivational Speaker David Rutherford

David is pursuing his dream of becoming an internationally known self-help personality that will afford him the opportunity to achieve his personal goal of reaching 10 million people in 10 years. His ambition is to help people forge their personal self-confidence and teach them to dedicate themselves toward living s Team orientated lifestyle, or “Team Life”, David’s high energy and endless motivation inspires all those who come in contact with him to live life to its fullest. 

David served 8 years in the Naval Special Warfare Community as a SEAL student, Combat Paramedic, Operator and Instructor. He has participated in clandestine operations in the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Since his honorable discharge from the Navy in 2003 he has continued traveling extensively as an international training specialist for the US Government and one of the largest private security firms in the world. David has inspired commandos around the globe to push themselves past any and all known limitations. His masterful ability to motivate enables people from all walks of life to achieve success in any environmental imaginable.

Motivational Speaker, Actor, Author and Coach Since 2006 David has been motivating audiences and individuals across America and Canada with his uniquely high impact, highly emotional style of speaking, writing and coaching. His Froglogic Concept is derived from the 60+ years of operational successes within the UDT/SEAL community. He has combined his incredible personal story with a proven track record of the SEAL Teams to create a simple healthy lifestyle.As the American business community embarks upon the greatest comeback since the ‘Great Depression’, it faces the extraordinary challenges and opportunities. It is time to engage employees on topics that will add realistic value and education on the processes and steps needed to dynamically effectuate change and maximize opportunities in the marketplace.

Take advantage of David's superior expertise that comes from years of operating with and instructing the world’s most elite forces. His practical and realistic approach will deliver significant insight on maximizing your team’s ability to create opportunities in an ever-changing economy and market. Discover the‘Real World’ secrets behind the SEAL mindset.


Perfecting Teamwork

Shape your team into the SEAL Team of your industry. No group of people understands teamwork better than the SEALs. Learn the secrets to operate as a highly-effective, highly-trained unit.

Talking Points

  • recruitment
    train hard, perfect the basics
    you’re fired
    putting teams first

The Four Benchmarks of Teamwork

Commitment, Training, Communication, Leadership

Master the four proven benchmarks of teamwork. These pivotal teaching points have been proven time and time again through 60 years of blood, sweat, and tears. Don’t rely on untested tutorials to get your team through today’s turbulent times. March with the world’s elite into victory.

Talking Points


  • personal


  • perfecting the basics
    training never stops
  • listen like your life depends on it
    speak with clarity and focus
  • lead or follow – not both
    lead from the front

Forging the SEAL Mindset – transform your team into elite performers

It’s time to blow the doors off typical teamwork strategies and clichés! Discover what works in the ‘real world.’ The Navy SEAL mind is the most tested and proven mindset on the planet. Learn how to empower your operators to be top producers.

Talking Points

  • total commitment
    train hard or not at all
    never leave a man behind
    no whining
    never quit

Self Confidence

8 Missions to Achieve Personal Success - why SEALs feel confident in every situation

How many times does your confidence take a hit from failing to succeed? Failure is one of the key training components of the Navy SEALs. With 60 battle-tested years of training and operational experience under their explosive belts, the SEAL Teams know how to forge confidence in recruits. Learn the secrets behind gaining the intestinal fortitude of a Special Operator.

Talking Points

  • positive attitude
    health and fitness
    earning respect
    setting goals
    having fun


Recognize Fear

Achieve high-level performance in every situation

Fear of failure and change causes most teams to suffer from an inability to perform at high levels for extended periods of time. The SEAL Teams entire training doctrine is based on learning success through failure. Obtain the secrets behind Navy SEAL training and overcome fear.

Talking Points

  • fear of commitment
    fear of hard work
    fear of teammates
    fear of leading

Ferocity vs. Passion

Battle fear and embrace change by evoking passion in every situation

Passion inspires those around us to be better. Learn how to choose battles wisely and deliver a passionate fight in every circumstance.

Talking Points

  • preparing for battle
    choosing your battle
    plan your attack
    fight to the end

Comfort Zones

Destroying Comfort Zones

Ignite your team’s ability to succeed

Organizations all too often create corporate ‘comfort zones’ that diminish any team’s ability to be flexible and change with the market. Discover how to employ SEAL training tactics to eliminate false inhibitors and challenge individuals to succeed.

Talking Points

  • Define comfort zones
    Identify and recognize office comfort zones
    Check your process (Best Practices)
    Staying focused

Be Flexible & Embrace Change

Manage emergencies and be responsive

When emergencies occur, who takes control? Do you? Learn from a SEAL Medic the best ways to manage chaotic situations and gain the upper hand. Employ the proven tactics of success in daily operations.

Talking Points

  • perfect the basics
    prepare for the worst
    don’t panic
    reassess, reassess, reassess


Never Quit

How perseverance wins every time

We will not fail. That should be every company’s mantra. Learn how Special Operation Units forge a winning mentality through total commitment, disciplined training, and selfless behavior. Teach your people to succeed no matter what obstacles are being faced.

Talking Points

  • fire in the gut
    don’t whine
    never ring the bell
    it pays to be a winner

Perfecting the Basics

Succeeding in any environment

It is time to forget the ‘warm & fuzzy’ seminars of years past and get back to perfecting the basics. Discipline, hard work, and a positive mental attitude comprise the SEAL Teams. At the same time discover the secrets behind gaining the edge over your competition.

Talking Points

  • total commitment
    train like its real
    training never stops
    teach leadership


Shoulder to Shoulder

Team leader’s need to be ‘wet, cold, and sandy’ to gain respect

If your team doesn’t respect you, they won’t succeed. In SEAL training, leaders go through the same training as their teammates. The bond and respect created from this strategy forges the most adhesive unit in the world. Learn how to prove your worth and start leading from the front.

Talking Points

  • get wet, cold and sandy, too
    lead or follow – but not both
    take risks
    make hard decisions
    always have a plan


SEAL Team Mission Planning

How proper planning prevents poor performance

In Special Operations, units operate in the most challenging environments in the world. Failure in these situations is fatal. Learn the secrets behind SEAL Mission Planning and how it enables extraordinary teams to achieve total mission success in the most dangerous places on earth.

Talking Points

  • train more than your enemy
    intelligence wins wars
    the five-point plan
    execute without fail
    debrief your operation

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