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Greg Smith, Employee Retention Speaker

Greg Smith

    • Authority on Talent Management, Organizational Transformation and Employee Retention
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$7,500 - $10,000

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Four Key Points for Personal Success

Four Key Points for Personal Success

Employee Retention

Employee Retention

Leadership and Change

Leadership and Change

Greg Smith

Greg Smith

Greg Smith is a high energy motivational business speaker that brings practical ideas that can be immediately applied to the workplace. He helps businesses transform themselves into great places to work that attract, retain and motivate people to their full potential. He combines story and strategy to teach audiences how to create high-performance organizations that lead change, growth, and innovation.

As founder and President of Chart Your Course International, he is recognized as a leading authority on talent management, leadership development, and employee retention. Smith helps executives and business owners accelerate individual and organizational performance and navigate change. He helps design strategies, workshops and training sessions to grow organizations and helps them create clearer direction, increased profitability, stronger executive teams, improved communication and happier and more productive employees.

Smith worked for the Army Surgeon General as a senior consultant responsible for innovation, quality management and strategic planning for the Army Medical Department. In addition, he served on the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the nation’s highest honor for business excellence presented each year by the President of the United States.

Many of Greg’s clients include both large and small organizations including Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winners and “Top 100 Best Places to Work.” Smith has also designed professional development programs for national and international organizations including Yamaha, Lexis-Nexis, AFLAC, Hallmark Cards, Riverside Auto Group, Sony, Deloitte, Bobcat, Kaiser Permanente, AT&T, Turner Broadcasting, AstraZeneca, Delta Airlines, Ace Hardware and Honda.

Greg Smith has written and published over 350 articles and eleven books including his latest, Fired Up! Leading Your Organization to Achieve Exceptional Results.  He has been featured in hundreds of magazines and trade journals and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including Bloomberg Business News and PBS television. Greg is located in Chapel Hill, NC.

To book motivational business speaker Greg Smith, contact Executive Speakers Bureau at (901) 754-9404. 

Employee Engagement Strategies that Boost Performance

When individuals lose their motivation, organizations lose their ability to attract, retain and engage their workforce. This predicament has a major impact on profitability, productivity and the reputation of the company. Successful organizations realize employee engagement is critical to sustaining their leadership and growth in the marketplace.  In Greg’s workshop, you will learn how to keep yourself engaged as well as specific techniques managers can use to help re-ignite employee’s passion for their job. Discover how to design peer recognition programs and no-cost incentive programs.  Learn how to organize and run Idea Campaigns, “Shining Stars,” Idea Olympics, and Vampire Extermination Expeditions--programs making work efficient, fun and productive.  Learn from the expert on how these programs can improve retention, reduce turnover and have a major impact on job satisfaction and employee engagement.

Talent Management:
Proven Ways to Attract, Retain and Motivate Your Workforce    

The key to success for any organization is the ability to attract and retain skilled and talented people. Good organizations make talent management a core element of their organizational development strategy. Those that fail to make talent management a priority, risk losing talented people to the competition. Millennials are now the largest generation in the workforce. Their force and impact will grow as the Baby Boomers retire. Their expectations and wants are radically different than any other generation. This session shows you how to design a modern-day strategy that provides a roadmap for not only attracting and keeping talented employees but for motivating and engaging them to achieve a higher level of performance. This session is jam-packed with tips, practical ideas, and easy-to-implement advice for creating a great place to work.

Overcoming Adversity: Going Above and Beyond

In his practical and motivational style, Greg unfolds a blueprint that has helped thousands of people motivate themselves, transform others and drive a positive “can do” attitude at work and at home. People can choose to be negative or positive – it is their choice. During Greg’s session, you will learn how to overcome adversity and design a plan to build enthusiasm and make powerful differences in your life and others. Learn how to keep yourself engaged as well as specific techniques you can use to help re-ignite employee’s passion for their job. This session is designed to help human resource professionals, as well as individuals, become change agents to improve performance and deliver powerful results.

Fired Up!
Leading Your Organization to Achieve Exceptional Results

Every organization today must achieve higher levels of performance. Success depends on your ability to manage change, improve financial results, build customer loyalty and motivate your workforce from the bottom to the top. This session will help you design a roadmap and a long-term strategy that gets your business heading in the right direction and each person performing at a higher level – achieving peak performance.  Learn dozens of ideas and strategies for improving performance, motivating your people to new levels and innovative ways to grow your business.

Zip, Zap, Zowie
Low Cost & Free Reward and Recognition Strategies to Boost Performance

During this fast-paced workshop, you will learn dozens of no-cost and low-cost recognition and employee involvement techniques. Discover how to design peer recognition programs such as “Roast, Toast and Boast” sessions and “Quest” programs to boost motivation and teamwork. Enhance employee engagement by using Idea Campaigns, “Shining Stars,” Idea Olympics, and Vampire Extermination Expeditions. Learn how these programs can improve retention, cut costs, reduce turnover, and have a major impact on job satisfaction.

Employee Retention
Here-TodayHere Today, Here Tomorrow:  Transforming Your Workforce from High-Turnover to High-Retention

The key to success for any organization is the ability to attract and retain skilled and talented people. Good organizations make employee retention a core element of their talent management and organizational development strategy. Those that fail to make it a priority risk losing their top talented people to the competition. This session shows you how to design an effective talent management strategy that provides a comprehensive roadmap for not only attracting and keeping talented employees but for motivating and engaging them to achieve a higher level of performance and productivity. This session is jam-packed with tips, practical ideas, and easy-to-implement advice for creating a motivating, high-retention culture.

How to Make Hippos Fly!
The New Leader: Bringing Creativity and Innovation to the Workplace

Innovation is the driving force behind growth, new jobs, and new industries. Every person strives to be innovative, to be all they can be. On the other hand, bureaucracy drains the energy and creative ability and robs people the pride of a good job well done. In this interactive and motivational presentation, Greg provides a transformation process that will quickly enhance performance creating a foundation for employee engagement, change, and innovation. He provides practical ideas along with personal antidotes on what it takes to enhance creativity, capture new ideas and help people find passion and pride in what they are doing.

Gladiator Leadership

The actions taken by the leader is the driving force in building effective teams, improving performance and engaging and retaining a talented and skilled workforce. This session will provide attendees with five key strategies that drive performance and inspire and motivate people to go above and beyond. You will learn how to reward, motivate, engage, make accountable and coach people toward higher performance. By building confidence in your abilities you will be able to handle leadership challenges and guide your people to sustained high performance. You will gain a comprehensive range of very practical and highly effective leadership tools and approaches that can be implemented immediately.

Fast, Focused and Friendly:  The Essentials of Great Customer Service

Learn to create a powerful culture of exceptional customer service that permeates and drives the actions of the entire organization. This program will help you create a five-step service quality process that develops the right attitudes, behaviors and emotionally connects with your customers. Discover how to hire, manage and reward your employees so they act quickly, take responsibility and deliver a high level of service. Learn how to train your employees to become your ambassadors that will keep your customers pleased and coming back. This session provides dozens of tips and strategies that can be implemented immediately.

Emotional Intelligence & DISC Training Programs

Individual behavior styles and our emotional intelligence (soft skills) have a direct impact on our interpersonal relationships in the workplace.  Individuals differ from each other in fundamental ways including their values, behaviors, talents, temperaments, wants, and beliefs.  Our workshop will help individuals understand each other better and appreciate the unique strengths and differences each person brings to the office.  As a result, you will become a better leader, communicator, team member and gain key strategies to create highly effective working relationships. The workshop incorporates a personalized behavior assessment to give a complete understanding of yourself and others.

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