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Hannah Ubl Speaker Exclusive

Hannah Ubl

    • Communication and Culture expert
    • Co-founder of Good Company Consulting
Fee Range

$10,000 - $15,000

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Hannah Ubl: White Space Reel

Hannah Ubl: White Space Reel

Speaker Reel

Speaker Reel

BridgeWorks - Hannah Ubl Speaking Demo

BridgeWorks - Hannah Ubl Speaking Demo

For the last decade, Hannah Ubl has been frequenting airports and conference rooms to present, educate, and forge understanding across different perspectives in the workplace. She’s a data nerd that loves numbers and statistics but understands that the real heroes in any organization are the people.

Her core mission is to help companies maximize those very valuable people by building workplaces that don’t suck. Utilizing research and her years of listening to people in every level of the organization about what matters, she presents communication tactics and action-oriented tools to inform people-first culture and strategy. And while this might sound like touchy-feely fluff, these insights directly correlate to higher retention rates and improved employee satisfaction. And the awesome byproduct? Happy people = happy bottom line.

Hannah’s work is grounded in empathy, research, and strategy. She believes that with a little more of each, everyone can grow to better listen and communicate so they can work together to create an environment where everyone wants to work. She’s spoken to hundreds of audiences from new hires to the C-Suite, and to organizations with anywhere from 20 to 100K employees. Her sweet spot has always been listening to clients’ challenges and then addressing those challenges in a fun, authentic, and strategic way.

Oh, and she also co-wrote Managing Millennials for Dummies and learned that writing a book is very, very hard. And also rather fun. To book Hannah Ubl, call Executive Speakers Bureau 901-754-9404.

Empathy: The Secret Weapon to Reaching Your Customers

So much of the world of customer service is data-driven. From survey results to analytics, to statistics and profit margins, the focus is so strongly on numbers that we can forget our customers aren’t just lines on a spreadsheet: they’re distinct and complex human beings. This session aims to focus on that human element of customer service. It delivers insights on how to build strong connections with customers and clients, that build loyalty and keep them coming back. Attendees will learn how to use empathy to truly connect with and understand the customers they're trying to reach. Takeaways include:

- How to listen to understand instead of listening to respond
- Mindful communication best-practices, that include formulating empathy statements and leading with kindness
- How connecting to your company’s mission helps you better connect with your customers
- Why the platinum rule beats the golden rule every day
- How physicality can be used to show empathy and understanding


Who is this for? Leaders, managers, new hires and everyone in between.

Everyone deserves an amazing place to work… so why do so many people dread getting out of bed in the morning? While you’ve probably heard the phrase “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” rarely do organizations focus their time, money, and resources on improving their workplace culture. This presentation examines the key elements necessary for building and maintaining a thriving culture. It gives leaders and managers a cultural playbook to assess if their own culture is designed to engage, motivate, and empower their employees. By unpacking the most pertinent organizational design trends, what’s worked (and also what hasn’t), and exploring basic human motivations, Hannah aims to give fresh insights and tools so you can create a workplace that makes people want to spring out of bed in the morning.



Who is this for? Leaders, managers, new hires, and everyone in between.

In today’s workplace culture, the loudest person in the room tends to be the one who is heard. In meetings, the person who can categorize their thoughts fastest is labeled a rock star. In digital communication, one person groans at the sight of a text message but another cringes while listening to a voicemail. In an instant, how we’re trying to come across and what we’re trying to say gets misinterpreted and then we’re falling behind, getting passed over for promotions, and worst of all, becoming frustrated with our fellow colleagues, managers, or leaders. This presentation will highlight the top three areas where messages get lost in translation and people fail to get their message across. An expert communicator, speaker, and storyteller Hannah presents actionable takeaways so that everyone can actively listen, speak confidently, and be really understood.



Who is this for? CEOs, leaders, and entrepreneurs

The tides have changed, and so have perceptions about what makes for a good job, a good organization, and a good leadership methodology. Yet many leaders continue to operate with a workplace ethos that just isn’t resonating in our modern working world. The result is an environment rife with frustrated employees, high attrition rates, and broken lines of communication. Only the leaders who are paying attention and adapting are creating sustainable, thriving, happy workplaces. Through this presentation, we present how the best leaders in the biz are flipping the script and choosing…

- Trust and transparency over strict rules and regulation
- Radical candor over formal, diplomatic messaging
- Listening to understand over listening to respond
- People and empathy over dollars and strategy




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