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Herb Cohen, Negotiating Speaker

Herb Cohen

    World Renowned Negotiation Expert 

    Best-selling author, Negotiate This! By Caring…But Not T-H-A-T Much

Fee Range

$10,000 - $15,000

Travels From

District of Columbia

Herb Cohen - Lessons in Negotiating

Herb Cohen - Lessons in Negotiating

Often called the "World's Best Negotiator," during the past three decades, Herb Cohen has been a practicing negotiator, intimately involved in some of the world's headline dramas, from hostile takeovers to hostage negotiations. His clients have included business executives, entrepreneurs, sports and theatrical agents plus large corporations as well as governmental agencies, such as The Department of State, F.B.I., Conference of Mayors, and the U.S. Department of Justice.  

While serving as an adviser to Presidents Carter and Reagan on combating terrorism, he was involved in the Iranian Hostage Crisis and credited with helping to shape the government's response to the skyjacking of TWA Flight 847 and the seizure of the Archillo Lauro.  As a result of his unique but extensive practical experiences, Mr. Cohen is internationally renowned as a corporate and governmental consultant on negotiating strategy, commercial dealings and crisis management.  

Herb Cohen's analysis and insights into political strategy and international relations have appeared in many international publications, and he himself has been the subject of articles in Time Magazine, People, Playboy and The Economist. In these writings he has been referred to as, "America's foremost convention speaker, presenting serious subjects with such humor and dramatic flair that they become pure entertainment."  

Herb is the author of You Can Negotiate Anything (Bantam Books) which was on the New York Times Bestseller List for over nine months and has been translated into fourteen languages and Negotiate This! By Caring But Not T-H-A-T Much. He has been a guest on The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, Nightline, and The Larry King Show on both radio and television. 901-754-9404.

You Can Negotiate Anything

Negotiate This! By Caring... But Not That Much!

Negotiation: Mistakes to Avoid

For at least forty years I have referred to negotiating as a game, where you should care, really care…..but not t-h-a-t much. Based upon my personal experience and observation of others, it struck me early in my career, that when a negotiator had an overwhelming need to make a good deal he or she was handicapped.

When you care too much and are over-invested emotionally, there is an increased flow of adrenalin which causes you to become doped-up and dumbed­-down. This results in loss of perspective, impaired judgment and a focus on failure.

However, if you have a viable option or other alternatives you can maintain your cool and confidence. And people always have confidence in confident people.

So always try to keep your composure and a detached view – – distancing yourself from your natural impulses and emotions. This relaxed attitude (a balance between irrational exuberance and utter despair) can provide a bulwark against the onset of stress producing emotions (self-doubt, anxiety and hostility) – – a psychological shield between the ego and the aggressiveness of others.

In short, your mantra should be, I CARE —, REALLY CARE, BUT NOT T-H-A-T MUCH.

Concession Making

Concessions should always be yielded grudgingly. Conceding too easily or too soon will raise the expectations of the other side and result in their taking what you’ve done for granted.  Following are some additional principles: PROCESS or “HOW” CONCESSIONS count. Never bid against yourself. You must be able to justify and explain your opening or risk losing credibility.  Be aware of your pattern of concession-making behavior. Move in diminishing steps, starting with your largest concession, followed by a smaller one and then the smallest. This signals that your best and final offer is being approached.  Don’t give specific concessions against vague indications or general insinuations. When you offer a “WHAT CONCESSION” make sure your counterpart realizes it’s a sacrifice on your part. Moreover, they must labor for it and are expected to reciprocate.  Try not respond to their concessions or questions. Slow down and appear more thoughtful.  Don’t rush your reply to their concessions or questions. Slow down and appear more thoughtful.  The timing of your “last and final offer” determines its credibility. E.G. THE PROXIMITY RULE. Assume that the other side always has to go back for final approval. Hence help them with the packaging so they not only “save face” but appear to have done well.

Persuading, Principles and Precepts

Permanency exists only in the constant continuity of change, yet we are not prepared for that which is totally new. It takes time to adapt, and each one of these personal adjustments can bring on a crisis of self-esteem.

Cross-Cultural Business and Political Negotiations

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