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Jack Shaw Speaker

Jack Shaw

    • Emerging Technologies Strategist

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$10,000 - $15,000

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Ubiquitous Intelligence Leveraging Emerging Technologies Highlights

Ubiquitous Intelligence Leveraging Emerging Technologies Highlights

3D Printing - A Catalyst for Economic Disruption, Jack Shaw

3D Printing - A Catalyst for Economic Disruption, Jack Shaw

Game Plan Ecommerce Keynote Highlights

Game Plan Ecommerce Keynote Highlights

Jack Shaw is a global thought leader and emerging technology strategist with over 30 years of experience in gauging the significance of emerging technologies for business. He was voted one of the top five Technology Futurists in the world in a poll conducted by Speaking.com.

Jack keeps a pulse on shifts in technology, providing him the foresight to help industry leaders understand how emerging technologies impact their digital ecosystem - and how these technologies are practically applied both today and tomorrow. From small and mid-sized businesses to such Fortune 500 organizations as Mercedes Benz USA, GE, Coca-Cola, IBM, Oracle, and SAP, he has advised executives informing them regarding critical business needs.

Jack is well-versed to speak on other progressive topics including Digital Transformation; eCommerce, Mobile Commerce, and Omni Commerce; eProcurement and Supply Chain Management; and the Future of Manufacturing and Distribution.

A prominent global voice and author of three books on emerging technologies, Jack has delivered over 1,000 keynote presentations and executive forums in 26 countries and every state across the U.S. He is a Yale University graduate and holds a Kellogg MBA degree specializing in Finance and Marketing.

5G: The Opportunities and the Challenges

5G ̵– everyone's heard of It. But what makes 5G different from what we already have? Sure, it’d be nice to download videos faster, but what else can it really do for my business?

Turns out, quite a bit! Imagine smart energy applications that can cut power instantly on detection of a local disruption – virtually eliminating blackouts. What about robotic surgery? Not from the next room over, but the other side of the globe – by the world's best. Or autonomous vehicles that don't merely navigate on their own, but continuously communicate with other vehicles and even the roadway infrastructure itself to minimize travel times and increase safety.

In fact, combining 5G with other emerging technologies such as AI and blockchain leads to even more astounding capabilities.

For example, picture a manufacturing plant that reroutes material flows on the factory floor and reprograms production machines in real-time in response to changes in demand for various products at retail – several tiers down the supply chain!

Jack won't just tell you how 5G will impact your business and your industry. He'll show you how to develop your strategy to leverage 5G and related emerging technologies for a sustainable competitive advantage.
Jack can also custom craft this presentation for technology solution providers. And, his programs can be delivered in-house to employees or clients and prospects at customer conferences and marketing events.


How Blockchain-powered digital transformation will evolve your business, your industry, and the world

Blockchain technology impacts businesses across every industry. Decision-makers now recognize that blockchain extends far beyond cryptocurrencies, but are still challenged to understand how it works and its impact on their business today and tomorrow. Mr. Shaw will explain the four capabilities of Blockchains that make them uniquely able to transform business and social ecosystems. He'll also show how to design a future-proof plan incorporating Blockchain into your business's continued success. Ideal audiences for this program include Company Executives, Business Decision Makers, Strategic Planners, Senior IT Management, Accountants, Auditors, and Attorneys in every industry.

Jack can also custom craft this presentation for technology solution providers and professional services organizations such as CPA and law firms. And, his programs can be delivered in-house to employees or clients and prospects at customer conferences and marketing events.


AI, Blockchain, and the Digital Transformation of Healthcare

Healthcare providers, payors, suppliers, and IT companies are increasingly aware that Blockchain is an important emerging technology, but it is still not yet well understood by most healthcare professionals. Combined with such AI technologies and Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, Blockchain promises to finally make Patient Mediated Health Data Exchange truly viable by providing patients with self-sovereign, patient-centered Electronic Healthcare Records. But the implications of Blockchain for healthcare go far beyond just the EHR. Areas that these rapidly emerging technologies will help to dramatically transform over the next few years include:

• Healthcare Claims Adjudication and Payment

• Integration of such Medical devices as sensors, monitors, and wearables into the EHR

• Doctor-Vendor RFP Services

• Counterfeit Drug Prevention and Detection

• Supply Chain Provenance of Parts and Materials

• Health Document Notary Services

• Clinical Trial Results

• Population Health Management

Jack can also custom craft this presentation for Healthcare IT solution providers and …And, his programs can be delivered in-house to employees or clients and prospects at customer conferences and marketing events.

Healthcare providers, payors, suppliers, and technology companies must understand the impact of Blockchain on their organizations and the overall Healthcare Ecosystem. And they must understand the kinds of skills and capabilities they’ll need to survive and prosper in the rapidly emerging digital healthcare environment.


Extracting Real Value from Artificial Intelligence

AI is already transforming business, society, and the world, but so far it has only scratched the surface. As we move from self-driving vehicles to self-optimizing systems to self-configuring business landscapes, we’ll see changes that dwarf what we’ve experienced to date. Jack shares real-world examples and company wins revealing how cutting-edge businesses’ AI implementations will reduce costs, improve service, and spark innovation.


IoT is the Future of Everything

From connected cars to smart cities, the Internet of Things has a life of its own beyond computers and standard mobile devices. As IoT transforms, is your business fine-tuned to truly use this technology effectively? Are you aware of how IoT in 2025 will impact your business?


3D Printing: Revolutionizing Industries

As the newest, most powerful manufacturing technique, 3D printing is driving the next industrial revolution. When integrated with other emerging technologies, it makes a huge economic impact – and not just on manufacturers. Explore its role in the digital economy and where it is headed across society as a whole in the next decade of digital transformation.

Jack also speaks on such other forward-looking topics as:
- Developing Your Digital Transformation Strategy
- Digitally Transforming Business Ecosystems
- The Future of Manufacturing and Distribution
- Digital Transformation of Procurement and Supply Chain Management

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