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Matt Anderson, Healthcare Speaker
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Matt Anderson

    • Senior Vice President of Policy & Chief Strategy Officer, Minnesota Hospital Association
    • Expert on Best Practices for Hospital Boards & Trustees
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Matt Anderson is senior vice president of policy and chief strategy officer for the Minnesota Hospital Association. Before joining the hospital association in 2006, he handled complex litigation and public policy issues for the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office, the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. He also served as the intellectual capital leader and principal for Mercer’s Government Human Services Consulting sector, and is the founder of Atrede Consulting.

Matt has provided strategic planning, board governance and meeting facilitation services to a broad range of organizations, especially in the health care sector. In particular, he has extensive experience with strategic planning activities for hospitals, long-term care providers, group purchasing organizations, and state hospital and long-term care associations. He is a frequent speaker on a wide range of health care topics including state and federal health care trends, payment and delivery reform, insurance markets and reforms, rural health care, health care financing, and community benefits, even occasionally drawing upon other fields such as behavioral economics, theoretical physics and Broadway musicals.

Anderson is a graduate of St. John’s University and received his law degree from the University of Minnesota.

Training Camp for New and New-ish Trustees
The array of requirements, expectations and decisions facing hospital and health system trustees are daunting – daunting, but not insurmountable. This session provides the grounding foundation to go beyond mere compliance with basic, minimum requirements, and build more effective board practices and cultures and, ultimately, more strategic governing bodies.

Governance Best Practices for Hospital Boards
What differentiates high-functioning hospital boards from those that seem mired down and contentious? How can individual trustees contribute to creating a more effective and strategic board? Does board governance and performance translate into differences in care quality or financial stability for the organization? Learn the best practices from high-functioning hospital boards that you can implement to produce better board meetings, better board decisions, and better organizational performance.

Governance Best Practices for Public Hospital Boards: Leadership in a Fishbowl
Public hospital boards face unique challenges and limitations that trustees need to take into account and adapt their practices accordingly. Understanding these unique aspects of governance before facing a crisis, dealing with a high-profile public issue, or addressing conflict among board members will increase the resilience of the board and the organization as a whole. Sure, it’s a fishbowl but the water doesn’t have to be cold!

Health Care Finance 101
Unlike many fields with intuitive financing built on traditional platforms of supply and demand or retailer and consumer, health care’s financing can be a dizzying patchwork of systems with different incentives, value tradeoffs, and potential pitfalls for patients and providers. Like a mosaic, this session provides real, practical explanations of how these various systems relate to each other, you can see the larger picture, and then make better and more informed strategic decisions for your organization, patients and community.

Will Hospitals be Relevant?
Hospitals are a critical component in the health care ecosystem today, but some are predicting that hospitals will lose their relevance or cease to exist altogether. With cost pressures rising, workforce shortages, more and more services and procedures available in other settings, will hospitals have a role in the future and what will it be? This presentation lays out the framework for hospitals’ future and context for boards’ strategic planning discussions.

Trustee Advocates: Going Beyond Fiduciary Duties
Trustees’ fiduciary duties represent minimum standards trustees must meet. In today’s health care world, our hospitals and communities need more than the bare minimum: we need Trustee Advocates. Trustees are influential members of their communities who see health care delivery from a unique perspective. By embracing the role of Trustee Advocate, you can be a powerful force for communicating your organization’s and community’s needs and influencing public policy at the local, state and federal levels. Learn the role of Trustee Advocate and make your voice heard!

Value of Trustee Advocacy
Who can better advocate for an organization than its trustees? A hospital’s board consists of individuals who are guiding forces within their communities and can tell their organization’s story like no one else. This presentation delivers practical tools to elevate your voice and influence through advocacy and storytelling. Make your voice heard AND remembered!

Trustee Leadership Opportunities in Community Health Needs Assessment and Community Benefit Activities
Federal law requires charitable hospitals to conduct community health needs assessments (CHNAs), identify the highest priority needs and demonstrate how their community benefit activities are designed to address those needs. Although not required, the law indirectly pressures public hospitals to show similar efforts. Leadership at the board level can be the difference between a CHNA process that merely complies with the law and one that adds fuel to your hospital’s work to target limited community benefit resources more effectively, strengthen support within your community, and build partnerships that help advance its mission and strategic priorities.

Dynamics and Pressures in Health Insurance Markets
Premium rates in the individual health insurance markets have captured media attention even though only a small fraction of people get health coverage through those plans. Meanwhile, other shifts in health insurance markets and practices have more significant impacts on hospitals and health systems. The pressures and competitive dynamics in health insurance markets translate into the reimbursement rates, clinical measures and administrative hoops challenging providers as well as the people and communities they serve. Understanding and taking these shifting dynamics into account will help trustees and executives make better decisions about the strategic course for their hospitals and health systems.

New Kids on the Block: Hi-Tech, Conglomerates, and Innovators Eyeing Health Care
For most of modern times, health care markets have been an arena of competition among relatively familiar players: hospitals, clinics and individual providers and health insurers. Many expect these markets to be upended by hi-tech companies like Amazon, Google and Apple offering new lines of health care services, and by mega-mergers of legacy firms like CVS and Aetna. Understanding the vulnerabilities attracting these organizations to health care products and services can help hospitals and health systems position themselves to succeed in a more dynamic, interconnected and consumer-convenience driven health care system.

Medicare’s Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and Alternative Payment Models (APMs)
You deliver care to Medicare enrollees, submit a claim for reimbursement, get paid. Right? Not exactly. The care you deliver today determines the amount of reimbursement you receive now AND how much you will receive from Medicare in the future. Under Medicare’s new payment systems, which are already in place, financial rewards or penalties for you and your competitors in the years ahead are being decided by the care and services you provide today. These Medicare programs require multiple decisions each with their own potential benefits and risks. This session lays out the options, incentives and timelines to help you and your organization make the best choices.

Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations: A Model Premised on “One Size does not Fit All”
Most payment reform models, including accountable care organizations (ACOs), suffer from a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach in which everyone participating in a given model plays by the same rules with the same incentives. One demonstration project underway in Minnesota throws out the one-size-fits-all fallacy and takes a provider-specific approach to designing total-cost-of-care contracting approaches tailored to each situation, community and provider group. The Integrated Healthcare Partnership (IHP) program offers a new option for state Medicaid programs and providers to be more strategic, collaborative and value-driven.

State Options for Medicaid Financing: More than Provider Taxes
Almost every state uses one or more forms of provider taxes to help finance its Medicaid program. Several other options are also on the table, such as claims taxes, covered lives assessments, and premium taxes. In addition, some states are experimenting with tiered taxes or assessments in creative ways. This session helps participants understand the variety of options states are currently using as well as begin to consider other mechanisms for supporting coverage and benefits for vulnerable populations.

What is New in Waiverland: Health Care Waivers under the Trump Administration
Early in President Trump’s administration, states were encouraged to seek waivers for a variety of objectives and the administration expressed its commitment to streamlining the waiver approval process. This presentation takes a unique approach to examining waiver applications that have been approved as well as state requests that have been denied. Medicaid leaders, policymakers and health care systems will gain a better understanding of the directions the administration is interested in pursuing so they can design their own programs and waivers accordingly.

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