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Nancy Lublin, Women in Business Speaker

Nancy Lublin

    • Creator of Dress for Success
    • Former CEO of Crisis Text Line
    • Named one of Fortune's "World's 50 Greatest Leaders"
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Crisis support for the world, one text away | Nancy Lublin

Crisis support for the world, one text away | Nancy Lublin

Nancy Lublin on Making an Impact

Nancy Lublin on Making an Impact

Nancy Lublin | Delivering mental health services and immediate crisis intervention by text

Nancy Lublin | Delivering mental health services and immediate crisis intervention by text

Nancy Lublin - Being an Entrepreneur

Nancy Lublin - Being an Entrepreneur

Founder and former CEO of Crisis Text Line, Nancy Lublin is a social entrepreneur that focusing on harnessing people, technology, and data to change the world. While many operate in traditional models of outreach and management, Lublin breaks them. She turns her new and effective solutions into some of today’s most innovative and disruptive nonprofits and social movements, which is why Fortune named her one of the "World's 50 Greatest Leaders.” 

During her 2013 TED Talk, Lublin launched Crisis Text Line, the world’s first 24/7, free, text message-based support service for people facing a range of issues, from depression and substance abuse to eating disorders and physical abuse. With over 42 million texts exchanged, Lublin expanded Crisis Text Line internationally, allowing people around the world to text in and get help. Using this data, Lublin launched a separate initiative called Crisis Trends to track when and where issues occur.

According to LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, “Relatively few Silicon Valley start-ups achieve the sort of traction and transformative influence as quickly as CTL has to date .... [Lublin] recognized that technology and Big Data analytics would allow her relatively small team to extend support services to more people, faster.”

One of the Schwab Foundation’s 2014 Social Entrepreneurs of the Year, Lublin was selected as a Young Global Leader by The World Economic Forum and named one of the NonProfit Times’ 50 Most Powerful Leaders three years in a row. In 2017, Lublin became chairwoman of the new board at Change.org, a for-profit petition and fundraising website focused on social and political change. 

After taking over as CEO of DoSomething.org in 2003, Lublin turned it into the largest youth organization in the world. With more members than the Boy Scouts, their success attracted companies like Pepsi and Chase, whom Lublin advised on corporate social campaigns. It's no surprise that Fast Company called her one of the “most creative people in business.”

At 23, Lublin turned a $5,000 inheritance into Dress for Success, a global nonprofit, helping more than 850,000 women in 20 countries achieve economic independence.

McGraw-Hill Education appointed Lublin to its Board of Directors in 2015, bringing her “extraordinary track record in technology innovation and leading two major not-for-profit organizations.”

Author of the bestseller Zilch: The Power of Zero in Business, Lublin has been featured on Oprah, 60 Minutes, CNN, and in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Economist.

To book women in business speaker Nancy Lublin, contact Executive Speakers Bureau at (901) 754-9404. 


At revolutionary non-profit Crisis Text Line, Founder and CEO Nancy Lublin has a clear view of her organization:

“A tech startup first and a mental health organization second.”  With innovation backed by big data and a startup mentality, Lublin has capitalized on her findings, leading to explosive growth that has brought her project to millions at unprecedented speed.According to LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, “Few Silicon Valley start-ups achieve the sort of traction and transformative influence as quickly as Crisis Text Line has to date.” 

Collecting a massive amount of data from the millions of texts it has received from users, Crisis Text Line uses machine learning (artificial intelligence) to analyze the words and emojis that identify people at high risk and urgently in need of assistance.

Since 2013, Crisis Text Line has exchanged over 42 million texts and expanded around the world, helping to launch a new industry centered around big data for social good. This was no accident — Nancy Lublin understood the power of her idea, the platform it needed, and how to get the most out of her team. To achieve high-impact performance, Lublin leveraged the data she received from users, determined where it was most effective, and scaled accordingly. This is the key to successful startups, and it’s one that Nancy Lublin can show you how to apply. 

In this speech, Nancy Lublin explains how to use tech, data and A.I. to create things that change the world. Inspiring passion and purpose in your employees and customers will help build real connections with users, an invaluable component for any business. This speech will help change the way you think about your enterprise and enable you to get the most out of it.


At 23, Nancy Lublin founded Dress for Success with a $5,000 inheritance into a global franchise that provides interview dress and career development training to women in need. Lublin initially wanted to help people blaze new beginnings before realizing that Dress for Success provided women the opportunity to teach and learn from one another. Lublin’s message resonates with women everywhere – those in search of guidance as well as those ready to lead.


In any organization, there are periods of growth and periods of stability. For some CEOs, status quo is key. As long as they are turning good profits, sticking to what works makes sense. But can you afford to rest on your laurels? You cannot stay a step ahead if you are standing still.     

As the head of Crisis Text Line, Nancy Lublin functions as a wartime CEO, a leader that works best under pressure. Lublin has learned that to maintain a culture of innovation, accessibility, and transparency, she must keep her employees challenged, engaged, and excited. By reassigning her staff to different tasks to develop new skills, creating unlikely collaborations, and hiring motivated people who want to hit home runs in the first 90 days, she has seen incredible results.   

This type of active leadership has helped her understand both her company and her community better. Just as you create a connection with your employees by engaging them, a leader must connect their brand to the world. As Nancy Lublin explains, creating a culture of purpose around your organization, internally and externally, will strengthen the bond. 

In “If It Ain’t Broke, Break It,” Nancy Lublin proves how ingenuity, being a positive brand ambassador, and a strong offense can take your organization from okay to amazing.


 What’s the easiest way to ask for help? For many people in need, the smallest obstacle can be a real danger. Asking for assistance shouldn’t be hard, though, so Nancy Lublin is making it easier than ever. As the former CEO of DoSomething.org, Nancy Lublin found one of the most effective ways of reaching people was through text messaging. Why not meet them where they already are? 

While many think that innovation is relegated to tech companies, Nancy Lublin is showing the world how big data can be used to fix big problems. Since founding Crisis Text Line, a free, 24/7 support service via text, Nancy and her team have exchanged more than 42 million crisis text messages. And with that, a host of new data that allows government, teachers, policy makers and beyond to learn when, where, and how different issues are experienced. She has used technology to forge a new avenue of assistance. 

In this talk, Nancy Lublin will take audiences through the formation of Crisis Text Line, what this breakthrough means for society as a whole, and how real solutions can be found in everyday items.


Since 2013, Crisis Text Line had processed over 29 ­million texts, and with that, a host of new data that allows government, teachers, policy makers and beyond to learn when, where, and how different issues are experienced. With 75% of their texters under the age of 25, this dataset offers an especially juicy insight into the scene behind millennial behavior and the things that characterize them – affinity for speed, instant gratification, trends and expectations of this generation. 

In this speech, Nancy Lublin explains how to use tech and data to better understand the mystic millennial generation, and reveals some key tips and tricks for how to connect with and market to millennials.


Philanthropy literally means “the love of humanity,” and Nancy Lublin is the quintessential modern philanthropist. Citing examples from DoSomething.org, Crisis Text Line, and Dress for Success, Lublin talks about creating private initiatives for the public good, explaining how to inspire action without endless resources and still create a huge impact, and motivating people to take on social change.



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