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Peggy O'Neill, Diversity Speaker

Peggy O'Neill

    The Tiny Speaker Who Empowers You to Walk Tall!
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Known as "The Tiny Speaker Who Empowers You to Walk Tall!", Peggy has captivated audiences for over 10 years with her poignant message of personal empowerment, triumphing over challenges and celebrating diversity. From the soaring height of 3'8", her zealous optimism, humorous disposition and encouraging demeanor are both inspiring and contagious. No wonder she is an endeared and popular presenter throughout the US.

What's most remarkable about Peggy is the contrast of her outer smallness and her inner BIGness. Audiences respond to Peggy with great fervor—a testimony to her gift of articulation, zealous audience rapport and exemplifying her uplifting message. Peggy doesn't just deliver a dynamic speech; her impact on audience members leaves something lasting—an insight, a greater awareness or a sensibility that influences their life and relationships for years to come in a positive way.

Coming from the field of psychotherapy, Peggy inspires and enlightens the minds and hearts of people from all walks of life. Working with both groups and individuals, she uses insight, captivating storytelling, powerful questions and humor to support us all in breaking free from whatever is holding us back--keeping us "small inside"-- and to realize, embody and express our inherent magnificence ... so we can live life to it's fullest, professionally and personally!

Peggy is the author of two books: Walking Tall and Little Squarehead as well as the creator of many other "Empowerment Tools" (see our "Store") Peggy celebrates her daily life, with her husband, Brad Laise, an actor, and their Samoyed dogs in Los Angeles, CA.


Getting Along Better...Together
In today's super-diverse workforce, there are innumerable challenges to bridging the multitude of differences among people within an organization, and in sustaining an amiable work-environment. Peggy O'Neill has spent her life developing an expertise in bridging differences between herself and others, appreciating that the better people get along, the better they work together. And now, from the soaring height of 3'8", Peggy shares that expertise along with her most effective tools and techniques to help people open their minds and hearts, dissolve biases and find a common ground.

Peggy brings a fresh light to the topic of diversity, expanding the notion from "cultural and racial diversity" to include differences of all types such as age, size, gender, dis/ability, religious, sexual and political orientation. In this practical, content rich and humorous program, Peggy helps us learn to evolve from tolerating differences to accepting them, to valuing them, and eventually to celebrating differences-- so we can all work better ... together!

Audience members will gain tools to:
Expand the umbrella of diversity from "cultural differences" to include differences of all types
Transform old patterns of responding to "differences" with fear, judgment and discomfort ... to openness, trust and ease
Diminish discrimination and brutish behaviors within your workforce, building a respectful and supportive environment
Improve communication skills to enhance cooperation among coworkers/team members & increase customer satisfaction
Build a culture that is welcoming, harmonious and hospitable to strengthen employee retention and attract new consumers

Heightening Confidence and Stepping into Your Greatness
While in the wake of adversity, rejection, failure, or even unemployment, sustaining consistent effective action towards one's goals can often be daunting. As an adult standing only 3’8” tall, such challenges are no stranger to Peggy O'Neill. Having triumphed over many difficulties, and coming from the field of psychotherapy, Peggy has developed her expertise: rebounding from setbacks empowered and optimistic! Now she teaches others to do the same.

Peggy relates to a universal challenge she calls “inner smallness”, a crippling force that often arises in times of adversity. With insight and poignancy, Peggy offers hope, help and humor as she shares her story of moving from victim to victor, captivating audiences and encouraging them to grow through their challenges and get BIG on the INside ... in short, to Walk Tall!

Audience members will gain tools to:
Step into a mind-frame that propels you forward & upward
Triumph over the deflating effects of self-doubt
Sustain positive self-worth, optimism and confidence
Appreciate and express your creative genius


Dissolving Biases Big and Small
People with disabilities are adding value everywhere in today's workforce, and most "average" people need some help getting acquainted with, and feeling more "natural" around, something quite unfamiliar. From the soaring height of 3'8", Peggy O'Neill tells it like it is, sharing both the trials and triumphs of living with a disability. Openly, frankly and with a heavy dose of humor, Peggy will guide participants in learning to overcome many of the psychological and social challenges we all face dealing with people with disabilities, and thus helping them become more familiar, aware, at ease, inclusive and effective when interacting with them.

Audience members will gain tools to:
Increase acceptance, appreciation, inclusion and respect for all humans
Remove stereotypical cultural & employment barriers
Decrease separation and pre-judgment
Heighten awareness of, and find value in, the contributions and skills of people with disabilities

The Gift of NonViolent Communication
How much more productive and enjoyable would any team be whose members knew how to minimize conflict, and when it did arise, skillfully and quickly resolve that conflict? … Infinitely!

Attendees will learn to:
Voice concerns and complaints in amicable language, avoiding judgmental discourses and distressful disputes
Listen in a way that promotes understanding, connection and transformation
Respectfully communicate unmet needs, creating a foundation for common ground and mutual understanding
Negotiate a mutually agreeable solution

With electronic communications escalating exponentially, when people do come face-to-face, it’s imperative that the interaction be authentic— eliciting a sense of true connection. Because, as we all know, true connection is the “glue” that keeps people (i.e. organizations) together.

Attendees will learn to:
Speak and listen in ways that cultivate real connection and enrich relationships
Identify how one’s style of connecting is working for or against them
Convert complaining, grumbling and a sense of isolation into coworker cooperation, collaboration & appreciation
Enhance overall morale, teamwork, productivity and ... profits

These programs are customized to your organization's current challenges and can be done in a format from 1 hour to
one day.

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