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Phill Nosworthy, speaker

Phill Nosworthy

    • Founder of Switch L+D
    • Inspiring audiences in areas of leadership, personal mastery, high performance and making work and life meaningful.


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$15,000 - $20,000

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What Teams Really Want From Leaders

What Teams Really Want From Leaders

Why You Need to Lead for Meaning

Why You Need to Lead for Meaning

Demo Reel

Demo Reel

Keynote Speaker – Phill has delivered over 2000 presentations to audiences in over 50 cities around the world. His powerful messages serve as a catalyst; inspiring and challenging audiences with conversations on leadership, personal mastery, high performance and making work and life meaningful.

Thought Leader – Phill is known for bringing unique and refreshing insights to established concepts, His approach combines best practice research with wisdom gleaned from myth, wisdom literature and philosophy.

Experienced Consultant – Phill and his team apply best practice research and consulting strategies to deliver transformational insights and strategies for leading brands. This work has seen Phill advise and train senior audiences at Microsoft, ING Direct and Universal Music as well as design organisational and positional strategies for the Australian Rugby Union and the AFL.

Social Impact Advisor – Prior to establishing Switch Inc. Phill worked at the award winning behaviour change firm ChangeLabs (now Karrikins Group), designing large scale initiatives that combined philanthropic and marketing aims for publicly traded companies. At ChangeLabs Phill worked his way from team facilitator, to program manager and then executive as the Global Head of Partnerships and Business Development. Phill is known for having served as education spokesperson for Apple in Australia through the acclaimed Beyond Chalk program along with pitching and securing investments with Optus, The Hyundai A-League, Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food and Mondelez International. He is a proud ChangeLabs alumnus and ‘LabRat’.

Educator – Phill Nosworthy is the Founder and Managing Director of Switch L+D a bespoke learning and development company that partners with leading organisations around the world. Switch L+D has advised and coached CEO’s, senior executives, world champion athletes and celebrated entertainers.

Community Creator – As an extension of the tenets of Switch Inc, Phill established the Switch Sessions in 2014. These unique invitational events bring together leading thinkers and practitioners from across branding, entrepreneurship and philanthropy for closed door experiences and round tables to explore best practices in change-making. These events have been hosted in multiple locations across Europe, the US and Australia.

Traveller – An appetite for growth and authentic experiences has led Phill on the road for more than 1000 nights in the past decade. His travels have taken him to more 50 cities around the world to explore local culture, and habits of faith and consumerism. Equipped with these insights, Phill is able to provide a global vision to his clients, ensuring narrow focus does not impede a larger vision of what is possible.

Husband and Father – Phill counts the most meaningful and important aspect of his life to be his relationship with his wife and daughter. He lives in Sydney’s northern beaches and enjoys off-road driving, camping and lifting heavy things.



A couple of important facts to kickstart this session blurb from a (credible) global study:

— 79% of employees want to work for a socially responsible company.
— 62% of consumers want to buy from a visibly generous and community engaged brand.
— 1 in 4 consumers use their purchase habits as their way of giving back.
— 50% of millennials would take a pay cut to work somewhere they believed in.
Knowing this, and responding to higher expectations from their teams and consumers, the world’s smartest organizations pursue purpose alongside profit, and create deeply meaningful places of work and strategies to give back to the markets that matter to them most.

The best part? Research shows that purpose-driven organizations outperform their profit-centric competitors, enjoy higher engagement, higher productivity and lower turnover of talent.
Drawing on a unique 2-year study of what makes workplaces meaningful, and first-hand experience in designing large scale community engagement strategies for some of the world’s greatest brands, Phill Nosworthy will show:

— How progressive brands are deliberately blurring the lines between philanthropy and marketing to drive real community impact and bottom line profit, not just reputation enhancement.

— Why finding meaning at work is more important than being happy at work, and the significant implications this has on the way we must lead today.

— The 6 critical factors for become a Meaning-Making company (psst, they are Mastery, Autonomy, Purpose, Challenges, Connection and Contribution) (don’t worry, by the end of the session, you’ll know exactly what they are and how to leverage them for fulfillment and productivity in the workplace and impact and profit in the marketplace).




Research by Deloitte and McKinsey show that two-thirds of millennials expect their job to not exist within 15 years and that in less than 10, half of all the jobs they’ve studied and trained for will be replaced entirely by artificial intelligence. (That might be the good news too (!) with studies showing that only 1 in 7 graduates today even want to work for big business).

Is it any wonder that companies today are struggling to engage the workforce of tomorrow?

Large scale change driven by digital transformation, big shifts in social norms and global mobility have utterly re-written
the rules for how to attract and engage the workers and leaders of tomorrow.

Here’s the thing; we simply must reassess and redesign our approaches to attracting and retaining great talent.

Despite struggling with debt and a dramatically shifting career landscape, millennials are not motivated by money with more than half reporting they’d take a pay cut to work somewhere they believed in. This group of workers is motivated by impact, the ability to exercise creativity and the opportunity to create stronger community outcomes. Oh, and by the way, there are now more millennials in the workforce than Gen X’rs and Baby Boomers combined.

There is no doubt about it the future of work lies in empowering millennial talent.

Most HR leaders will attest (perhaps quietly) that they are challenged to create leadership pipelines, struggle with retention of high potential talent and don’t have the right skills to address the issue.

In this provocative, insightful and research anchored session, Phill Nosworthy outlines what companies must do to attract and retain talent in this new world of work.

Phill will show you how to:
— Leverage Meaning and Happiness to create a resonant and purpose-filled workplace.

— Engage and cultivate your teams’ Growth Mindset to drive towards mastery and fulfillment at work.

— Overcome the biggest barriers to meaningful engagement at work (by the way, they are; overwhelm, distraction, lack of inspiration, personal conflict, stagnation, disconnection, and boredom).




Work and life are changing faster than ever before. Colonies on Mars! Self-driving cars! Real-time language translation and immersive virtual reality. Oh, there’s no doubt about it. Things are going to be different.
You knew that already though didn’t you? But what about the way these changes will impact your career?

Deloitte and Mckinsey have produced research showing that more than half of all jobs that exist today, won’t exist in 10 years time. That points to an awful lot of industry reinventions, job redefinitions, and career transitions.

Working professionals in every industry will need to take greater control of their own career and know how to accelerate their impact, make their time count and most of all, how to get from work what they are seeking from it.
Here’s the rub - most professionals aren’t ready for the changes to come. So, in this provocative and inspiring session, Phill Nosworthy will unpack insights developed from accelerating the careers of the world’s best talent and show audiences exactly:

— Why NOW is the time, (seriously, not tomorrow, now), to take control of your career and life

— How to lean into uncertainty and leverage fear as a driver of massive action, rather than an inhibitor of your success

— How to automate progress and perpetual growth with powerful rules, rituals, and routines of your own design

— Why defining success for yourself unlocks a depth of meaning (even in the most mundane tasks) that will transform your relationship with work

— How to master your attention, energy and time, so that you get more of the most important things done every day

— Why ‘Personal Branding 1.0’ is dead and how you need to rethink your approach to talent and what makes you valuable at work

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