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Robert Wallace

Robert Wallace

    Entrepreneur, Author and Keynote Speaker

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$7,500 - $10,000

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Robert Wallace

Robert Wallace

Robert Wallace

Robert Wallace

Robert L. Wallace is an accomplished engineer, entrepreneur, author, business consultant and internationally-known keynote speaker. He is the founder of three companies - BITHGROUP Technologies, Inc., BITHENERGY, Inc., and EntreTeach Learning Systems, LLC.  BITHGROUP Technologies, Inc. is a successful information technology services company that specializes in health information systems, infrastructure IT services, wireless engineering, and identity services. BITHENERGY, Inc. is a dynamic energy engineering and services company that develops and implements energy management, energy efficiency, and renewable energy solutions for government and commercial clients.  Mr. Wallace also founded EntreTeach Learning Systems, LLC, through which he conducts economic and entrepreneurial research and has authored five bestselling books that provide solutions for addressing the unique challenges facing small, emerging, women-owned, and minority-owned companies.  His ground breaking research and business insights provide  for his entrepreneurial training programs that have benefited entrepreneurs and communities throughout the world.

Mr. Wallace graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics.   It was at the University of Pennsylvania where he began his foundational research on emerging energy technologies.  Later, Bob would earn his Masters of Business Administration from the Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and be awarded a Doctorate of Humane Letters from Sojourner Douglas College. Prior to starting his own companies, he worked for IBM, DuPont, Procter & Gamble, and Westinghouse. He is a highly sought after advisor for numerous business executives and political leaders.  He was recently appointed by the Governor of Maryland to serve as a Commissioner on the Maryland Economic Development Commission and as a Regent for the University System of Maryland.  The Mayor of Baltimore City also selected Wallace to serve on the One Baltimore Commission as well as  lead the newly-created Mayor's Council on Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises. Robert has also served as Chairperson for the State of Maryland Information Technology Board (ITB), the Governor's Advanced Technology Commission, Small Business Task Force, Minority Business Task Force, and teaches MBA students  at the Sellinger School of Business at Loyola University.  Bob's lectures on the power and promise of entrepreneurship and innovation in the global economy have become a must have experience among the graduate students.

Mr. Wallace is a committed and passionate business and community leader who generously gives of his time and resources to uplift humanity. He has helped fund major humanitarian projects around the world and unselfishly serves on numerous private and civic boards. Some of these boards include Advisory Board for Credit Suisse Bank, the Baltimore Workforce Investment Board, the Kennedy Krieger Institute, the Maryland Economic Development Commission, the President's Roundtable, and the Capital Region Minority Supplier Development Council. He is also a prolific author who reaches millions of readers and viewers throughout the world via legacy and social media outlets. He has authored numerous articles and books on entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, strategic alliances, wealth creation strategies and urban economic development.  His published works include:

  • Black Wealth Through Black Entrepreneurship (Duncan & Duncan, 1993),
  • Black Wealth: Your Road to Small Business Success (John Wiley & Sons, 2000),
  • Soul Food: 52 Principles of Entrepreneurial Success (Perseus Books, 2000),
  • Strategic Alliances: An Entrepreneur's Guide To Joint Ventures And Alliances (Dearborn Publishers, Fall 2004),
  • The Ssese Principles: Guidelines for Creating Wealth through Faith (AuthorHouse, spring 2005).
  • The Color of a Billion: Women and Minorities Who Are Building Billion Dollar Enterprises (forthcoming)
  • Green Gold: Building Wealth in the Green Industry through Alliances and Partnerships (forthcoming)
  • CRASH: Business Lessons from the Emerging World (forthcoming)

Robert's blending of the theoretical aspects of entrepreneurial success – success profiling and success modeling – with the practical day-to-day wisdom of starting and building actual businesses, helps make him a true global, renaissance entrepreneur.


An estimated 20,000 corporate alliances have been formed worldwide over the past two years. Such strategic alliances can provide business owners with long-term security, new revenue channels, and, often, the anchor needed to maintain stability in otherwise turbulent waters.

A successful joint venture can open the door to a world of future partnership opportunities, says renowned entrepreneur Robert Wallace. In Strategic Partnership: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Joint Ventures and Alliances, he outlines a framework business owners can use to conceive, develop, and execute such relationships between themselves and larger organizations. Based on Wallace's 30 years of field research, you will learn how to:

• Evaluate the suitability of a potential joint venture partner.

• Establish relationship boundaries to define how partnering companies can work together through processes and complications.

• Keep relationships fun, exciting, and profitable.

• Properly and legally bring joint venture arrangements to a close.

Wallace presents many case studies of a business, along with an interview with an executive from a major corporation. The stories and interviews give real-life take-aways that you can relate and apply to your own situations, providing you with a specific tool to move forward in your development



With the current economic crisis, every advantage is helpful in gaining clients and business. A large part of being able to increase both involves company image -- how others perceive you -- customer perception as well as the perception of others who conduct business within your company's same sphere of influence. Today, with this growing trend in environmentally conscious thinking, businesses that can claim-truthfully-that they are 'green' now have an effective advantage over more traditional businesses.

Today's consumers are actively looking for 'green' companies that can provide competitive services to help them also go green, as well as to help them help the rest of the world go green. All of that can mean one thing: more green-though in this context, green means money. 'Green' is the new buzzword at all levels of industry, from small businesses up to major branches of government, and the market is huge for those who can figure out how to go green themselves... and how to take others there with them.

In Green Gold: Leveraging Strategic Partnerships in Today's Green Economy, renowned best-selling author Robe1t L. Wallace defines the concept of 'going green' as it applies to business, and your business in particular. In the book, he discusses the various sources of renewable energy, ways to harness these various sources (like wind, solar, and biomass) in order to maximize your company's assets, lower overhead and operating costs, free up corporate resources to hire and keep more workers, and revamp you



History confirms that wealth equates to power. Author, entrepreneur, and management consultant Robert Wallace contends that wealth is the one ingredient still missing from the African-American power base. In Black Wealth: Your Road to Small Business Success, Wallace demonstrates that, while ethnic solidarity and political power have increased significantly over the past fifty years, the creation of personal wealth within the black and minority community has lagged behind.

Wallace argues that the best way to create black wealth is through entrepreneurship - the establishment, growth, and institutionalization of black-owned businesses that keep money within the community and draw new money in from outside. He also identifies the ideal person to establish a business that is both personally lucrative and empowering for the entire community ... you!

But where do you start? How do you create a business? How will you make it grow? How do you overcome such obstacles as racism, classism, and sexism? Building upon over 25 years of continuing research, Wallace uses inspiring portraits and case studies of successful African-American and female entrepreneurs. He identifies and codifies tl1e skills and strategies that were key to the success of these bold pioneers. What emerges is the Wallace 4 Quadrant Model For Entrepreneurial Success, which you can emulate to achieve a similar outcome in you



Inspiring and useful for those looking to create wealth in a faith­ based and spiritual manner. Creating wealth seems like an oxymoron when juxtaposed with the idea of faith and religion, but author and speaker Robert L. Wallace gives usable tips and anecdotes for how wealth creation can be a fruitful journey through God's kingdom. In this latest book on business and personal finance, Wallace explores the many ways wealth and faith can co­ exist in a healthy and fulfilling manner.

While The Ssese Principles is a short book, preventing it from going into too much detail or explanation, it is still inspiring and useful for those looking to create wealth in a faith­ based and spiritual manner. It encourages people to use the Bible and God's teachings as a springboard for success. Wallace believes that you will be able to create and build wealth in a way that will be "used to accelerate the return of Jesus Christ."



Learn the best practices American-based small businesses need to adopt in order to remain competitive and relevant to the world economy. While many emerging markets often have chaotic economies and huge challenges, they offer some of the most promising new business opportunities. Unfortunately for American-based small businesses, there tends to be a lack of understanding of the new global "rules of engagement." This lack of understanding has put many American entrepreneurs at a disadvantage when competing in global markets.

The reality is that although global norms for doing businesses at times seem dysfunctional and disorganized, they are actually functional and often produce the desired outcomes, much to the surprise of many American based entrepreneurs. Sadly, too many American small businesses often operate on business rules and paradigms that do not work in these new emerging markets. This book takes an around-the-world look at the best practices that American-based small businesses need to adopt in order to remain competitive and relevant to the world economy.

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