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Ryan Jenkins, keynote speaker

Ryan Jenkins, CSP

    • Generations Keynote Speaker
    • Millennial & Generation Z Expert
    • 2x Future of Work Author
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$10,000 - $15,000

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$7,500 - $10,000

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2020 Demo Reel

2020 Demo Reel

Virtual Demo Reel

Virtual Demo Reel

Lessening Loneliness

Lessening Loneliness

Why Effortless Experiences Matter to Generation Z and Millennials

Why Effortless Experiences Matter to Generation Z and Millennials

Ryan Jenkins Speaker Biography

Ryan Jenkins, CSP is an internationally-recognized keynote speaker, virtual trainer, and two-time published author.

His latest book is The Generation Z Guide: The Complete Manual to Understand, Recruit and Lead the Next Generation.

For a decade, he has helped organizations optimize generational dynamics, lessen worker loneliness, and prepare for the future of work.

Ryan’s top-ranked insights have been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and The Wall Street Journal.

He is also co-founder of Sync Learning Experiences (SyncLX.com), a learning and development consultancy redefining how workers gain modern skills.

Ryan lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife, three children, and yellow labrador.

Lead and Work Across Generations: Strategies to Connect and Engage a Multi-Generational Workforce

52% of workers say they’re least likely to get along with someone from another generation. And 62% of Generation Z (the generation after Millennials) anticipate challenges working with Baby Boomers and Generation X.

The generational gap at work has never been more daunting. Turn a multigenerational workforce into a competitive advantage. Ryan brings market-leading insight to help your organization and leaders close the generational gap and improve communication, teamwork, innovation, and more.

• Insights into the generational gap and why it exists
• Insights into each generation’s values, behaviors, and expectations
• Perspectives of each generation's varying views of work, leadership, communication, and technology
• Strategies that are proven and actionable to close the generational gap at work
• Techniques for optimizing a multigenerational workforce
• Best-in-class examples of organizations successfully closing the generational gap
• Ability to work, communicate and lead across generations

Attract, Lead, & Retain Millennials & Generation Z: Strategies to Enhance Performance and Engagement

62% of Generation Z anticipate challenges working with Baby Boomers and Generation X, and only 5% anticipate challenges working with Millennials. To ensure a cohesive cross-generational team, leaders need to understand and integrate Millennials and Generation Z.

While Millennials and Gen Z bring valuable skills, insights, and ambition to the workplace, they are often a source for tension among experienced leaders and managers. Ryan shares relevant data and innovative insights to better understand what drives Millennial and Gen Z employee performance. This program provides tactical strategies to dramatically improve the managing, recruiting, engaging and selling of your next-generation workforce.

• Insights into Millennial and Gen Z employee values, behaviors, motivators, and expectations
• Perspectives of the key workplace and leadership preferences of the emerging generations
• Strategies that are proven and actionable to lead, retain, recruit, and engage the emerging generations
• Techniques for communicating and connecting with Millennials and Gen Z
• Best-in-class examples of organizations and leaders successfully leading and engaging the emerging generations
• Ability to lead, retain, recruit, and engage Millennials and Gen Z

Lessen Loneliness and Boost Belonging Across Generations at Work

61% of American adults report they are lonely and among Generation Z workers aged 18-22, 73% report sometimes or always feeling alone. Today’s workers are lonelier than ever before resulting in a disengaged, disloyal, and disenchanted workforce. The increase in remote working, the growing importance of inclusion, and the need for better well being at work are all reasons to understand and address loneliness at work.

• Insights into today's modern causes of loneliness
• Understanding of the role inclusion plays in solving loneliness
• Techniques to decrease loneliness and increase belonging, engagement, and performance at work
• Best in class examples of organizations that have decreased loneliness and increased belonging
• Ability to create deep connections and unify a multi-generational team

Diversity & Inclusion: Improve Performance Through Inclusive Leadership and Culture

53% of Millennials would leave their current organization for a more inclusive organization and 80% of workers indicating inclusion as important when choosing an employer. Diversity and inclusion is critical to attract and retain today’s top talent.

Like-minded teams maintain; diverse teams innovate. Enhance business performance through generational diversity. Ryan shares how to be an inclusive leader and how to create an inclusive company culture across generations.

A diverse workforce (especially generationally)is better equipped to respond to today’s high-flux and disruption-prone marketplace. Leaders who create an inclusive culture for their teams see performance increased by 17%, decision-making quality boosted by 20%, and collaboration enhanced by 29%. Today’s leading organizations and forward-thinking leaders understand that diversity and inclusion are much more than buzzwords, but rather a business strategy capable of driving performance, enhancing innovation, and engaging and retaining employees.

Ryan shares how to unlock the power of cognitive diversity through a multigenerational workforce. This program provides a blueprint for how to be an inclusive leader and how to create an inclusive company culture across generations.

• Insights into the value of diversity and inclusion
• Insights into the business benefits of cognitive diversity
• Perspectives of each generation's varying views of diversity, work, leadership, and communication
• Strategies for leveraging a multigenerational workforce for enhanced cognitive diversity
• Techniques for leading inclusively across generations
• Best-in-class examples of organizations that have created inclusive cultures
• Ability to work and lead inclusively across generations

The Future of Work: Solutions for Working, Leading, and Competing in the Future

By 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be Millennials and Generation Z. As next-generation employees, technology usher in a new age of work, the ways of working and leading in the past become liabilities.

The new age of work requires a new age of leading and working. Future-proof your organization and leadership skills. Ryan delivers innovative insights into what’s next for work and how organizations and professionals can find sustainable success in a disruptive world.

Leaders should point their people to a better future. But identifying "better" is difficult, especially in today's fast-evolving marketplace. Every industry and organization has shared assumptions that fuel the prevailing model of how things have always been done. Now more than ever, the prevailing model causes leaders to get complacent, industries to get stuck, and companies to go under. Leaders must find new innovative ways to lead in order to guard against disruption and thrive in the 21st-century workplace.

For organizations and leaders to succeed in the new world of work, a new approach to work and leadership is needed. An approach of listening, inclusion, agility, and coaching that can turn blind spots into opportunities.

Ryan shares how to unbound yourself from the assumptions and prevailing models that are likely holding your organization back. This program covers the emerging trends that are impacting the future of work and how leaders and organizations can adjust to capitalize on the trends.

• Insights into trends shaping the future of work and why today is different than any other time in history
• Perspectives of how employee behaviors and expectations are evolving
• Strategies for leaders to remain relevant and increase influence in tomorrow’s workplace
• Techniques for challenging prevailing models that limit success
• Frameworks for understanding and positioning for what’s next in the new world of work
• Best-in-class examples of organizations adapting to future workplace trends
• Confidence to work, lead and compete in the future

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