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Tasha Eurich, speaker

Tasha Eurich

    • Organizational Psychologist
    • New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author
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$20,000 - $30,000

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TedX MileHigh: Increase your self-awareness with one simple fix

TedX MileHigh: Increase your self-awareness with one simple fix

TedX MileHigh: Learning to be awesome at anything you do, including being a leader

TedX MileHigh: Learning to be awesome at anything you do, including being a leader

What is a Bankable Leader?

What is a Bankable Leader?

Dr. Tasha Eurich (or Dr. T, as her clients call her) is an internationally-recognized leadership expert, speaker and New York Times best-selling author of Bankable Leadership. Her life’s work is to make leaders AWESOME, and over the last 15 years, she’s helped thousands transform.

With a PhD in Organizational Psychology, she began her career in academia and consulting, then moved to the Fortune 500 world. In 2011, Dr. T founded The Eurich Group, a boutique executive development firm that helps companies—from start-ups to the Fortune 100—succeed by improving the effectiveness of their leaders and teams.

As a passionate, often humorous and always enlightening speaker, Dr. T has built a reputation as a fresh, modern voice in the leadership world. Her audiences use words like “enthusiastic,” “sharp,” and “pithy” to describe her style.

Blending scientific savvy, hands-on tools, and powerful stories of leadership transformation, her programs are packed with interactive discussion, real-world application, and experiential activities. Audiences don’t just walk away inspired and entertained—they are ready to transform.

For Dr. T, no two talks are ever the same, because no two groups are the same. She meticulously customizes her programs, spending time understand her clients’ organization and industry. After her presentations, it’s not uncommon for audience members to ask, “Are you sure you don’t work here?”

Dr. T also doesn’t believe in “one night stands.” While many speakers swoop in and out on the day of the event, Dr. T closely partners with her clients before and after programs to make sure that learning actually sticks (isn’t that the whole point, anyway?).

As a writer, she contributes to The Huffington Post and Entrepreneur Magazine and has been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, CNBC, and Fox Business. She’s one of Denver Business Journal's "40 Under 40" and a Trust Across America “Top 100 Thought Leader” alongside Stephen Covey, Jim Kouzes, and Bill George. She also serves on the part time faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership.

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LEADERSHIP: General Audiences

Bankable Leadership: Happy People, Bottom Line Results and the Power to Deliver Both

Ideal Audiences: Managers, executives, high potentials, emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, association members, anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills.

Summary: In today’s competitive business environment, leadership is as difficult as it is important. Even though research tells us that effective leaders balance people and results, this complicated balancing act is easier said than done. In the quest to create happy employees and drive bottom-line results, most leaders feel more comfortable doing one than the other—choosing either a “Cool Parent” or “Trail of Dead Bodies” approach. And whether they know it or not, this imbalance drastically limits their success. In this entertaining keynote based on her New York Times best-selling book, Dr.T will help you master the balance. Built on decades of research and the transformation of real leaders, her fresh, practical approach can help almost anyone become bankable—producing results while fostering a healthy work environment. At the end of the session, you’ll understand your personal preferences as a leader, what skills you’ll need to sharpen, and leave with a plan to improve immediately.

Optional “How To” Tools: For keynotes of 90 minutes or more: Building trust, setting clear expectations, fostering transparency, showing compassion, treating adults like adults, supporting without hand-holding, bringing out employees’ best, entitlement-free appreciation, no-fear feedback, change leadership, building focus to build results, and employee engagement.

Becoming a Generational Genius: Why Most Generational Problems are Leadership Problems in Disguise

Ideal Audiences: Boomer, Gen Xer, and Millennial managers, executives, high potentials, emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, association members; anyone who is struggling generational issues at work. 

Summary: For centuries, people have been lamenting the foibles of younger generations. And for organizational leaders, generational conflict seems inevitable. In this informative talk based on her own scientific research, Dr. T reveals why most generational problems are really leadership problems in disguise. Are Millennials more self-centered than other generations? Is work less important to them? Does rampant generational conflict really exist? Audiences will learn the myths and realities of generational differences, what the real problems actually are, and how effective leadership can heal most generational ailments. They will leave with a clear understanding of their own generational beliefs, actionable tips to lead across generations, a specific plan to improve inter-generational harmony.

LEADERHIP: Specialized Audiences:

Bankable Leadership Strategy: The Secret Weapon to Accelerating Business Success

Ideal Audiences: Executives (VPs, SVPs, Presidents, C-suite leaders) who are accountable for setting strategy and shaping culture in their organizations.

Summary: Good leaders create economic value—and poor leaders can sink companies. To advance their business strategy, companies must have the right leaders in the right place at the right time. But this is easier said than done.Although most CEOs believe that developing leaders is critically important, few believe they’re doing it well. In this interactive and action-packed talk, Dr. T will give you the keys to her kingdom. She’ll review a practical process to build a Bankable Leadership Strategy that accelerates your business goals. Audience members will leave with practical tools to help their leaders attract, engage, develop and retain top talent, as well as a Leadership Strategy Assessment to take home to continue their learning.

Bankable Leadership for Technical Leaders: Happy People, Technical Excellence and the Power to Deliver Both

Ideal audiences: Technical leaders—from the front line to the C-suite—in professions such as engineering, science, information technology, finance, accounting, and medicine.

Summary: The professions of engineering, science, technology and finance are full of highly-competent, meticulously trained experts—who study for decades to get where they are. The best among them often become leaders. But with precious little training and a “sink or swim” mentality from their organizations, many hit a wall for the first time in their careers. They quickly learn that the skills to be an effective leader are different from the skills that got them where they are (people aren’t quite as predictable as computers, atoms, or balance sheets!). Dr. T understands this conundrum— over the last decade, she’s transformed hundreds of technical leaders. Participants will learn a scientifically-based, nutsand- bolts process to “hack the code” of leadership. This isn’t a “woo woo” or “pie in the sky” leadership talk—audiences will leave with practical insights, specific tools, and a plan to improve immediately.

Bankable Leadership for Healthcare Leaders: Happy Clinicians, Quality Outcomes, and the Power to Deliver Both

Ideal audiences: Physicians, nurses, hospital administrators, clinicians, and healthcare professionals who are directly or indirectly responsible for providing patient care in settings like hospitals, physician offices, or health systems; associations or organizations with clinical leaders.

Outcomes: In recent years, there's been a seismic shift in the U.S. health care industry. Patients have taken charge: they’re informed, focused on outcomes, and demanding value for their money. Healthcare leaders must help their organizations respond to this new reality. To do this, they must balance many competing behaviors: collaborating with employees and holding them accountable; treating employees like humans and ensuring consistent results; creating a supportive environment and driving continuous improvement. These complex demands leave many scratching their heads. After working with healthcare leaders for years (including an internal role in a hospital), Dr. T has the prescription:Bankable Leadership. Built on decades of research and the transformation of real leaders, her fresh, practical approach can help healthcare leaders achieve happy people while delivering high-quality, efficient care. You’ll learn your preferences as a leader, a model for effective healthcare leadership and a plan to improve starting today.

Bankable Leadership for Education Leaders: Happy Teachers, Quality Education, and the Power to Deliver Both

Ideal Audiences: Managers, executives, high potentials, emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, association members, anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills.

Summary: In the world of education, expectations are elevated, resources are scarce, and leaders are facing unprecedented challenges. To succeed, they must balance many competing priorities: implementing mandated reforms and getting buy-in from teachers, students and parents; demanding accountability from teachers and sustaining morale; creating a performance-based environment and a collaborative culture. Education leaders who can’t rise to meet these challenges will feel stressed, ineffective, or overwhelmed. Luckily, Dr. T’s fresh, science-based approach can help almost anyone become a more effective leader. In this session, you’ll understand your preferences as a leader, learn a simple framework for effective education leadership, and make a plan to improve starting today.


From Indifferent to Involved: How Bankable Leaders Boost Employee Engagement

Ideal audiences: Managers, executives, high potentials, entrepreneurs, emerging leaders, association members.

Summary: According to research on employee engagement, for every engaged employee, there are two actively disengaged ones. This statistic strikes fear in managers’ hearts—and rightfully so. While engaged employees are productive, positive, and committed, disengaged employees are absent, pessimistic, and entitled. It’s no wonder that stock prices of companies with disengaged employees lag their competitors by almost 5 to 1. So, what creates disengaged employees? Very often, it’s the very choices and behaviors of the managers themselves! In this entertaining yet pragmatic talk, Dr. T will reveal three common mistakes managers make that unintentionally disengage employees — and what Bankable Leaders do instead. You’ll leave a clear understanding of the science behind employee engagement and a few powerful tools to improve it.


The Scientific Prescription for Breakthrough Professional Success

Ideal audiences: Association members; general public, individual contributors, entrepreneurs.

Summary: Today’s business environment is more competitive than ever. To succeed, you have to stand out. And to stand out, you have to continuously grow your skills. Strangely, people spend time and money on diets to lose weight, or personal trainers to be healthier, but most of us don’t truly invest in our professional success. Instead, we wait for a magic bullet that never comes—and feel stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed in the meantime. After spending more than a decade helping leaders transform, Dr. T has discovered a pattern: three steps for professional success that don’t just apply to leadership—they apply to any skill you want to develop. Based on her popular TEDx talk, Dr. T will help you build a plan to become more effective, credible and confident at work. Through the science of human behavior and the stories of real people who have transformed, you’ll leave with a prescription to supercharge your professional success.

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