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Dean Lindsay, speaker

Dean Lindsay

    • Change & Customer Service Expert & Speaker
    • Award-Winning Business Author
    • Humorous & Engaging Approach - WATCH DEMO
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Dean Lindsay Speaker Biography

Dean Lindsay is hailed as an ‘Outstanding Thought Leader on Building Priceless Business Relationships’ by Sales and Marketing Executives International as well as an ‘Outstanding Speaker’ by the International Association of Speakers Bureaus and is the Host of C-Suite Network TV’s The DEAN’s List.  Dean joined Synclab Media, the video-centric digital marketing company, as Chief Marketing Officer in 2016. Dean is a humorous and thought-provoking business speaker & consultant and a noted authority & author on helping organizations create work cultures focused on:

- Enhancing Customer Experiences

- Building Priceless Business Relationships

- Thinking Progress Leadership™ NOT Change Management 

His books, How to Achieve Big PHAT Goals, THE PROGRESS CHALLENGE: Working & Winning in a World of Change, and CRACKING THE NETWORKING CODE: 4 Steps to Priceless Business Relationships have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide and have been translated into Chinese, Hindi, Polish, Korean, Spanish and Greek. His latest book, THINK PROGRESS LEADERSHIP NOT CHANGE MANAGEMENT is being published in the fall of 2018. 

Dean’s thoughts on authentic business development by building and strengthening PROGRESS-based Work and Team Cultures have been endorsed by a who’s who of international business thought leaders including Ken Blanchard (author of THE ONE MINUTE MANAGER, Bryan Tracy, author of THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SELLING  and the legendary Father of GUERRILLA MARKETING, Jay Conrad Levinson. Mr. Levinson thought so much of Dean’s thoughts on building priceless business relationships, that he wrote the foreword to CRACKING THE NETWORKING CODE

Dean has been a featured contributor to CEOWorld Magazine, The Smart Manager (India), Sales and Service Excellence, Training Magazine Europe, Executive Travel, LabX Media, Networking Times and the American Management Association’s Moving Ahead magazine as well as numerous podcasts and the audio magazine Selling Power Live. His business views have also been featured on the Voice of America radio as well as the Dallas Morning News and Monster.com

Dean is also a cum laude graduate of the University of North Texas and has served as Guest Lecturer to UCLA and University of Dallas MBA programs as well as the International Call Management Institute.  He has had the privilege of sharing his sales and marketing insights from the big stage in several countries including Spain, Turkey, Poland, Ecuador, Mexico, Switzerland,  Venezuela, Sweden and the islands of Aruba and Jamaica. 

Dean’ clients include: American Airlines, Texas A&M, New York Life, Precision Tune Auto Care, Pacific Life & Annuity, Haberfeld Associates, Marriott, Heinz, Hilton, American Express, Western Union, Verizon, Amway, Nestle, Aramark Canada, Gold’s Gym, Bell Partners, EKOS (Ecuador), ConocoPhillips, Hagger Clothing, the United States Peace Corp.  and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

Some other Big PHAT stuff... Dean is an award-winning songwriter, a marathon runner, a founding member of the Texas Shakespeare Festival, and an alumni of Up With People, the legendary  international organization that bridges cultural barriers and creates global understanding through service and a rocking musical show (Dean’s cast was the first to perform in the Soviet Union). Dean is also a proud member of the Undefeated 1984 4-A Texas State Championship Football Team, the Fighting Denison Yellow Jackets. 

A couple bits of trivia:  Way back In the mid ’90s, Dean:

  • Served as On-Set Acting Coach to Grammy Award Winner LeAnn Rimes on both a Hallmark Movie of the Week and on the soap opera Days of Our Lives
  • Was cast as one of the ‘Bad Guys’ in the Warner Brothers’ blockbuster TWISTER (Dean urges you to not look too hard for him in the film, however, sharing that ‘the flying cow ended up with a big part than I did.”).

Think PROGRESS LEADERSHIP™ NOT Change Management

To Change Is Human; to Progress, Divine. 

The business term change management has been around for a good long while.  The term relates to “initiating significant change” within an organization’s processes.  This change can include anything from altering work culture to embracing diversity to modifying an individual’s work tasks to increasing company morale and loyalty.  The problem with the term “change management” is that no one really desires to change or plans to change.  We desire and plan to progress.   

It takes more than the title of supervisor, manager, or “change agent” to lead people in the direction of progress. Employees and team members (especially millennials)  do not want managers to manage their change.  They want leaders to lead their progress.  Let’s call “initiating significant change” what it truly is (or should be): Progress Leadership™.   

In a time of continual transformation, committed leaders should focus on inspiring the progress, not apologizing for the change.  Committed leaders don’t just TELL people what to do.  Committed leaders include others in the progress as well as the process.   

It is reasons that shape, nourish, and sustain the thoughts that create the actions necessary to reach desired results. Moving our focus from change management to PROGRESS Leadership™ creates a shift in power from wielding power over employees to creating power among employees.  Committed leaders thus create a work culture in which empowered employees are committed to finding what is truly the next step forward.  

In Dean's presentation, he will share his thoughts on progress and change and discuss the Six Ps Progress that empower caring leaders to Think, Work and LIVE Progress Leadership NOT Change Management. All progress is change but not all change is PROGRESS. It is natural to resist change but we embrace PROGRESS. We do not want managers to manage our change. We want leaders to lead our progress. In a time of continual transformation, committed leaders should focus on inspiring the progress, not apologizing for the change.

  • Progress Agents don’t just TELL people what to do.
  • Progress Agents include others in the progress as well as the process.
  • Progress Agents shape, nourish, and sustain the thoughts that create the actions necessary to reach desired results.
  • Progress Agents work to positively influence thoughts and feelings as well as oversee actions.

One Happy Customer! Keys to Making and Keeping Happy Customers… One at a Time!!

In tough economic times, Customer service IS the difference between success and failure. This program features Cherishing Customers/CARE Model and ForWORDs and BackWORDs: Words and Phrases that MOVE Business Communication!

This program encourages participants to internalize three powerful insights about customers and introduces them to unique and powerful models for inspiring true customer loyalty. Participants receive professional customer service training that helps committed service professionals:       

  • Create Customer Advocates by genuinely relating to concerns and wildly exceeding expectations
  • Enhance awareness of the importance of responding to customers quickly and effectively
  • Implement strategies to inspire amazing customer loyalty that lead to positive long-term customer relationships
  • Develop an understanding of personal responsibility in responding to customer needs
  • Examine the behavior and DESIRES of dissatisfied customers
  • Help customers know you are on THEIR side
  • Implement better strategies to address customer concerns based on style needs
  • Understand the need for “putting on the customer’s shoes”
  • View customer feedback (complaints) as the most inexpensive, and useful forms of customer market data  


How to Achieve Big PHAT TEAM Goals!! Crafting and Committing to Big PHAT Progress-Based GOALS!!!

Big PHAT Goals is designed for organizations that view their payroll as an investment rather than an expense and are committed to retaining and developing committed self motivated team players.  The Big PHAT Goals Program is designed to Align Personal Goals with Organizational Objectives and includes A Progress Agent’s Six Rules for Goal-Crafting found in Dean’s book, How to Achieve Big PHAT Goals! 

We must dedicate ourselves to crafting personal and organizational goals that are so attractive, so alluring, so PHAT that we are compelled to continually make choices that move us toward their accomplishment. As a noun, CRAFT can mean an object or machine designed for a journey, like a ship or an airplane.

As a verb, CRAFT can mean to make or manufacture with skill and careful attention to detail. A goal is the aim, the objective, the purpose, the point. Stop setting goals and start CRAFTING goals.BIG PHAT GOALS Empowers Professionals to:

  • Strengthen Commitment to their Organization & Organizational Goals
  • Partner with Organization to Achieve Personal Goals
  • Create Powerful Self-Motivation toward Personal & Organizational Goals
  • Discover Power of Affirmations & Visualization
  • Increase Team Morale & Work Towards Balanced Life
  • Better Service Customers
  • Attract New Business and Generate Quality Referrals
  • Establish and Cement Internal and External Customer Loyalty  

The hardest aspect of goal achievement is not in crafting a goal or even in knowing how to achieve it. The real challenge is staying connected to the passion and understanding of WHY.   “Progress does not demand perfection, only persistence.” – Dean Lindsay

Cracking the Networking CODE – 4 Steps to Priceless Business Relationships

You can’t achieve your best without learning the all-important art of connecting. Dean Lindsay’s rip-roaring CODE Cracking programs, based on his best selling business book Cracking the Networking CODE: 4 Steps to Priceless Relationships, are filled with fresh insights to build meaningful, profitable, win-win relationships for business and life. 

"Perhaps the most powerful way to leverage and multiply your talent and ability is by expanding your personal and business network. This book shows you how." - Brian Tracy Author, Getting Rich Your Own Way 

The CODE business networking sales training program can be customized to include:

  • The Top Ten Benefits of Networking
  • Questions for Defining a Powerful Networking Plan
  • The Way Around the “Do Not Call” List
  • Examples of Proven Places to Network
  • Tips for Running a Successful Trade Show Booth
  • Strategies for Opening Face-to-Face Relationships
  • Often Overlooked Networking Strategies
  • Quick Tips for Delivering Solid First Impressions
  • Ideas for Creating a Series of Positive Impressions
  • Insight on Business Cards and Note-taking 

Be a BAM!! – Keys to Becoming a BUSINESS ATTRACTION MAGNET!!!

All BAM sales training programs are customized to fit the specific challenges of your sales organization. 

In these tough economic times, the business of sales is the business of ATTRACTION.  We are attracted to products, services, ideas, and people that we TRUST can help us PROGRESS. The days of the “Surefire Closing Statement” and the “Glad-handing Slick Salesman” are long gone.  Today it is imperative for Sales Professionals to truly get to know their prospects and help prospects get to know them. Selling is therefore a state of mind more than a series of steps.?       

  • Master the Art of Positive Persuasion and win people over to your side without manipulation or intimidation (even over the phone)
  • Prevent objections, reduce price pressure and get the prospect to rule out the competition by learning the key ingredient that drives every sale
  • Gain Powerful insight into how people make decisions and how to manage their decision process
  • Replace awkwardness with confidence, frustration with self-control
  • Develop a sales team skilled at selling to all styles of client behavior
  • Position yourself and services with the client’s needs in mind
  • Learn multiple methods of making contact with key decision makers and tips to prevent initial contact objections
  • Attain the ultimate in credibility with your customers and understand how your product knowledge can hurt you
  • Position power-benefit statements into highly negotiable statements of interest.
  • Learn the power of ONLY. What sets you, your company, your product and services apart?
  • Network all contacts into powerful business relationships, increased revenue and quality referrals

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