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John Demartini

John Demartini

    Human Behavioral Specialist, Educator, Internationally Published Author
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John Demartini

John Demartini

John Demartini Speaker Biography

John Demartini was born on Thanksgiving Day in 1954 with some initialchallenges. He had a leg and hand deformity that restricted him in braces fromage two to four. He was also dyslexic and did not learn to functionally read untilhe was 18 years old. At age 7, his first grade teacher announced, in front of him,to his parents that he had a learning disability and that he would never read,write, communicate, never amount to anything, or go very far in life.

At the age of 14, uninspired by academics, he quit school. He left home with his parents blessing and headed for California and Hawaii to fulfill his love of surfing. The next four years of Demartini’s life were a blend of homelessness, panhandling to survive, drugs, alcohol and surfing.

At age 17 John Demartini met an elderly man named Paul Bragg, a well-known naturopath who revolutionized the American healthfood industry. Paul Bragg was the catalyst in awakening his desire to conquer his learning disability, get an education and make a difference in the world. As a result of this new vision to learn, Demartini picked up his surf board, returned home to Texas and went back to school.

From Dyslexia to Academia

With focus and determined effort, he broke through his dyslexia and mastered reading and writing. He passed his GED and then wrote his SATS and attained entry level into Wharton Junior College. He then progressed to the University of Houston where he completed his Bachelors of Science degree in 1978. He went on to study Chiropractic at the Texas Chiropractic College where he graduated with honors - Magna Cum Laude in 1982.

From that time Dr. Demartini immersed himself in books covering subjects from cosmology, astronomy, astrophysics, physics, metaphysics, theology, mythology, philosophy, anthropology, economics, sociology, psychology until eventually his insatiable interest took him through the studies of over 280 different academic disciplines.

At the age of 18 he read a book by the philosopher Wilheim Leibniz titled ‘Discourse on Metaphysics’. In the first chapter Leibniz spoke about what he called the ‘Divine Perfection, Love and Order’.

Leibniz said that few people ever came to experience this highly ordered awareness, but those who did had their lives changed forever. This idea further inspired Dr. Demartini to set out on a quest to find a way of helping himself and others discover and experience this underlying divine or implicate order that Leibniz spoke of. Today, we now know that Dr. Demartini did master a way which is called the Demartini Method®.

To book John Demartini call Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

Demartini on Business Success

This powerful Business Success program is designed to assist leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and business executives take their corporate visions to a new level of power and influence. Dr. John Demartini, a world renowned human behavioral expert introduces an understanding of human behavior and corporate social dynamics which is the key to building and inspiring corporate teams and boosting sales and productivity. 

Dr Demartini will be addressing the following principles and practical tools: 

The True Corporate Dynamic

  • Human behavior and corporate reality
  • Mapping of your corporate social dynamic
  • Understanding and dissolving infatuation and resentment cycles with staff
  • The principles of management of self and others

Congruent Corporate Vision, Mission and Value

  • Matching inspired and unique service with market needs
  • Expand vision and purpose in your business
  • Articulate your corporate vision clearly to your clients and teams
  • Inspire staff and increase productivity

Effective Communication

  • The Demartini Value Determination Process
  • Mastering the art of communication
  • Resolve conflicts quickly and teach your teams to do the same

Powering Leadership

  • Awaken your authentic leadership power
  • Overcoming the fear of failure in your business or career
  • Increase your ability to make objective decisions with ease
  • Managing Stress, emotions and staff with the Demartini Method

This one day program will show you how to skillfully bring order to your business, dissolve your limiting beliefs and achieve your greatest business potential

Demartini on Financial Success

Dr. John Demartini's Financial Success program is designed to assist you unlock your true wealth potential and ensure you get past whatever is holding you back from being financially empowered. 

Dr. John Demartini is a world renowned human behavioral specialist and best-selling author of How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still get to Heaven. In this powerful one day program, he shares 39 years of research to assist you understand why and how the human factor is the sole determinant that underpins your ability to build true success in wealth creation. You will be taken through the principles of financial empowerment and introduced to practical exercises that will shift your wealth perspective assisting you to breaking through the setbacks, blocks and challenges regarding wealth building. 

The focus of the program will be on the following areas of wealth creation:

The Driving Forces of Wealth 

  • Human voids and values
  • The relationship between spirit, matter and money
  • Balancing altruism and narcissism for wealth creation

Emotions and Wealth Activating Perceptions 


  • Understanding polarities of poverty and prosperity
  • Recognizing unique forms of wealth
  • The role of emotional volatility in wealth building
  • Perceptions of gain and loss
  • Overcoming the fear of not having enough money
  • Managing debt and financial challenges


Market Cycles 

  • Understanding the macro cycles of markets
  • Managing your emotions no matter the market cycle
  • Seeing the opportunities even in market downturns

Building Wealth 

  • Increasing your self-worth so you can increase your net-worth
  • Increasing your value on wealth building and saving

Secrets to Financial Success

Building Wealth. Transforming Your Financial Destiny 

Is your financial life not meeting your expectations or possibly even out of control?  Do you feel like you are living with low liquidity and possibly from hand to mouth, despite your accumulated assets? Do you fear that you may have reached your financial plateau? Did you think by now you would be way ahead of where you are financially? Do you have difficulty managing your current investments? Are you confused by the array of financial possibilities lying before you? Are you overwhelmed by too many choices? Are you concerned about building your assets, or maybe just managing them?  

If you are ready to take command of your financial destiny, there is great news for you!  There is a science to creating, managing and preserving the wealth that you would love and feel you deserve. 

Dr. John F. Demartini is an entrepreneur, international educator, business consultant and multiple bestselling author. He has appeared on hundreds of national and international radio and television talk and financial news shows including CNN's Larry King Live, CNBC, CBS, NBC, PBS,... . Articles and feature stories about Dr. Demartini and his entrepreneurial insights have appeared in numerous international magazines and newspapers including CEO, Destiny Man, Success, Leadership, Succeed Magazines. He has consulted for fortune 500 CEOs, entrepreneurs, Hollywood celebrities, sports personalities, financiers and other professionals. With Dr. Demartini's keen business insights and unique financial savvy you will learn how to:

  • Expand your short- and long-term financial goals to drive your financial destiny
  • Inspire in you a vision of vastly more powerful wealth possibilities
  • Dissolve financial myths that maybe sabotaging your financial freedom
  • Break through your financial barriers and beliefs about money
  • Transform your financial disadvantages into blooming opportunities
  • Take command of your finances and become more disciplined in your wealth building
  • Learn Dr. Demartini's Forced Accelerated Saving and Investment Technique
  • Provide you with strategies to generate and accumulate more money
  • Create or build more wealth more effortlessly
  • Hedge against market fluctuations while reduce risk and increasing portfolio yields
  • Achieve smoother and surer cash flow
  • Develop long-term stock or real estate investment and wealth building strategies
  • Create more inspired and profitable work teams to build overall company profits
  • Transform your financial disadvantages into prospering opportunities 

Whether you seek short-term financial solutions or are searching for a sustaining financial philosophy, whether your annual income is $25,000, $50,000, $500,000, $1,000,000 or more, you stand to gain from this opportunity to introduce yourself to Dr. Demartini's method for building wealth and financial mastery. 

Optimize your wealth building potential beginning today!

Success in the City

Live your most vital, enthused and empowered life

Any area of life you don't empower someone else will overpower and those who have the most power get to set the rules of life. In this presentation, Dr. John Demartini, a world renowned human behavioural specialist and international authority on maximizing human potential, shows you how to make the most out of your life.

You will learn how to clarify the most important action steps to take to achieve your goals and dreams and how to dissolve your illusions and misleading fear and guilt that stop you from being, doing and having exactly what you want. Learn the principles of health and longevity and discover how to balance your relationships, home life and health in pursuit of your entrepreneurial and financial goals. 

Be guided with straightforward and practical common sense success tips and discover what true success really is for you.

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