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Margie Warrell, Coaching / Mentoring Speaker

Margie Warrell

    • Global Thought Leader in Human Potential and Brave Leadership
    • Bestselling Author of Make Your Mark, Stop Playing Safe and Brave
Full Bio
In Person-Fee 🛈

$30,000 - $50,000

Virtual Fee:

$15,000 - $20,000

Travels From

District of Columbia

Embrace the discomfort of crucial conversations conversations

Embrace the discomfort of crucial conversations conversations

Choose Growth Over Comfort

Choose Growth Over Comfort

Great Leadership Requires Brave Leadership

Great Leadership Requires Brave Leadership

Failing Fast & Falling Forward

Failing Fast & Falling Forward

Speaker Reel

Speaker Reel

Embrace the discomfort of change. It always holds opportunity.

Embrace the discomfort of change. It always holds opportunity.

Margie Warrell Biography

Margie Warrel - Find Your Courage. Stop Playing Safe. Brave. Make Your Mark. The titles of Margie’s bestselling books reflect her passion for emboldening people to lead braver and more purposeful lives.

Margie has needed to find her courage many times since growing up one of seven children on a dairy farm in rural Australia. Personal adversity, backpacking solo around the world, starting a business with four children under five: all have taught her valuable lessons in building resilience, challenging norms and embracing change.

Today, Margie draws on her background in Fortune 500 business, coaching and psychology to equip people with the mindset, strategies and skills essential to lead themselves and others to better outcomes.

Margie Warrel’s international experience has found her working with diverse organizations from NASA and the United Nations Foundation to British Telecom, Berkshire Hathaway and the Australian Federal Police.

A member of the Advisory Board of Forbes School of Business & Technology, Margie is also adjunct faculty at Duke Executive Education and has guest lectured at Columbia, Georgetown and her alma mater, Monash University in Australia.

A Forbes contributor and host of the Live Brave Podcast, Margie has been described as an ‘international authority on brave leadership’ by the Wall Street Journal. Her insights have also been shaped by her work and interviews with leaders such as Richard Branson, Steve Forbes, Bill Marriott, Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Oliver Stone. Margie has also co-authored two other books with Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield and Ken Blanchard.

Currently undertaking her PhD in leading change, Margie’s work draws on the latest research in positive and behavioural psychology, neuro-leadership and organizational change.

A passionate advocate for gender equality and inclusive leadership, in 2010 Margie founded Global Courage to embolden braver leadership and advance more women to decision-making tables. She is a Women’s Economic Forum honoree and Ambassador for Women in Global Business and Google’s Womenwill.

An adventurous spirit at heart, Margie has lived around the world – from the wilds of Papua New Guinea to Washington D.C. – and travelled widely. She has crossed the Sahara Desert, stayed in Palestinian refugee camps, hiked the Inca trail and Himalayas, swam with piranhas in the Amazon and, perhaps bravest of all, cycled across Beijing. Last but not least, Margie is also the mother of four intrepid teenage children and enjoys sharing adventures with them and her husband Andrew of 25 years—most recently, summiting Mt Kilimanjaro


Unlock the potential of remote teams to use disruption to do business better

No one is immune to fear. Yet in the midst of change and uncertainty, only those who’ve learned to lead with courage can harness the potential in themselves and others to turn uncertainty into opportunity, gain competitive edge and do business better.

Drawing on 25 years working with organizations globally plus the latest research, Margie will embolden your people to step up to the leadership plate, in more wholehearted ways, to lead through change with greater clarity, confidence and courage.

Engage remote teams around a big Why that fosters shared purpose, unlocks ingenuity and dismantles change resistance
Reframe ambiguity to make better decisions, faster amid VUCA
Identify blind spots and foster a risk-ready mindset
Harness ‘emotional contagion’ to build psychological safety, nurture diversity and expand collective change-agility
Create resilience rituals that expand bandwidth and behavioral agility to thrive under pressure

Everyone experiences self-doubt yet successful people have mastered their inner dialogue, and don’t let their doubts call the shots. Drawing on the research from her best-selling book, You’ve Got This! The Life-Changing Power of Trusting Yourself, Margie will give you proven strategies to:

Defy the doubts that are holding your potential and future hostage
Build self-confidence in the aftermath of setbacks, enabling you to ‘fail forward’ and succeed faster
Beat imposter syndrome and quiet your inner critic
Play from your strengths
Harness the power of language to harness fear, reframe stress and thrive under pressure
Apply the psychology of confidence and ‘train the brave’ to succeed on a whole new level

Exceptional leaders liberate the boldest thinking to produce the strongest outcomes

The greatest threat to any organization is the fear that stifles ingenuity, fuels risk aversion and drives highly capable, creative people to play it safe and make short-sighted, over-cautious decisions.

Harnessing the human capital in your organization has never been more critical. Embedding the value of courage within an organizational culture sets it up for competitive edge, greater agility, stronger engagement and improved performance in today’s VUCA global marketplace.

Only leaders who have found their courage to embrace vulnerability and show up authentically can build the psychological safety net required to harness the potential in others, grow high-trust teams that collaborate across silos and tap the full value of diversity in their ranks.

Drawing on the latest ideas in leadership and neuroscience, Margie will share a powerful research-backed framework to equip leaders to foster a culture of courage that emboldens disruptive thinking to ensure organizations remain competitive in an increasingly uncertain, globalized and accelerated world.

Create unconscious inclusion that harnesses the full value of diversity
Build the loyal cohesion needed to challenge outdated paradigms that stifle innovation
Engage people around a compelling Why that unlocks a deep sense of shared purpose
Identify blind spots and foster a risk-ready growth mindset
Role model decisiveness amid uncertainty and ambiguity
Counter the unconscious forces that undermine change initiatives, inhibit crucial conversations and stifle bold disruptive thinking

Harness the power of conversations to grow, learn and thrive

The hardest conversations are often the most critical yet too often the issues that most need to be addressed aren’t. Research shows that over 80% of workers are avoiding at least one uncomfortable conversation at work — a conversation they know they need to hold but are dreading.

In this insightful, interactive and powerful program, Margie deep dives into the DNA of communication, sharing a framework of how to engage in the crucial and courageous conversations needed for individuals, teams and organizations to learn, grow and thrive.

Attendees will learn practical frameworks and skills they can apply immediately to:

Bridge organizational silos and get everyone pulling behind the same mission
Address conflict and build collaboration
Provide constructive feedback in ways that produce optimal outcomes
Speak with greater authority, presence and impact
Listen beyond what is being said to get to the heart of issues that derail
Text or talk: discern the right mode for communication and avoid the pitfalls of hiding behind technology
Express anger without insult and disagree without being disagreeable
Build a culture of accountability and manage conflicting commitments with integrity

Resilience isn’t what we have, it’s what we do. Responding to challenges with greater resiliency in ways that foster creativity, maintain optimism and promote self-efficacy is vital to mental wellbeing and securing competitive edge.

Disrupt default ‘fight or flight’ response to keep anxiety at bay and
Embed ‘resilience rituals’ into daily routines to bring their ‘best selves’ to work
Harness emotional contagion to spread calm and ‘can-do’ optimism
Play from strengths to build self-trust, beat self-doubt and thrive under pressure
Harness neuro-linguistics to re-channel stress in positive ways

How exceptional leaders harness the potential in themselves and others

Empower your leaders with a deeper sense of purpose, passion, courage and confidence. Drawing on the latest research in leadership and neuroscience, plus interviews with some of the world’s most respected change-makers, Margie will get to the heart of what undermines leadership effectiveness, sharing science-based strategies to:

Engage people around a compelling ‘Why’ that taps ingenuity and counters anxiety
Foster a ‘risk-ready’ growth mindset to thrive under pressure and fail forward faster
Identify blind spots that undermine effective decision making
Embrace vulnerability to engage in the crucial conversations too often avoided

Build psychological safety to foster engagement, loyal disruption and bold thinking

The greatest threat to organizational growth and change is the fear that stifles ingenuity, fuels risk aversion and drives highly capable people to make short-sighted decisions. Margie will share powerful research-backed frameworks to equip leaders with strategies for cultivating a ‘culture of courage’ that harnesses human capital, encourages the disruptive thinking needed to find opportunity amid change and uncertainty.

Counter the unconscious biases that derail most change initiatives
Build the ‘loyal disruption’ needed to challenge outdated paradigms that stifle innovation
Create unconscious inclusion that harnesses the full value of diversity
Foster the growth mindset to ‘fail forward’ and innovate faster

Finding the courage to pursue the boldest vision for your life

One of the key regrets of the dying is that they lived too safe and risked too little. In this inspiring keynote, Margie will draw on her diverse life experiences and hard-won wisdom to inspire your audience to take action to live bigger, braver and more meaningful lives.

Power and presence: Align your language, focus and physiology to bring your best self to your biggest challenges
Three questions to discover your ‘Why’ and live on purpose
Quiet your inner critic and get comfortable being uncomfortable
Upgrade your mental maps to get back ‘on course’
Forget perfect: How to get off your own back and begin anew

For women who want to do more & be more but too often doubt they can

Despite the compelling case to have more women seated at decision-making tables, too few still are. The reasons for the ‘leaky pipeline’ are many and the solutions complex, yet one thing is certain: empowering women to challenge gender norms and step into their power as change makers is not just the right thing to do, it’s commercially smart. Margie will draw on her PhD research and personal experiences of challenging gender norms to provide strategies to:

Align the three fundamentals of power to speak with impact, power and presence
Embrace authentic leadership to counter gender bias and double-binds
Identify your blind spots that fuel imposter syndrome and perpetuate self-doubt
Sponsors and mentors: diversifying your network to open crucial doors
Elevate the sisterhood: amplify the collective female voice

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