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Paul Vitale

Paul Vitale

    • Helps Clients Build Strong Teams and Increase Productivity
    • Former Director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau in Hot Springs, Arkansas
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Paul Vitale Bridgewater State University Setting the Tempo for Achievement

Paul Vitale Bridgewater State University Setting the Tempo for Achievement

Paul Vitale - Inspired Teamwork & Leadership

Paul Vitale - Inspired Teamwork & Leadership

Paul Vitale Speaker Biography

Paul Vitale has become one of America’s most sought-out speakers and trainers by using his unique combination of excitement, energy, and experience to encourage and motivate others. The founder of Vital Communications, Inc., Paul is a native of Arkansas and acquired his degree in mass communications and journalism from the University of Central Arkansas.

For almost twenty years, Paul has impacted individuals and organizations, imparting an understanding of the leadership and determination required to excel. Through his keynote presentations, seminars, and retreats, Paul helps his clients build strong teams and increase productivity. He speaks worldwide about the significance of optimism, a strong work ethic, and concepts vital to personal and professional growth, while reaching hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life. Paul’s energetic and enjoyable presentation style has made him a favorite at countless universities, meetings, conventions, seminars, and training conferences.

His diverse client list includes ESPN, Walmart, the United States Postal Service, Southwest Airlines, the National Football League, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Washington Redskins, Landstar Global Logistics, the Georgia Department of Education, United Way, Tyson Foods, the Minnesota Vikings, the Antiques Roadshow, the University of Kentucky, the National Association of Secondary School Principals, the Los Angeles Rams, and Dole Hong Kong.

Prior to speaking professionally, Paul was Director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Preceding his role at the CVB, Paul launched his professional career with the largest marketing firm in the State of Arkansas—Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods. His team was responsible for all of the Natural State’s tourism promotion.

Paul has written the best sellers Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life?; Sell With Confidence; Pass It On; and Discover the Now. He has also written several curriculums in use across the nation and recorded Live Life Like You Mean It. Paul has been featured on NBC, ABC, FOX, and the Minnesota Vikings Entertainment Network, and is a regular guest on talk shows sharing his insight and life strategies. Paul’s expertise, enthusiasm, and ability to encourage people to exceed their potential have been described by his audiences as extraordinary.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys volunteering with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the March of Dimes, the New Mexico Crime Victims Reparation Commission, the HIKE Foundation, and the Arkansas Hospitality Association. He is a graduate of the Little Rock Citizen’s Police Academy as well as Leadership Greater Little Rock, a member of the Board of Directors of the Arkansas Travel Council, served on the Los Angeles Rams Training Academy Leadership Board, and was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel. Recognized by Arkansas Business as one of its “Forty Under 40,” Paul was selected by its readers as Best Motivational Speaker and Trainer.

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Enthusiasm—Your Secret Weapon

This dynamic presentation reinforces the importance of genuine enthusiasm for everyday life. Paul illustrates what an optimistic state of mind can and will do for one’s work ethic while providing concrete examples of morale-boosting ideas. The information participants take from this presentation will not only emphasize the importance of efficiency, a positive attitude, and a passion toward life, it will also provide them with an incredible advantage in their everyday lives. Paul will ignite the audience with concepts such as: (1) enthusiasm is a state of mind; (2) manage situations before they manage you; (3) make good on your full potential; (4) broaden your outreach to others; and (5) grasp the “now” rather than the “later.” In the competitive world today, enthusiasm coupled with a positive attitude pays large dividends and leaves an everlasting mark. History has shown that a mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go miles further than a great idea that inspires no one.

Setting the Tempo for Success

The momentum an individual brings into any environment sets a tempo that affects the end result. During Setting the Tempo for Success, Paul shares concepts that demonstrate the necessity for controlling one’s approach and energy regardless of the surrounding variables and circumstances. Through strategic positioning of actions, reactions, and attitude, each member of a team is directly responsible for the success of the unit as a whole. This dynamic presentation will not only enlighten, but also remind participants of their influence as Paul shares methods such as (1) be accessible and available to those knocking; (2) be purposeful and consistent with what’s offered; (3) be a loyal and dependable champion for others; (4) be self-aware and tolerant of life’s inconveniences; and (5) be a sparkplug of optimism and enthusiasm. Research indicates that no matter the industry or employment position, we control the outcome of our success through the tempo we set. Paul developed the proven methods shared during this empowering training to embolden individuals to take command of their influential personas in order to improve their environments, thereby changing their results.

Keep It Simple

Maintaining simplicity in everyday life might sound like wishful thinking. However, keep in mind that we each control our actions and reactions. If we make a conscious choice to embark down a path, it is our responsibility to follow through with conviction. During Keep It Simple, Paul shares insights critical to being effective through straightforward strategies such as:

(1) failure to prepare is preparing to fail; (2) you can’t win until you’re not afraid to lose; (3) to avoid criticism do nothing, say nothing, be nothing; (4) but above all believe that you can achieve; and (5) your consistency to achieve what you believe. With the many decisions required in any given day, it is easy to become overwhelmed and flounder rather than move in a positive direction. By concentrating on keeping it simple, individuals can achieve their goals, one step at a time. After all, it is our life to live—and our actions determine our outcome.

It’s Your Life—Dominate It

As life passes one day to the next, there is no better time than now to challenge and encourage individuals to maximize their potential to the fullest. It’s Your Life – Dominate It inspires attendees to make each moment of their lives count for something special. During Paul's high-energy presentation, participants can expect to hear in-depth remarks and observations on the following major points: (1) choose challenge over comfort; (2) exemplify confidence not arrogance; (3) pursue knowledge enthusiastically; (4) undoubtedly be yourself; (5) dwell on what you have, not on what you don’t; (6) don’t sabotage yourself; (7) promote hope over hatred; and (8) create memorable impressions. The concepts presented in this dynamic presentation will captivate and stir individuals to not merely exist, but thrive and excel in this constantly changing world.

Energize the Enthusiasm...that Exists Within

Being able to define enthusiasm, determine where your particular passions lie, and what can be done to make those passions shine are keys to maintaining enthusiasm in the whirlwind of life. The ideas and principles rediscovered in this seminar will not only reinforce why enthusiasm works, but also provide the tools necessary to embrace it each day. In this dynamic presentation, Paul reinforces these practices among others: (1) choose the “wow” over the “towel”; (2) examine confidence from within; (3) react steadily and remain composed; (4) communicate memorable messages; (5) emphasize the positive, release the rest; and (6) recognize influential surroundings. Life is chaotic and it is sometimes easy to feel beaten down. However, finding what motivates, what instills passion, and what drives one to strive for excellence require individual effort. By focusing on these areas, participants will learn to use the energy derived, channeling it into things they may be less enthusiastic about. Then, they will learn the secret to maintaining enthusiasm, resulting in positive outcomes.

Time Management—Harnessing Your Power at Hand

Insufficient time management has the potential of being one of the largest productivity deterrents in the workplace. Developing effective time management skills not only increases efficiency, it lessens stress and improves the overall quality of life—both personal and professional. Throughout the workshop Time Management—Harnessing Your Power at Hand, Paul explores several areas of impact including: 1) where do you invest your time; 2) what can be eliminated or handled in a more effective way; 3) what adjustments can be made to your current approach; 4) how do you deal with the stress incurred from the demands on your time; and 5) what are you committed to do from this point forward. Effective time management is made up of a combination of good practices. Learning to recognize and manage distractions, make continual adjustments, and discipline oneself to remain committed to proven habits are tactics that produce efficiency.


Legendary Leadership in Action

Throughout generations there have been those called on to lead—courageous individuals who have taken great interest in the well-being of others. In the presentation Legendary Leadership in Action, Paul demonstrates concepts crucial to becoming a legendary leader. He outlines ideas that might seem basic at first glance, but are vital for the continued success of any organization.

(1) Express genuine interest in mankind; (2) encourage steady streams of dialogue; (3) ignite the eagerness in others; (4) compose unique designs; (5) exhibit authentic actions; (6) reinvent tendencies and techniques; and (7) trust in the truth of courage are the primary concepts introduced during this thought-provoking and energetic presentation.

Succeeding in the Battle for Well-Being

As each of us continues striving toward excellence, we often neglect our own well-being. When this occurs, the consequences can be overwhelming and harsh. In a time when we are asked to achieve significant results—with or without the aid of ample resources—our physical, emotional, and spiritual states can be threatened. Throughout the presentation Succeeding in the Battle for Well-Being, Paul establishes user-friendly strategies that are essential when moving toward a more balanced life. Areas included in this message are: (1) signs and symptoms that encourage change; (2) central decisions versus lasting consequences; (3) steady performance above spoken promises; and (4) inspiring confidence through total competence. Life is made up of a series of choices. Learning to recognize and manage anxiety, make ongoing healthy decisions, and motivate oneself are strategies that equal positive results.

Resolving Team Conflict Effectively

Resolving conflict within a team is crucial for optimal results in the areas of productivity, growth, and morale. When continued struggles, animosity, or disagreements become the focal point of various individuals’ attention, the entire organization is affected. Paul introduces ideas on how to isolate and effectively resolve conflict including: (1) implement a resolution process that works; (2) accept the responsibility to change; (3) exercise respectful communication skills; and (4) improve everyday efficiency. Properly executed, conflict resolution causes people to listen to and consider different perspectives, contributing to a positive culture rather than a hostile environment. The concepts put forth in Resolving Team Conflict Effectively will enable individuals to minimize negative behaviors, broaden their alternatives, and manage conflict constructively. Encouraging the acceptance of differing opinions promotes increased collaboration and commitment to the goals and ideals of the team. With the cooperation of those involved, a negative situation can be turned into a positive one through effective conflict resolution.

Inspired Teamwork & Leadership

The strength of a team is centered on the individuals who comprise the group; the strength of a leader begins with the team. In Inspired Teamwork & Leadership, Paul details the following significant traits that bring cohesiveness to any team: (1) dare to dream courageously; (2) establish a course of action; (3) empower others to imagine; (4) unite a common bond; and (5) be resilient like none other. Uniting for a common cause, understanding and respecting diversity, and encouraging individuals through positive actions are all elements of this empowering presentation.

You Choose Your Change

Making a change or an adjustment often produces a certain degree of discomfort. Studies have shown that in order to take action, the disadvantages of a current behavior must be strong enough to encourage an individual to recognize that a change needs to occur. Paul outlines seven important concepts that revolve around the idea of change: (1) recognize the need to change; (2) accept personal responsibility; (3) know the desired behavior; (4) see yourself actually changing; (5) step up and make the change; (6) practice your change daily; and (7) ask for feedback often. You Choose Your Change challenges participants to consider each aspect of their lives and how beneficial making a positive adjustment can be.


Staring Down Disorganization

If disorganization is hampering you and, as a consequence, a feeling of frustration and being scattered sets in, then it’s time to stare down disorganization and win. To achieve order on the outside, you must adjust your state of mind from the inside. During this essential workshop, Paul encourages participants to (1) clarify priorities; (2) decide what belongs and what must go; (3) tackle a need versus want assessment; and (4) simplify, simplify, simplify. These concepts, along with a variety of others, will be shared during the presentation, Staring Down Disorganization. Becoming better organized not only takes time but a committed attitude to change deep-seated behaviors. If you begin today, a year from now you will be glad you did.

Office, Email, & Social Media—Etiquette for a New Age

The evolving landscape of electronic tools has taken personal as well as professional communication to a new level. The opportunity to share information instantaneously with a client, colleague, or friend—two doors down or halfway around the world—through mail, social media, and texting not only broadens our possibilities for success; it exponentially expands the potential for a negative interactive experience as well, and quite possibly a faux pas that can end a friendship or career. In the thought-provoking workshop Office, Email, & Social Media—Etiquette for a New Age, Paul shares ideas and strategies to keep your persona and reputation intact. Concepts such as (1) understanding your multiple roles and how to maintain separation; (2) working your way through generational differences when it comes to accepted behavior; (3) utilizing social media within company policies to expand your brand; (4) exercising respect and loyalty toward your company and coworkers; (5) facilitating business relationships through social media; and (6) crafting a positive interactive experience for clients, colleagues, and friends, are each explored during this interactive presentation. Regardless of the tools employed, learning how to practice proper etiquette in the digital age will not only guarantee positive results, it can hasten professional success.

The WOW Factor—Presenting with Ease

As individuals, we converse casually on a daily basis. We become comfortable with our own presentation styles and the ability to persuade others to comprehend our messages. A distinct change takes place, though, when asked to transition from those many individualized conversations to sharing thoughts with an entire group. During The WOW Factor—Presenting with Ease, Paul reveals critical techniques that are essential when striving to become a more polished presenter. One area offered during this high-powered presentation is how to best manage the overall fear and anxiety of public speaking. Other points discussed include: (1) the organization and creation of a complete message; (2) the approach and delivery of a successful message; and (3) effective vocal delivery and composure. Regardless of the industry, learning how to successfully utilize body language, organize thoughts and content, understand group dynamics, respond to audience questions, and deliver what you have prepared in the most compelling manner are crucial in the attainment of overall achievement.

Community Support & Partnerships

The infancy of successful programs, social movements, and partnerships begins with a shared vision that over time has the potential to breed greatness within the confines of a community, as well as beyond. For many, what begins as challenging the process is turned into a vision that develops into a greater idea, fueled by those who are encouraged to take ownership in the cause. Keeping the community excited, involved, and supportive will all take center stage as you: (1) understand the specifics of your program; (2) research your target audience; (3) maximize all the tools at your disposal; (4) think smart when dealing with the parameters of your budget; (5) allow the power of networking to overcome obstacles; and (6) share your news with the world. It is critical that the most effective strategic plan is put in place at the beginning of any project, knowing the limitations of both manpower and dollar power. Participants will be challenged to focus on the small things that will help garner future success.

Effective Meetings—Steps to Success

The business world today revolves around a productive exchange of ideas, practices, and goals, typically conducted in a properly facilitated forum. Organized procedures aligned with active and eager participation are often determining factors for a meeting’s effectiveness and success. During the presentation Effective Meetings—Steps to Success, Paul demonstrates the following concepts crucial to being a successful facilitator: (1) common questions surrounding effective meetings; (2) preparation ensures productivity; (3) responsibility of the facilitator; (4) standard parliamentary procedure; (5) the art of engagement–through communication; and (6) the members’ bill of rights. By following a few simple rules and not being afraid to change how things have been done in the past, meetings can once again become empowering and productive.

Media Literacy—Achieving Measureable Results

A successful media campaign hinges on following tried and true methods for creating awareness while effectively harnessing all the tools at your disposal. Informing the press, keeping them interested and positioning the information you want shared will all be explored as you: (1) understand the specifics surrounding your announcement; (2) research your target audience; (3) maximize all the tools for greatest exposure; (4) allow the power of networking to increase your end result; and (5) represent your stance professionally and objectively when interacting with the media. It is critical that the most effective strategic plan be implemented to maximize exposure, knowing that relevance and timeliness matter. With this in mind, participants will be challenged by Paul on the planning, process, and persistence needed in order to achieve their desired results.

It’s Your Business, It’s Your Name

Everyone talks about providing quality customer service, but Paul shows you and your team how to make this precept the beating heart of your daily customer interaction. Each team member on the frontline of your business will learn the necessary skills and attitudes that make providing quality customer service more than a slogan. (1) Why customers don’t return; (2) the service model; (3) understanding your customer’s needs; (4) realizing the importance of your customer; (5) customer courtesy rules; (6) consistently satisfying your customer; (7) effective communication with your customer; and (8) the benefits of quality customer service are all discussed during this interactive presentation. Customers expect value for the money they spend with us. Paul encourages the participants to focus on key aspects of quality customer service that help ensure strong business relationships as well as the longevity of financial success.

Sell With Confidence—Unlock Your Potential for the Field Rep

If you knock once and there is no answer, then knock again. Very few ideas define the spirit of salesmanship better than this one simple concept. In Sell With Confidence—Unlock Your Potential, Paul will empower your sales team by providing strong fundamentals that refine proven methods and increase productivity, such as: (1) commit to reaching your full potential; (2) structure the day to work in your favor; (3) develop sound mentors; (4) put your rivals to work for you; (5) seek out new business leads; (6) understand why some say “yes” and others say “no”; and (7) arrange a sturdy framework. The essentials of salesmanship offered during this spirited presentation will help your team build quality business relationships while learning strategies and techniques to increase the bottom line.

Sell With Confidence—Unlock Your Potential Management Solutions

To insure your sales force maintains peak performance, Paul has developed a specialized program for sales management teams. Utilizing the companion instructor’s guide for his book, Sell With Confidence, this intense program encourages managers to maximize their teams’ potential no matter the product, service, cause, or idea being promoted. Instructing through a step-by-step review of the concepts detailed in his book, attendees will be coached on how to lead others to take hold of practical ideas, polishing sales methods and increasing productivity, to include: (1) how to handle objections gracefully; (2) methods utilized to transform leads into sales; and (3) techniques used when honing an effective approach. Thought-provoking lesson objectives, discussion points, interactive activities, self-directed learning challenges, scripting, and role-play scenarios will make this dynamic training an effective tool for those determined to sharpen their sales teams’ skills, helping your organization continue to prosper well into the future.


Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life?

We all have dreams and ambitions; however, at times it is easy to become baffled and challenged by the jigsaw puzzle of life. Paul takes the precepts outlined in his national bestselling book Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life? and gives participants a user friendly roadmap for making sense of their life puzzles. He illustrates five basic concepts that enable us to make the best out of each opportunity while navigating through the ever-changing puzzle of life: (1) the power of choice; (2) all you have is your name; (3) perception is reality; (4) live your life as an underdog; and (5) you only live once. Each day we are given the chance to encourage people through positive actions and reactions. Paul will remind the attendees that we will all leave some type of mark on the world around us.

Unleash the Power of YOU!

With increasing competition in the workforce today, there is no better time than now to challenge young people to take ownership in their career planning. Regardless of whether an individual chooses to attend college or enter the workforce directly after high school, our future will be molded by these youthful minds. In the dynamic presentation Unleash the Power of YOU! Paul encourages students to develop realistic and obtainable goals while achieving their maximum potential. Students can expect to hear in-depth remarks and observations on points such as: (1) set free your imagination; (2) discover your genuine worth; (3) examine your endless opportunities; (4) map your unique course; and (5) deliver your mark on history. The time is now to continue challenging students to raise their expectations, not only about themselves, but also about the nation that we call home. The better prepared our future workforce is today, the greater success we will share tomorrow.

The Ultimate College Experience

Many have the opportunity to attend college, but not everyone has a favorable experience. During this presentation, Paul shows current as well as college-bound students how to make this period a defining chapter of life. Paul speaks from his experiences of being the president of his college fraternity, vice president of the student body, a baseball letterman, and a student orientation director. He demonstrates effective ways of: (1) communicating successfully with roommates; (2) developing a true balance between social activities and academics; (3) establishing effective study habits; (4) becoming involved in campus organizations and activities; (5) managing finances; (6) having the best time of your life; and (7) surviving different types of relationships. Having the privilege of attending college is an everlasting experience. Students will be encouraged to make the best of each situation that is presented and to remember that a good education is extremely valuable.

The Greek Influence

Making the decision to become involved in the Greek community is a major step. Opportunities to learn and exercise a variety of skill sets while developing and maintaining healthy relationships are just a few benefits of the entire process. To make your campus chapter more relevant and successful, Paul shares a number of his personal successes and failures as the president of his fraternity while intertwining the following positive ideals and practices: (1) the power of influence; (2) the perception of your chapter; (3) becoming actively involved in campus activities; and (4) developing strong leadership skills. The significance of the Greek experience has powerful implications for success far beyond the campus. Each individual who wears the letters of a Greek organization must always remember the great responsibility for the generations he or she represents.

Parental Involvement—What a Difference It Makes

According to the National Education Association, when parents choose to be involved in their children’s education positive results occur. From improved student achievement to reduced absenteeism, parental involvement is critical for the longevity of educational success. During this interactive presentation, Paul encourages open discussion and shares a number of pertinent ideas and concepts with school personnel such as: (1) defining true parental involvement; (2) parental involvement is imperative; (3) sustaining and encouraging parental involvement; and (4) communities, parents, and teachers as allies. Enlisting the aid and support of parents provides a better chance to develop the social, emotional, and academic growth of children. Paul reinforces these and other ideas related to the importance between what takes place in the classroom and what takes place at home.

Partners in Achievement—Strengthening the Future

Countless studies indicate that to help children reach their full potential parental involvement is a must. Improved academic achievement, a greater respect for the overall importance of education, and an eagerness to maximize post-graduation opportunities are only a few of the benefits realized when active parents model the way. During the presentation for parents Partners in Achievement—Strengthening the Future, Paul not only shares a number of thoughts and concepts related to parents’ roles in academic growth and success, he also reinforces ideas related to the importance between what takes place in the classroom and what takes place at home such as: (1) the impact of parental involvement; (2) parents as advocates for children; and (3) parents, school personnel, and communities as partners. Participants will also share ideas and challenges during an open discussion period facilitated by Paul. When motivated parents are encouraged to work in conjunction with school personnel, students are inclined to succeed not only in the classroom, but throughout their entire lives. Promoting the cooperation and support of parents provides a better opportunity for strengthening our children’s future.

Character & Workplace Skills

Setting the Tempo for Achievement!

Whether a student chooses to strive toward the attainment of a post-secondary education or enter the workforce directly, now is the time to continue challenging young Arkansans to set the correct tempo for career achievement. Following much research based on the proven character traits of those who have blazed trails before us, Paul developed the animated presentation Setting the Tempo for Achievement! not only to encourage students to realize their maximum potential, but also to showcase individuals who have called the Natural State home while accomplishing unforgettable success. Students can expect to hear in-depth remarks and observations from Paul on points such as: (1) identify your individual talent; (2) continue perfecting your edge; (3) unleash a fury of motivation; (4) exercise an abundance of patience; and (5) recognize your range of opportunities. As an additional resource for students, Paul has compiled pertinent information that can be conveniently accessed by visiting settingthetempo.com. There is no better time than the present to once more instill a sense of self-pride and encouragement in the hearts and minds of those students who hail from Arkansas. With the right tools for career and character development in hand, these young people will be equipped to take on what lies ahead.

A Hero Within—Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders

A Hero Within—Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders is a dynamic presentation intended to prepare students to succeed in this ever-changing world. During this multi-media presentation, Paul illustrates the importance of uniting people for a common cause, understanding and respecting diversity, and encouraging individuals through positive actions. The concepts presented during this presentation will captivate and inspire students to thrive and excel. By sharing compelling ideas such as: (1) dare to dream courageously; (2) establish a course of action; (3) empower others to imagine; (4) unite a common bond; and (5) be resilient like none other, Paul reminds students that there is no better time than the present to strive toward achieving fulfillment in their everyday lives.

Peak Performance U—7 Essential Skills for the Workplace

The foundation of the content found in Peak Performance U—7 Essential Skills for the Workplace is in response to the guidance and requirements of various businesses and industries eager to align, promote, and train students for viable future careers. Whether a student is striving toward the attainment of a post-secondary education or plans to enter the workforce directly, the 7 Essential Skills for the Workplace shared in Paul’s presentation are necessary for the transition. During this interactive multi-media presentation, Paul not only delivers his own guidance and experiences, he also brings to your students in-depth video discussions undertaken with industry leaders regarding career readiness and hiring practices. Critical skillsets such as: (1) structuring a sturdy work ethic; (2) respecting human dignity; (3) strengthening connectivity; (4) understanding business etiquette; (5) achieving through collaboration; (6) becoming an intentional planner; and (7) transitioning with confidence are all thoroughly expounded for the attendees by Paul. Through role-playing, mock interviews, interactive videos, and energetic activities, Paul builds rapport with students that inspires steady, long-lasting results. Regardless of the career field or cluster, Peak Performance U—7 Essential Skills for the Workplace speaks to critical skills that business and industry have identified as vital.

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