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Sterling Hawkins, speaker Exclusive
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Sterling Hawkins

    • Founder of the #NoMatterWhat movement for business leaders who are seeking results regardless of the circumstances
    • Master of Innovation, Tech Entrepreneur & Transformational Leadership Expert
    • Co-founder of the business solution platform and consultancy, CART
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Highlight Reel

Highlight Reel

#NoMatterWhat Keynotes

#NoMatterWhat Keynotes

Discomfort is Necessary for Innovation | Sterling Hawkins | TEDxChulaVista

Discomfort is Necessary for Innovation | Sterling Hawkins | TEDxChulaVista

Creating the Future of Commerce

Creating the Future of Commerce

Innovative Thinking and The Human Experience

Innovative Thinking and The Human Experience

Sterling Hawkins Speaker Biography

Sterling Hawkins is out to break the status quo to create what’s actually possible for people and companies in our time. He has spent his life coming back from the brink to sell companies, finish ultra-marathons, and getting results #NoMatterWhat it takes.

Sterling is an internationally-recognized thought leader and has given a TED talk with over 55,000 views on the topic of discomfort being necessary for innovation. He is a top-rated keynote speaker on the #NoMatterWhat approach to driving growth innovation and results, regardless of what’s happening in the world. His keynotes share meaningful strategies delivered with the inspiration to leave attendees in action.

His journey has been non-traditional right from the beginning. Sterling grew up a 5th generation retailer, having to master the intersection of technology and extreme competition. In 2004, Sterling Hawkins co-founded, launched, and sold his first technology company, Convena, where he developed innovative approaches to beat the competition, handle high-growth and achieve performance no matter the obstacles.

He went on to be involved with the launch, growth, and/or investment in over 50 companies. Today, Sterling reviews over 1,000 new companies every year further refining the keys to realizing breakthrough results regardless of circumstances and giving back that experience as a mentor to high-growth entrepreneurs working through heavy competition and instability in the world. He is the co-founder of CART, a platform to drive the adoption of emerging technologies at Fortune 500 companies. And he speaks and runs workshops around the world for clients such as Samsung, Criteo, Synchrony Financial, and the United Nations.

Sterling is a certified yoga teacher and adventure seeker regularly pushing his own boundaries of what’s possible by skydiving, century bike riding, shark diving, and even trekking in the Sahara. He brings that energy of maximizing human potential and breaking past limiting beliefs to everything he does. Currently living in Colorado, he has been seen in Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, The New York Times, and Forbes.

Sterling Hawkins is inspiring a network of #NoMatterWhat leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and Fortune 500 companies, actively shaping the future for the betterment of business, communities, and the human condition. Of course, he’s still regularly found on adventures.

Why Book Sterling? 

- Involved with the launch, growth, or investment in over 50 companies to understand what breakthrough innovation takes to be realized

- Fifth-generation retailer background, having to master the intersection of human behavior and technology under extreme competition

- Works with Fortune 500 companies (P&G, Synchrony Financial, United Nations) to drive adoption of new technology, making better decisions, faster

- Found in Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, The New York Times, and Forbes

Everyone should have access to the radical idea behind achieving breakthrough growth #NoMatterWhat. Now it’s your turn. From having come back from the brink to sell companies, finish ultra-marathons and achieve results #NoMatterWhat it took, Sterling has integrated those experiences with extensive research to create a system that unlocks the potential inside of any one and any company.  Meaningful growth, regardless of circumstances, is driven by one thing and one thing only: your culture. You’ll learn the most important systems that have been at the core of — multi-billion dollar wins, industry disruptions and even hardened criminals transforming their lives to get out of jail — to take and implement as soon as you walk out the door. Getting this unique perspective will forever change how you approach business and life.  Sterling uses heart-wrenching personal stories, hilarious anecdotes and inspirational videos that’s not only informational and entertaining, but contains exactly what it takes to transform your business. Audiences participate as an undeniable truth sets in, that each one of them can embody the 5 practices it takes to realize even the most audacious growth under the most difficult circumstances. Participants are left empowered, excited and equipped to change the world, #NoMatterWhat.   

Learning Objectives: 

  • See how to avoid the pitfalls of transformational growth.
  • Discover that a breakthrough isn’t a place to get to, but a place to come from (and how).
  • Learn the brain science behind this radical new approach. 
  • Master how to use the 5 #NoMatterWhat systems to create transformational growth regardless of the circumstances. 
  • Be inspired and excited to implement the tools in every aspect of your business and life. 


You will learn important steps from the #NoMatterWhat mindset on how to let go of old habits to achieve breakthrough results. Sometimes you have to step back and unlearn the way you have always done something to find new and better ways to accomplish your goals. To experience transformational growth, you have to create a new mindset that only comes from unlearning and disrupting what you have always known. 

We live in a world today of exponential growth and accelerating change. Changing ourselves and our businesses is more necessary than ever. But how? Delivered to global rave reviews in his TEDx talk, Sterling’s background in working with hundreds of startups and Fortune 500 companies has led to the discovery that leading innovation is about embracing our human experience.

He’ll illuminate how personal discomfort gives access to breakthrough growth of any type and how to find the courage to not just accept it but to get out ahead of it to be able to lead change as the only competitive advantage. In this provocative talk, you can step back and see your leadership potential and how it's directly tied to putting yourself on the line for the benefit of those you lead. 

The talk is a motivational and eye-opening experience where Sterling shares how leaders of companies of any size can embrace the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution such as robots, IoT and AI and create something completely new without losing who they are in the process. 

Learning Objectives:

  • The critical role our own discomfort plays in our business success (or lack thereof)
  • How using discomfort can lead to innovative thinking and breakthrough ideas
  • Experience what the human experience is with a moving and powerful example
  • Learn the methodology behind using constraints, hardships or problems as circumstances to be embraced as our access to innovation
  • Develop an ecology of people who create big goals allows for and even forces actions that were previously unthinkable

Sterling was raised in his family’s supermarket, where his Dad created one of the first digital loyalty programs in the US, and together they created the first personalized marketing system for retailers. 

Retail today is changing faster than ever before. Venture dollars have accelerated startups flooding the market and COVID-19 has forever changed the face of modern retailing. Taking what he learned in his family’s organization about the creation of value and the importance of people and connection, then combining it with unique, completely new abilities of countless technologies, Sterling explores how we arrived at this point, the surprising future in store for us and how we can create a future which fulfills on our business essentials and delivers on our customers' wants and needs. 

Sterling’s leadership and vision has enabled retailers and their teams to step past the hype that traditional retail is dead. He has empowered organizations to use technology to unify experiences and redefine retail as a flourishing force to be reckoned with, now and in the future. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Look at the power shift in the supply chain. Hint, customers are now in charge.
  • Open up new possibilities for a retail group can be based on case studies and real results
  • Examine the latest case studies of what’s working and what’s not in the industry
  • Learn how to use the 4 steps of retail innovation
  • Create new possibilities and potential for your retail and brand operations.

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March 17, 2021

Sterling delivered a keynote address to our audience of customers and associates that was inspiring and impactful. He did an excellent job of tailoring his material to our audiences which helps the audience connect to his message. He brings an authentic and positive energy to his speaking that captures the attention of the audience. What a great way to kick off our virtual event! Sterling was a pleasure to work with and was full of ideas to elevate the customer experience. I would highly recommend Sterling to any event organizer looking for a keynote speaker.



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