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Happiness in the Workplace

Thursday, Nov 08, 2018

Top 5 Happiness Keynote Speakers

We are so honored to have recently been recognized as one of Memphis’ Best Places to Work in 2018 (yay, ESB!) It’s true, we all LOVE our jobs. We love working with our clients, with our keynote speakers, and most importantly, each other! In our Best Places to Work survey results, our employees said things like:

“There have been many times over the last few years when I would think that I needed to pinch myself to make sure that this was real. How could I possibly have a job that I truly LOVE? I love what I do and look forward to coming to work each day. I know that I bring value to our team and I enjoy working with our clients and the speakers we manage.”

“I find happiness in what I am doing every day and see the positive results that my work has on people around the world.”

“I have never worked for a company that makes me feel valued and appreciated as much as ESB.”

This got us thinking more deeply about why we love what we do so much, and the happiness that being at work brings to each of us every day. Luckily, we happen to work with some excellent happiness keynote speakers who share with audiences everywhere what it takes to ensure a happy workforce.

Positive Communication

Happiness experts like Michelle Gielan will tell you that positive communication raises employee engagement, productivity, and happiness. In her book, Broadcasting Happiness, Gielan explains that as managers, colleagues, parents and friends, we are constantly transmitting information to the people around us, and the messages we choose to broadcast create success or hold us back.

3 A’s of Awesome

Neil Pasricha is one of the most popular TED speakers of all time with his first TED Talk “The 3 A’s of Awesome”Neil spent a decade running Leadership Development and working directly for two CEOs at Walmart, the world’s largest company. He was responsible for CEO onboarding, executive development, and talent management across the organization. Today he serves as Director for The Institute for Global Happiness. In his keynote presentations, Neil shares that true happiness in the workplace or anywhere for that matter, requires attitude, awareness, and authenticity.

Recognizing Human Potential

Recognizing where human potential, success and happiness intersect is Shawn Achor’sexpertise. He clearly and humorously describes to organizations how to increase happiness and meaning, raise success rates and profitability, and create positive transformations that ripple into more successful cultures. A decade of research shows that training your brain to be positive at work first actually fuels greater success second. In fact, 75% of our job success is predicted not by intelligence, but by your optimism, social support network, and the ability to manage energy and stress in a positive way.

Gratitude and Kindness

Initially a skeptic of the research related to the positive effects of gratitude, kindness and mindfulness on our daily lives, Nataly Kogan decided to incorporate happiness into her own life—solely in order to prove the research wrong. But the more she applied these techniques, the more she immersed herself in and embraced the science and research—experiencing firsthand how effective happiness can be as a tool for realizing full potential in all aspects of work and life. With this mission in mind, Nataly launched Happier to an overwhelming global response and has since built a community that has shared over six million happy moments (and counting) on the Happier mobile application and website.

Mindful Leadership

Pandit Dasa explains the importance of leading by example, appreciation, communicating mindfully and managing one’s emotions. He also engages the audiences in various breathing and focusing exercises that individuals will be able to implement at work and at home. Through these workshops, Pandit helps individuals develop positive leadership qualities, lower stress and anxiety, increase focus and productivity, and boost emotional intelligence.

What are you doing to keep your employees engaged and happy? At Executive Speakers Bureau, we are blessed to have mindful leaders, and a truly AWESOME team that focuses on positive communication, celebrates successes, and exhibits kindness and gratitude each day.

If you are interested in learning more, or would like to bring a happiness keynote speaker to your next team event, contact Executive Speakers Bureau at (901) 754-9404.


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