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Doyin Richards, speaker

Doyin Richards

    • Best-Selling Author for Diversity and Inclusion
    • Creator of the critically-acclaimed Anti-Racism Fight Club™ workshop
    • TEDx Speaker and keynote speaker
    • Champion for mental health at work
    • Columnist for Slate
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$15,000 - $20,000

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$10,000 - $15,000

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Racism from the perspective of a non-threatening black man | Doyin Richards | TEDxTemecula

Racism from the perspective of a non-threatening black man | Doyin Richards | TEDxTemecula

International Microsoft Commercial- Doyin Richards

International Microsoft Commercial- Doyin Richards

TODAY Show interview raising multi-racial children in America

TODAY Show interview raising multi-racial children in America

Amherst Regional High School Commencement Speech

Amherst Regional High School Commencement Speech

Doyin Richards Speaker Biography

Doyin (pronounced "doe-ween") Richards is a dynamic keynote speaker who inspires men to be open about mental health, embrace anti-racism, and be the best dads/parenting partners they can be.

Two of the largest crises in America are mental health and race-relations. They impact our homes, schools, businesses, relationships, and (obviously) sanity — but do we recognize the signs of these problems? Are we doing enough on the front-end to prevent personal and professional disasters from happening? As a keynote speaker, consultant, and workshop facilitator, Doyin provides tangible, actionable solutions that provides results for his clients all over America. Cisco, Salesforce, Amgen, LexisNexis, Marvell, and Bark are a few of the companies where he recently delivered a workshop or a keynote address.

Mainstream media values his message as he's often called on to make appearances for NPR and HLN, and has been interviewed by the TODAY Show, ABC News, Essence Magazine, Cosmopolitan, USA Today, CNN, Parents Magazine, Yahoo!, T.D. Jakes, the New York Times, Sunrise Australia, and more. He’s also a current member of the NBC TODAY Show’s Parenting Team.

His message isn't just for adults. Doyin authored two picture books for children published by Feiwel & Friends (an imprint of mega-publisher Macmillan). The first was I WONDER that recognizes the insecurities many new fathers have while raising their children, but also celebrates the fact that dads are never insecure when it comes to the love they have for their kiddos. His next picture book, WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? tackles the tough topic of introducing kids to positive race-relations without raising them to be "colorblind." It was the #1 New Release in the ultra-competitive children's "Explore The World" category on Amazon. Doyin’s newest book, WATCH ME details the immigration story of his dad who came to the states from a so-called “shithole country” (don’t worry, that language isn’t in the book) to secure his Ph.D. from one of the top universities in the country while adding immense value to America in the process.

Through his books, keynote speeches, workshops, media appearances, and his new Anti-Racism Fight Club virtual seminar, Doyin regularly demonstrates that he is a leader in the fields of mental health, anti-racism, healthy masculinity, and fatherhood.

To book Doyin Richards, or for more information, please contact Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

Doyin curates presentations and interactive workshops that are highly customized for every client, offering 1-hour keynote speaking events, full-day workshops and engaging webinars.

So You Think You’re A Leader?

Many companies are reeling right now as they navigate through a once-in-a-century pandemic. This is illustrated clearly by a recent study that revealed that 65% of employees are actively looking for a new job. Why are these employees leaving? The number one reason is due to bad bosses. Many bosses are not leading effectively in this “new normal” and oftentimes it’s not their fault. This talk will uncover many of the issues today’s leaders are dealing with including how to work effectively remotely, leading from a distance, returning to the office, being a better ally to marginalized groups, learning the subtle signs of unhappy employees, and much more.

Being Not Racist Is Not Good Enough

In Doyin’s most popular keynote, he addresses the challenges racism brings to communities and workplaces across America and the tangible actions we must take to eradicate it once and for all. This keynote is ideal for conferences, schools, and companies who:

  • Are dealing with racial microaggressions, systemic racism, overt racism, etc. and want tangible tips to fight against them.
  • Want to be better allies to the BIPOC community but realize that being quietly not racist isn’t enough.
  • Have been stuck in fear of doing the wrong thing and end up doing nothing to fight against racism.

When the talk is complete, the audience will leave with:

  1. The five keys to being anti-racist right now.
  2. The answers to the most common objections to taking anti-racist actions.
  3. The actions to take if BIPOC don’t trust them as allies.


Everyone is Fighting a Mental Health Battle. Do You Own It?

Doyin almost took his own life a few years ago because of his battles with mental illness (depression, specifically). He didn’t feel comfortable talking to anyone due to the stigma surrounding it, but when he finally owned it, his life improved immensely. How many people do you know who are suffering in silence? What are you doing to help them? This keynote is ideal for conferences, schools, and companies who:

  • Have a concerning amount of employees/students who feel overwhelmed, take personal leave, or report declining mental health.
  • Have a culture where mental health/mental illness stigma exists.
  • Don’t know where to start when attempting to support their students and/or employees.

When the talk is complete, the audience will leave with:

  1. The five keys to creating a culture of acceptance for mental health/mental illness.
  2. The five pitfalls to avoid when creating a culture of acceptance for mental health/mental illness.
  3. Ways to empower men to be open about mental health/mental illness.

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