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Jay Baer, speaker

Jay Baer

    • 25 years experience in digital marketing
    • His blog was named the world’s #1 content marketing blog
    • Founder of company Convince & Convert
    • New York Times best-selling author
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2020 Sizzle Reel

2020 Sizzle Reel

Jay Baer Virtual Keynote and Emcee Preview Video

Jay Baer Virtual Keynote and Emcee Preview Video

2018 Demo

2018 Demo

The Importance of Empathy - Keynote Speech Excerpt from Jay Baer

The Importance of Empathy - Keynote Speech Excerpt from Jay Baer

Talk Triggers - Keynote Speech Highlights from Jay Baer

Talk Triggers - Keynote Speech Highlights from Jay Baer

Jay Baer is a Hall of Fame keynote speaker who teaches business growth through customer experience and marketing innovation. He is also a popular emcee and host of large events, New York Times bestselling author of six books, and founder of five, multi-million dollar companies.

Filled with real-world case studies and examples, Jay’s entertaining and engaging programs teach companies how to turn customer experience, customer service, and marketing into their biggest business growth advantage.

Advisor to numerous iconic brands such as including Caterpillar, Nike, IBM, Allstate, The United Nations, and 32 of the FORTUNE 500, he is the Founder of Convince & Convert, a strategy consulting firm that owns the world’s #1 content marketing blog and the world’s top marketing podcast.

To book Jay Baer or for more information, please contact Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

The Three Drawbridges
How to Cross Your Customer's Moat of Attention

To win with content in today’s world, you must fundamentally realign your thinking and your expectations. Instead of assuming your content will succeed and trying to avoid mistakes that would cause failure, you now must assume your content will fail, and make CERTAIN you pass the three tests required for content lift-off.

These tests are called the "Three Drawbridges of Content Success" – and your customers constantly have their hands on the levers, deciding when and whether to lower the bridges and let you into their hearts, minds, and wallets.

This fast-paced and funny presentation from Hall of Fame keynote speaker and bestselling author Jay Baer will entertain you, inspire you, and scare you. Before this session ends, you'll be scheduling a team meeting to rework your content marketing strategic plan!

Key points in this program include:
• How technology and the global pandemic have shifted customer attitudes and expectations towards content
• Why B2B and B2C customers are wary of your content -- and why
• Why the key to content success can't be found inside a tech platform
• The Three Drawbridges for content success that you must convince your audiences to lower
• The optimal sequence to approach The Three Drawbridges
• Scenarios where you may be able to win with only two bridges lowered
• Specific case studies and examples of organizations that succeed (and fail) with content marketing based on The Three Drawbridges framework.

How to Re-Educate Your Customers and Boost Your Business

Information creates understanding. Understanding reduces perceived risk. And risk reduction spurs purchase. That’s been true for thousands of years. But now, the information our customers used to have about us has vanished, due to the pandemic disruption.

Are you open? Do you sell the same things? How have your procedures changed? Is the price still the same? How does customer service work now?

None of this information is universally known by your customers and prospects any longer. In this next normal, we can assume nothing regarding what customers know about businesses.

Effective immediately, companies need to REWIRE their customer relationships.

In this session, you’ll hear from Jay Baer, a New York Times best-selling author of six books, Hall of Fame keynote speaker, and Founder of the marketing and customer experience consultancy Convince & Convert.

You will learn the new steps you must follow to:

· Rebuild customer knowledge (including ratings and reviews)
· Retrain your team
· Repackage your products and services
· Reconnect your nurture sequences
· Regain your competitive advantage
· Reintroduce your brand to your customers

Filled with relevant, customized examples and case studies, you will walk away engaged, inspired, and REWIRED for more business today.

4 Ways to Win
How Small Businesses Can Outflank the Big Guys and Thrive in 2020 and Beyond

The big guys have more money. They have more awareness. They have more technology. But small businesses can still win and grow if they stop trying to copy the big guys, and instead double-down on an intimate approach to customer experiences.

Jay Baer is a 7th-generation entrepreneur who has started five multi-million-dollar small businesses from scratch. In this timely and vital presentation, he demonstrates the four ways small businesses can clearly differentiate from large competitors, and how those distinctions can be used to attract more customers than ever.

Including a minimum of nine relevant (and often hilarious) examples, Jay will change the way you think about customer experience, customer service, personalization, and marketing. You will learn why and how consumers choose between large and small alternatives, and how you can turn the tables on the corporate colossuses by embracing your points of difference.

Talk Triggers
Turn Your Customers into Volunteer Marketers

The best way to grow ANY business is for your customers to grow it for you. But that only occurs if you deliver a customer experience that creates conversations. Word of mouth influences 50% of all purchases, but we too often take this for granted. We just assume that our customers will talk about us. But they won’t, unless you give them a story to tell.

In this hilarious and interactive presentation filled with examples and research, Jay Baer teaches audiences how to create a unique story for their business; a tale that will turn their customers into their most effective sales and marketing advantage.

This powerful keynote creates real change among attendees. It alters the way they think about the intersection of customer experience, marketing, sales, and operations, yielding big growth and enhanced cooperation.

Coveted Customer Experience
How to Grow Your Business by Focusing on 3 Things Your Customers Truly Care About

You’ve heard it before. Over and over, in fact. “Improve your customer service.” “Optimize the customer experience.” But what does that even mean?

Today, when your intersection points with your customers may number in the dozens (or even hundreds) tackling customer service or customer experience holistically is impossible.

You can’t magically get better at every customer touch point. But you CAN get better at the touch points that matter.

Coveted Customer Experience is a fast-paced, dynamic, inspirational, and hilarious presentation that shows you how to gain and keep more customers by improving on the three things that really matter to your customers.

Hug Your Haters
How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers

Haters aren’t your problem ... ignoring them is.

If it feels like there are more complaints than ever, and that you’re spending more time and money dealing with negativity and backlash, you’re right. But the rise of customer complaints is actually an enormous opportunity.

In this eye-opening presentation, Jay reveals proprietary research into The Science of Complaints– why and where your customers complain, and how to turn customer service into a marketing advantage.

80% of companies say they deliver exceptional customer service. 8% of their customers agree. Jay teaches the critical steps necessary to retain and delight customers in this disrupted era when customer service has become a spectator sport.

Marketing So Useful Customers Would Pay For It

Your customers’ expectations are going up and up and up.

That’s scary, yes. But it is also the single greatest business opportunity since electricity. Look past the “old ways” of marketing. Look past the old ways of customer service, and what you find is a once in a lifetime opportunity to massively propel your business forward in ways that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

The key to breaking through customer cynicism and competitor messaging clutter isn’t shouting louder, it’s becoming truly, massively relevant.

Is your marketing so useful that people would pay for it? That’s what it takes to become a Youtility....and you can get there.

Relevancy is the coin of the realm, and you’ll find out how to out-relevance your competition in dynamic, hilarious, thought-provoking presentation.

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