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Dr. Amer Kaissi, keynote speaker
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Dr. Amer Kaissi

    • Award-winning Professor of Leadership 
    • Executive Coach & Book Author 
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Dr. Amer Kaissi on Internal Self-Awareness at Meditech Live 2023

Dr. Amer Kaissi on Internal Self-Awareness at Meditech Live 2023

Dr. Amer Kaissi Speaking

Dr. Amer Kaissi Speaking

Amer Kaissi Speaker Biography

Amer Kaissi is an-award winning Professor of Healthcare Administration at Trinity University in Texas. He teaches Leadership and Public Speaking. He is also an executive coach and author. His first book “Intangibles: The Unexpected Traits of High-Performing Healthcare Leaders” won the 2019 Healthcare book of the year award. His most recent book is “Humbitious: the power of low-ego, high-drive leadership”, which was listed on the 2022 Book Award by the Association of University Programs in Healthcare Administration. He has been featured on the Harvard Business Review podcast and numerous other podcasts and media outlets. He has spoken on leadership topics at more than 200 organizations and professional conferences. He lives in San Antonio with his wife and two teenagers.

Leading in Difficult Times:
How to Improve Engagement & Spark Innovation through Humility & Ambition
In the post-Covid world of emotional exhaustion, staffing shortages and financial challenges, improving employee engagement and sparking their innovation and creativity is an uphill battle for most leaders. In this session, Amer shows that leaders who have the confidence to make hard decisions in uncertain environments and the humility to admit mistakes, can better connect with their team members, while empowering them to integrate novel ideas into how they solve problems. Building on the latest research evidence and his experience as a coach with high-level executives, he makes a convincing argument that humbitious and open-minded leadership is the best way to lead in difficult times. He provides specific take-home behaviors for leaders to implement immediately and transform the way they lead.

The Power of Low-Ego & High-Drive Leadership
In leadership, humility is not a weakness it is actually a strength, and it can be a superpower when combined with ambition. Building on his experience as an executive coach, research from organizational and sport teams, and stories of successful (and not-so-successful) leaders in business & government, Amer shows why self-aware, appreciative, open-minded and ambitious leaders can lead their teams and organizations to high performance, and why self-centered ones can only have short-term success. He provides specific take-home behaviors for leaders to implement immediately and transform the way they lead.

Resilience in Leadership:
Key Behaviors for Self-Care and Caring for Others
The recent COVID pandemic has magnified the chronic stressors that leaders deal with, which inevitably result in burnout and chronic fatigue. Amer argues that leaders have the ability to influence and impact their team’s and organization’s resilience. But in order to do that,they have to build and maintain their own self-resilience first. Drawing on the latest research and compelling case studies, he shares a practical model of resilience focusing on the importance of realistic optimism; compassion; and gratitude on the one hand, and self-care behaviors such as short reflections; strategic breaks and realistic boundaries on the other.

How Leaders Can Build a Culture of Kindness & Accountability
Many people mistakenly believe that kindness doesn’t have a place at work, and they think that kind leaders & employees are weak, non-confrontational and non-accountable. Amer argues, based on research evidence and case studies, that when compassion and kindness are combined with strength and accountability, leaders can maximize their performance individually, for their teams and for their organizations. Supported by real-life examples, Amer shares specific take-home behaviors on applying kindness and accountability in everyday leadership situations.

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