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Anders Indset, keynote speaker

Anders Indset

    • Business Philosopher 
    • Serial-entrepreneur and Management-thinker
    • Expert 21st Century Leadership Skills
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Anders Indset on stage | Leadership, Change & Exponential Technologies

Anders Indset on stage | Leadership, Change & Exponential Technologies

The Q Economy meets Art - Anders Indset

The Q Economy meets Art - Anders Indset

Anders Indset Speaker Biography

Anders Indset is one of the world's leading business philosophers and a trusted sparring partner to international CEOs and political leaders. Dubbed "Rock'n'Roll Plato" by European media, he is currently one of the most sought-after intellectuals with his approach to practical philosophy.

Thinkers50, the premier ranking of global business thinkers, regarded as the “Oscars of Management Thinking" by many, has recognised Anders on the Radar as one of 30 Global Thinkers "most likely to shape the future of how organizations are managed and led”. For the 2019 Thinkers50 Gala his work on the “Quantum Economy” was a finalist for the Breakthrough Idea Award.

The native Norwegian, based out of Frankfurt, is a guest lecturer at leading international business schools, a founding partner of the Global Institute of Leadership and Technology, and an advisory board member of the Swiss-based deep tech pioneer Terra Quantum. He is known for his unconventional way of thinking, his provocative theses, and his rock star attitude.

His latest book “The Q Economy - What comes after Digital?” entered the Spiegel-Bestseller list and was #1 in Manager Magazine and Handelsblatt for the most sold business books in the German-speaking region. Q Economy has already been translated and sold to 11 countries around the world. His international bestseller "WILD KNOWLEDGE - Outthink the Revolution" was released in Europe in 2017 and has been translated into further languages in 2018 and was also a Spiegel-Bestseller in 2019.

His forthcoming book The Infected Mind is scheduled for early 2021. Additionally, Philosophy@Work, a collection of philosophical concepts on how to cope with today’s technological fast-paced, and complex society will be published Q3/2021.

With his book and the initiation of the Quantum Economy, Anders aims to upgrade the capitalistic model and unleash the potential of quantum theory. The Quantum Economy is a plea for more economy, more (rapid) technological development, and more (human) growth, and thus provide a vibrant vision of humane (positive) capitalism.

Anders believes a key to positive progress and better problems is to change the educational model by applying practical philosophy and to teach:
● analytical thinking and problem solving – It’s not about what you think but how
● how to develop a conscious voice – Not only what we say but how to present, inspire, and articulate found in classical Rhetorik (Ethos, Pathos, Logos).
● self-trust and work ethic – Not only what to do but how to take ownership of outcomes and responsibility for decisions
● an understanding of the potential of collaboration and co-creation – developing an understanding of flow and a trusted environment where friction can lead to progress.


Potential Titles of Speeches / Speeches Given:
- Leaders of Change
- The Art of Being Wrong – How to free yourself from your own certitudes
- Goethes Leadership Faust – The foundation of leading yourself and others
Links to related articles / publication:
- Goethes Leadership Faust
- Prosperity for Posterity


Potential Titles of Speeches / Speeches Given:
- The Quantum Economy – Beyond Digital
- AI on AI - What Chat GPT and Artificial Intelligence can not (yet) do
- The Second Quantum Revolution – From theory to practice
- How Near is Singularity Really?
Links to related articles / publication:
- The God Experiment - Are We living in a (Quantum) Simulation
- The Final Narcissistic Injury


Potential Titles of Speeches / Speeches Given:
- The Quantum Economy – Saving the Mensch with Humane Capitalism
- Coming Capitalism – How to upgrade our operating system
- Prosperity for Posterity – The Art of Doing Business in the 21st Century

Links to related articles / publication:
- Changing the Climate of Climate Change
- Prosperity for Posterity


Potential Titles of Speeches / Speeches Given:
- Philosophy@Work – Practical Philosophy for Leaders
- Philosophy Thyself! – Learn how to Learn, Teach how to Teach
- The Quantum Economy – Saving the Mensch with Humane Capitalism
- The infected mind – From a knowledge society to a society of understanding
- Coming Capitalism – Shaping the Quantum Economy
- Prosperity for Posterity – The Art of Doing Business in the 21st Century
Links to related articles / publication:
- In Search of a Holistic Philosophy
- Life is a senseless or a beautiful journey to nowhere


Although Anders’ foundation is rooted in philosophy and practical implication of
initiated projects he has spoken at many conferences where he has been recognized as a leading futurist.

Links to related articles / publication:
- The Final Narcissistic Injury
- Homo Obsoletus

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