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Anese Cavanaugh keynote speaker

Anese Cavanaugh

    • Creator of the IEP Method® and Positive Energy Workplace™ Initiative
    • CEO + Strategic Advisor to business leaders and organizations on strengthening culture, leadership, presence, trust, and organizational health to amplify impact and accelerate results
    • Muser, impact-maker, stoic optimist, and lover of the human spirit
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INBOUND 2016: Anese Cavanaugh - "Showing Up for Leadership: Your Presence is Your Impact"

INBOUND 2016: Anese Cavanaugh - "Showing Up for Leadership: Your Presence is Your Impact"

IEP Method Live! Event - Anese Cavanaugh

IEP Method Live! Event - Anese Cavanaugh

Anese Cavanaugh Speaker Biography

Anese Cavanaugh is devoted to helping people show up and bring their best selves to the table in order to create significant impact in their lives and (authentic) positive energy workplaces and leadership. She is the CEO of Active Choices, Inc., creator of the IEP Method® (Intentional Energetic Presence®) and the Positive Energy Workplace™ Initiative, a strategist and advisor to leaders and organizations around the world, a keynote speaker, and author of CONTAGIOUS CULTURE: Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization That Thrives (McGraw-Hill, 2015), CONTAGIOUS YOU: Unlock Your Power to Influence, Lead, and Create the Impact You Want (McGraw-Hill, 2020), and THE LEADER YOU WILL BE: An Invitation (a leadership storybook).

As a leading voice on intention, energy, and presence in leadership and culture, she helps people unlock greater leadership potential, collaborate more inspiringly, create more openly, intuit more bravely, and lead more joyfully and effectively. She holds a degree in Kinesiology as well as multiple credentials in coaching, training, facilitation, and relationship systems that support her in bringing a breadth of knowledge to clients in order to meet them where they’re at and best pair the team with the optimally fit engagements. Top innovators and executives in companies like IDEO, Zingerman’s, Cooper, GM Financial, Vistaprint, 15Five, Fitbit, Vivayic, Kaiser Permanente, BNY Mellon, and others have engaged with Active Choices to strengthen team health, maximize leadership impact, and optimize company culture. In addition to appearing in publications like Harvard Business Review, The Huffington Post, CEO.com, Forbes, the NY Times, and others, Anese has a column, “Showing Up” on Inc.com, writes regularly for subscribers of ActiveChoices.com, and speaks on stages (in person and virtually) around the world.

Keynotes + Impact Accelerators
Designed with intention to support your cultural and leadership needs today and to help you create more usefully contagious leadership and an authentic Positive Energy Workplace™, each talk is customized to fit your unique needs and desires and can be delivered as an experiential keynote (50-90 minutes), an experiential interactive talk (60-120 minutes), or a 3-hour immersion training or executive session.

Each talk has books, tools, frameworks, and resources participants can walk away with to support their learning and keep the work alive long after the engagement (many of these extras are included in the speaking fee). Below are our general overviews of each session. More information on several of these sessions, as well as videos and clients shares, can be found here.


CONTAGIOUS YOU KEYNOTE: Showing Up for Leadership, Your Presence IS Your Impact
Your success and influence as a leader depend upon your ability to relate to others, to create impact with your clients, your team, and in the marketplace, and in being an inspiring authentic human to be with. It’s the quality of your presence that ultimately determines your ability to succeed—your presence is your impact, and for good or bad, you are contagious.

In this talk, Anese shares the power of using intention, service, and self-care as leadership skills, how to use the IEP Method® and your Intentional Energetic Presence® (IEP) to create impact, and provides frameworks for up-leveling your leadership presence and (positive) contagiousness. In a world of change and ambiguity, where we have all been impacted by the pandemic, how we show up is more important than ever now.

In this session, participants will:

Learn the IEP Method and apply it immediately in their life and leadership
Understand the power of Intentions, Energy, and Presence and how they are operating in everything we do (either optimizing or injuring our leadership)
Understand that our presence IS our impact (virtual or IRL) and how it affects trust, credibility, well-being, and results in every moment
Learn how to reboot their energy and presence in the moment to serve any room or situation
Learn how to build a strong energetic presence and foundation every day to support their impact, well-being, and relationships
Learn the 5 Steps to Intentional Impact and how to use them in projects, conversations, sales, health care, team and relationship dynamics, and even that conversation with their in-laws or child
Have an immediate experience of the content, walking away with downloadable tools and resources to support their ongoing integration.
This session focuses on the individual as a leader and building accountability, self-care, and personal congruency in order to show up and create an authentically Positive Energy Workplace™. This session can be renamed to honor your event and intention for impact.


CONTAGIOUS CULTURE KEYNOTE: Creating a Positively Contagious Culture from the Inside Out
Our world has changed. How we create culture now needs more intention, care, and presence than ever before. With remote work, new workplace challenges, greater distractions, stress, ambiguity, and more opportunities and responsibilities than ever before, this moment in time demands leadership and a workplace culture that is intentional, collaborative, productive, inclusive, healthy, safe, and (positively) contagious.

In this talk, Anese discusses creating a positively contagious culture (starting with ourselves first), shares the collaborative impact of IEP, and offers powerful transformative tools and frameworks for improving collaborations, opening communications, implementing changes, pre-navigating challenges, building trust, and setting your culture up for success.

In this session, participants will:

Understand the meaning of “contagiousness” from a cultural and relational perspective today, how it relates to burnout and resiliency, and how our Intentions, Energy, and Presence are creating impact and trust (or a lack of trust) and vitality (or a lack of vitality) in everything we do (either optimizing or injuring our leadership and culture)
Understand their role in creating a culture and that a “contagious culture” is simply a bunch of contagious humans working together
Understand that in culture creation our presence IS our impact (virtual or IRL) affecting the collaborative energetic field of the organization and is either helping us do better together, or worse, at all times.
Learn the IEP Leadership Trifecta and the Super 7 of Cultural Health PLUS the 3 elements we must tend to know even more intentionally with the pandemic being a new part of our shared lives
Learn the IEP Method® and the 5 Steps to Intentional Impact and apply it all to create the culture they want to create.
This session focuses more on your organization and team (as well as each individual as leader) in how you all build an authentically Positive Energy Workplace™ together. This session can be renamed to honor your event and intention for impact.

THE LEADER YOU WILL BE: An Invitation in Becoming
This special talk can be a 10-minute performance on your stage or a full keynote on “Becoming” as leaders in your organization. Crafted from the leadership storybook written and published by Anese, and performed on stages since 2018, this poem has the core message, content as applies to your organization or industry (which may include “7 Essential Promises To Self” and/or her “Becoming” talk content), and a custom finish of a new poem written for your event to close it out. Book: Leader You Will Be.

Showing Up is at the heart of effective leadership—and a powerful life—but what does it mean to truly Show Up, and how do you build this skill into a core competency for yourself and your team? How do you become The Leader You Will Be when life is full and complex?

In this talk, Anese defines leadership in a way that shifts our understanding of who we are and what we may truly be capable of, she gives us 7 essential promises to self that will change our games, and shows us that our best leadership is likely closer than we think. Our greatest influence and credibility as a leader are often just an invitation (and promise) away. Book: Leader You Will Be.

Does life happen to you or for you? Do you struggle with change, or do you embrace it, knowing it’s your path to success? Are your clients & partners for you or against you? Do people follow you because they want to or have to? When life and leadership get rough, do you retort, react, and resist, OR do you respond, regroup, and reboot?

Every experience is an opportunity to up-level your leadership and impact—the choice is yours. How you choose establishes the results you have—and the leader you are. In this keynote Anese shares how a Sheep Invasion (120 sheep!!) was one of the most powerful things that ever happened for her life, her kids, and her organization, and the 5 things you must know, do, and be when “Sheep Happens.” Book: Any of her books.

Impact Accelerator: A Session to “Set the Tone”
If you have a high-stakes meeting with your executive or leadership team where you need people present, showing up well, responsible for the energy they bring to the table, and clear about the expectations and agreements that will create the most safety, cleanest discussions and decision making, and most authentic connection and impact, you’ll want to launch your session with this special offering. Virtual or in-person, 90-minutes to 6 hours, for your team, event, or conference. Custom designed for the client, can have components of keynotes integrated in as best serves event and intended outcomes.

Executive Impact Accelerator: A Session to “Set the Tone”
If you have a high-stakes meeting with your executive or leadership team where you need people present, showing up well, responsible (and response-able) for the energy they bring to the table, and clear about the expectations and agreements that will create the most safety, cleanest discussions and decision making, and most authentic connection and impact, you’ll want to launch your meeting with this special session. This session can be led as a kick-off or integrated with keynote content to support your event and audience.

Virtual or in-person these sessions are designed to:

• Get your team truly present and aware of how you’re all showing up
• Get everyone intentional about the impact they want to have and the experience they want to create
• Get you all intentional about the outcomes you’re looking to achieve in your meeting (and how you’ll navigate “the muck” proactively)
• Create clear and clean agreements for how you’ll work together and show up throughout the day/meeting
• Provide a powerful framework that your team can access again and again to ensure clearer communication and impact moving forward

These sessions run from 90 minutes to 6 hours, pair well with CONTAGIOUS CULTURE as a gift/takeaway, and can be done with your leadership team for a general meeting or offsite, as a kick-off to a conference or high-stakes company event that you want to have optimal impact in.

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