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Bart Berkey

Bart Berkey

    Recognized as "The Top Extraordinary Minds in Sales & Marketing"

    Former Ritz-Carlton Global Executive

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“Do” What “Most People Don’t” | Bart Berkey | TEDxCUNYSalon

“Do” What “Most People Don’t” | Bart Berkey | TEDxCUNYSalon

Bart Berkey short Speaker's Reel

Bart Berkey short Speaker's Reel

Bart Berkey Speaker Biography

Formerly a Ritz-Carlton Global Executive, Bart now shares his observations and experiences on human excellence and differentiation from the past 32 years in order to help improve and enhance behaviors for individuals and for organizations.

As a motivational storyteller, he shares real life stories through "Messages That Matter" that provide applicable takeaways and actionable ideas. Recognized as "The Top Extraordinary Minds in Sales & Marketing", he also is a best-selling author whose book resides in the top 1% of sales on Amazon.

Bart grew up in Pittsburgh, graduated from Penn State University, and has spent the past 30 years helping to provide inspiration and leadership for others. He is the Founder and CEO of Most People Don't, LLC, a Motivational Storytelling and Sales Training Company dedicated to encouraging individuals to "do" when "Most People Don't".

Bart has held numerous global executive roles in the hospitality industry, including Hyatt Hotels and StarCite, in addition to leading the sales efforts for several Convention and Visitor Bureaus.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company has also benefited from his talents as he served in several executive roles including their inaugural Sales & Marketing recruiter, selecting "the best of the best", to then leading their Eastern Region's Global Sales Team representing all 100 luxury Ritz-Carlton hotels. He recently concluded an expanded role leading another team to sell 450 luxury properties across the globe (including Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, W Hotels, and EDITION).

Bart was recognized as one of the "Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds in Sales & Marketing" and continues to energize and inspire tens of thousands through his leadership, writing, and speaking engagements (virtual and in person).

Bart is not, however, "a talking head." He has not climbed Everest, nor gone to space. He is not an Olympic athlete, nor will his stories require you to have done extraordinary things in order to be able to relate. You will be able to accomplish extraordinary things as a result from applying his message!

A Growth Mindset
A growth mindset promotes a culture of continuous improvement, adaptability, and innovation, which in turn helps with employee retention, talent attraction, customer experience, and partner relationships. Often we are so BUSY in the NOW, that we can’t think about tomorrow.

This discussion walks attendees through methods of “DOING NEXT”, moving FORWARD, and how to capitalize upon the major benefits of having a growth mindset.

Doing Right By and For Others
What does "Doing Decency" truly mean in the workplace? It goes beyond surface-level politeness; it embodies a profound dedication to honesty, fairness, and respect in all interactions. It creates a culture of kindness, compassion, and ethical behavior that extends to employees, customers, partners, and society as a whole. Learn how we all can embrace "doing right by and for others" in and outside of the office.

Unlock the incredible rewards of taking action, even when distractions and obstacles may attempt to deter us. Join this engaging conversation as we delve into the genesis of this trademarked approach and its transformative application, resulting in profound gains in both personal fulfillment and professional excellence. Discover the secrets to achieving extraordinary outcomes by embracing the mantra of "doing" what "Most People Don't.

Sharing and Caring Leadership
Discover the art of self-awareness and harness the power of aligning your individual strengths with the goals and aspirations of your team. Whether you're a "Buffalo" charging forward or a "Goose" flying in formation, this presentation will inspire you to embody the best of both worlds - the strength and unity of a buffalo and the collaborative spirit of a goose.

Observing, Anticipating, and Over-Delivering
In a world increasingly driven by transactions and fleeting interactions, the concept of "Heart and Sold" emerges as a powerful profound and meaningful relationship to establishing connections with others.

This approach encourages individuals to move beyond transactional exchanges and delve into relationship-driven interactions that foster emotional connections with both the seller and the product or service being offered.
Service Above Expectation
If at a restaurant, you're met with a mere correction, "So, you want a hamburger," it might not reflect a service-oriented approach.

Customer expectations have been reshaped. By observing, anticipating, and over-delivering with each interaction, you service excellence will stand out. Join us as we explore this art even when it means crafting a cheeseburger without cheese.


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