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Chris Ruden,  Speaker
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Chris Ruden

    • Elite Amputee Powerlifter, Social Media influencer, and Disability Advocate who was featured  on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s hit TV Show ‘Titan Games”
    • Author of "The Upper Hand: Leveraging Limitations to Turn Adversity into Advantage"
    • Inspires people to see their world without limits while increasing awareness of different cultural lenses to create true inclusion
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Chris Ruden | 2022 Demo Reel

Chris Ruden | 2022 Demo Reel

About Chris Ruden

About Chris Ruden

Chris Ruden - Promo

Chris Ruden - Promo

Life I Live

Life I Live

Chris Ruden Speaker Biography

Chris Ruden empowers audiences to see their world without limits. From overcoming his disability and chronic illness, to teaching the TRUE essence of diversity and inclusion, to leading the new narrative on change management, Chris’’ comedic yet heartfelt message inspires attendees to reframe how they look at their own obstacles and how to use them as powerful tools in their lives, both personally and professionally. Having appeared alongside Duane ‘The Rock’ Johnson as a competitor on the hit TV show ‘Titan Games’ he’s resolved to helping organizations like Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Zappos and many more, including us today, to understand that we have the power to create a world without limits. 

Chris Ruden has spoken at 100’s of events including Facebook, Leidos, Zappos, Hanger Clinic, Runway of Dreams, Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Sensionics, Prevention Bio, Livongo, Baptist Hospital, Memorial Hospital, American Pyrotechnic Association (APA), Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

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Change is Strength: Letting Go of Yesterday’s Logic to Build a Better Tomorrow
Full Description of Presentation:

Everyone has heard the phrase “only the strong survive” but in explaining why, the phrase reads “only the strong survive due to willingness to change”. Change is inevitable as is the resistance to change. In this talk Chris uses his expertise in introspective change to help teams and audiences alike train for change. Looking backwards for solutions to problems we have yet to encounter prevents growth in an ever changing world. Problem solving requires forward thinking, creative change management strategies, and a collective perspective shift toward letting go of yesterday’s logic to build a better tomorrow.

Presentation Objective

This presentation aims to provide attendees with effective strategies to manage change and overcome adversity with a framework of:

Optimizing an effective individual and team perspective around change
Invoking and Embracing creative problem solving ideas
Implementing robust frameworks around managing change
Evaluating mindset as a tool for organizational success
Learning Objectives

Recognizing and validating that change is strength.
How to qualify our environment and respond effectively to maximize our performance
How to overcome change aversion and build a new narrative for success
Develop change-proof problem solving strategies to leverage change for growth opportunities
Target Audience:

Change Management | Peak Performance | Team Synergy & Collaboration | Effective Communication Leadership

Embracing differences to create inclusive workplace culture Creating inclusive workplace culture: Why Bother?
Full Description of Presentation:

Born with a disability and later diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Chris uses his story of hiding his disability for almost 20 years to help associations, corporations, and audiences alike embrace the I.D.E.A.-- Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility. This interactive keynote gives a uniquely effective view on diversity and inclusion and exactly how to recognize and implement the idea that different minds foster innovation, inclusion, and forward thinking, and are powerful contributors and collaborators on teams. After experiencing this event, audience members will be equipped with an improved cultural lens that inspires creativity and problem solving while uniting differences to optimize forward thinking. Through Chris’ lifelong relationship with his disability & disease, his expertise in the world of leveraging differences to make significant impact will leave the audience with a transformative experience and a renewed sense of community.

Presentation Objective

This presentation aims to promote the important benefits of Diversity & Inclusion, as part of any organizations success strategy with a framework of:

Inclusive leadership strategies to strengthen internal culture for external results
Positively impact people with differences in a way that enables them to be seen and included, and for the team around them to...
Creativity & problem solving around our different cultural lenses
Inform, inspire, and impact audience members to reflect & connect more thoughtfully with each other in an effort to _____
Learning Objectives

Leveraging diverse perspectives and input to foster innovation, inclusion, and forward thinking
Recognizing and validating that differences are not only ok, but are encouraged and need to be understood & supported to grow.
How to improve company-wide cultural competency to optimize company culture & performance
How to empower your team through inclusive integration to cultivate equitable workplaces
Target Audience:

Diversity & Inclusion | Peak Performance | Team Synergy & Collaboration | Effective Communication Leadership | Innovation


Gaining the Upper Hand: Leveraging Limitations to Turn Adversity Into Advantage
Full Description of Presentation:

This presentation is about a world without limits, even a world that you can’t control. The concept of struggle is universal, and through effective strategies and tactics, we learn to see limitations as self imposed obstacles, as opposed to dead ends and roadblocks. In this presentation, Chris helps organizations to reframe how they view limitations, focusing on what you can control, and redirecting effective behaviours that can powerfully steer a team and organizations success. Chris provides a framework to help leaders and their teams reframe their situations and their responses to them, in order to avoid the pitfalls that so many teams experience. Chris uses his story as a vessel to the presentation's objectives: to empower teams to break free of their limits personally and professionally and become more effective communicators, contributors and collaborators.

Presentation Objective

This presentation aims to provide attendees with effective strategies to manage change and overcome adversity with a framework of:

Optimizing an effective communication strategy
Optimizing performance at the individual and team level
Implementing robust frameworks around team synergy and collaboration
Evaluating mindset as a tool for organizational success
Learning Objectives

Recognizing and validating that limitations exist and how to use them powerfully in your success strategies
How to qualify our environment and respond effectively to maximize our performance
How to uncover the root of organizational challenges and solve them with a solution centric approach
How to optimize and improve our ability to respond to unexpected circumstances
When to embrace adversity as a catalyst for change
Connecting the importance of practicing proactive behavior in your business operations to success, and how to redefine adversity as a positive tool that can strengthen teams and organizations powerfully
Target Audience:

Change Management | Peak Performance | Team Synergy & Collaboration | Effective Communication Leadership


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January 24, 2022

Chris was extremely well spoken and resonated with each person in the audience. We would definitely book him again!

Spaudling Decon

April 22, 2021

We had the pleasure of hosting Chris for an internal, virtual leadership meeting (~100 attendees) and would highly recommend him! He is an inspiring individual who brings energy, humility and humor to his personal story. We really appreciated his presentation, and for tying his unique life experiences into the work we do as a healthcare company. Thank you, Chris!

Evolent Health, LLC


A wonderful bureau to work with! Big ups to everyone who helped make our event a success. Fingers crossed we get the chance to collaborate fo..

MDRT | Testimonial

"As always, you are the best most responsive speaker bureau I've ever worked with!"

Image Media

Angela Schelp was a great partner in finding the right kick-off speaker for our conference. This was my first conference identifying the keyn..


I just wanted to thank Matt Meyer and Sheryl Moon for their meticulous assistance with identifying, securing and preparing our chosen guest s..

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"As always, Executive Speakers Bureau helped us execute another flawless event. It is always so reassuring to know that you have a team behin..

Texas Hospital Association

"What stands out about the times I have worked with Executive Speakers Bureau is their lightning-fast response time. ESB’s account exec..

Keynote Speaker

"I've worked with Richard and ESB for many years and he's always able to deliver for us. He works hard to meet your speaker goals within the ..

Chem Dry

"Angela is the best!!! I can always count on her honest feedback about speakers. She helps me look like a hero to my company!"

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