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Curt Steinhorst, Communication speaker

Curt Steinhorst

    • Speaker at the Center for Generational Kinetics & Expert On Strategic Communications In The Age Of Distraction
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The Age of Distraction

The Age of Distraction

Curt Steinhorst Speaker Biography

Curt Steinhorst is on a mission to help today’s workforce win the battle against digital distractions. Having spent years studying the impact of tech on human behavior, he now equips professionals across the world to work smarter and stronger in this constantly-connected age.   As a leading voice on strategic communications in the age of distraction and a certified speaker at the Center for Generational Kinetics, Curt speaks on average more than 90 times a year.

He has spoken to prestigious audiences across the globe that include Nationwide, McDonalds, Wells Fargo, Wyndham Hotels, J.P. Morgan, Marriott, General Motors, Raytheon, United States Naval Academy, Aspen Ski Company, Million Dollar Roundtable, and Young Presidents’ Organization.

As the founder and CEO of Focuswise, Curt Steinhorst has worked with top companies like Deloitte, JPMorgan Chase, Nike, AT&T, and many more. He’s also a regular Forbes contributor and author of the bestselling book, Can I Have Your Attention?

Additionally, as the Head of People & Culture at Venus Aerospace, he’s actively building a future-facing workplace based on his time-tested techniques of focus, accountability, and productivity.

As a business owner, entrepreneur, and founder of FocusWise, Curt sees how lack of focus impacts today’s workplace and its leaders.  Curt’s fascination with distraction is not simply professional.  Diagnosed with ADD as a child, he’s worked tirelessly to overcome the unique distractions that today’s technology creates.   As a father, Curt understands how profoundly digital connectivity is transforming people of every age.

Discovering a rare gift for capturing the attention of large audiences at an early age, Curt was elected President of his 10,000 member class at Texas A&M University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.  His personal experiences serving as a speaking coach and speech writer for top performers, from executives, TV personalities, and TED Talk presenters, to NFL hall of famers, Olympic gold medalists, and the Heisman Trophy winner, make him a powerful and entertaining communicator. 

Selling in Today’s Noisy World
How to Capture and Keep Attention in the Age of Distraction (for sales professionals)

Today's buyer is harder to reach than ever, and even harder to keep. The rules have changed. To effectively reach them, sales professionals must radically alter their strategies to cut through increasing noise, distractions, and uncertainty. The volume of messages coming at all of us requires intentionality in the communication format, channel, length, and timing. It has never been more important to communicate clearly, concisely, and persuasively.

In "Selling in Today’s Noisy World," attention expert Curt Steinhorst will prepare you to excel in today’s complex and challenging communication environment — helping you authentically connect with today’s increasingly diverse, multi-generational, constantly connected, easily distracted audience. He introduces you to the critical lens of focus and attention, which Microsoft CEO Satya Natella calls today's scarcest resources.

A must-hear program for these times, Curt shares insights garnered from years of coaching sales teams, founders, CEOs of multibillion-dollar brands, NFL hall of famers, NBA Owners, Olympic gold medalists, TV personalities, TED Talk presenters, and Shark Tank contestants on how to capture and keep the attention of their internal and external audiences.

Key outcomes:

✔ Adapt to the varying and conflicting preferences based on generation, background, and personality.

✔ Communicate effectively in ways that capture attention, sustain engagement, and increase clarity.

✔ Discover counterintuitive communication methods that surprise, delight, and stick

✔ Avoid well-intentioned communication mistakes that decrease engagement

✔ Leverage your customer's distracted state to communicate more effectively with them


Signal in the Noise: Communicating to drive trust, alignment, accountability, and results
Leaders need to communicate their strategic vision effectively in today’s noisy and uncertain environment — or face missed milestones, chaos, conflict, and lack of accountability. Unfortunately, employees often don't understand or connect their work to the strategy.

72% report a lack of understanding

Only one-third feel like their leaders communicate effectively

More than 70% of employees don't read company emails or content

This is compounded by the staggering amount of change and information employees face daily, leading to an insurmountable volume of messages, tasks, and meetings. It is more important than ever for leaders to communicate clearly and compellingly what matters most.

Key Outcomes:

✔ Communicate clearly and authentically with employees from all generations, locations, and backgrounds

✔ Discover what it takes to build true clarity in your organization

✔ Structure and deliver impactful messages

✔ Bridge the gap between executive strategy and employee activity to ensure adoption and execution


Since most organizations today are passively going the way of distraction, the few who wake up to the gravity of the situation and learn how to take control of their attention will see their value in the marketplace multiplied.  You set the example for how to manage your attention in the workplace. You're also in charge of figuring out how to reach your distracted customer. This speech is directed toward leaders who watch as their bottom lines and employee engagement are negatively impacted by the always-distracted workforce.

In this leader-focused speech, Curt Steinhorst answers: How can you communicate with your team to create a focused environment at work? And how can you help your organization truly stand out from the noise?  What can you do to more effectively manage the rising demands on your own attention?


Today's buyer is harder to reach than ever, and even harder to keep. Their attention drives their decision-making, and that attention is ever more divided.  To effectively reach them, marketers must radically alter their strategies. Your customer's brain been rewired.  What does that mean for your sales techniques? 

In this market-focused speech, Curt Steinhorst answers: What counterintuitive communication methods can you use to surprise and delight clients who have had everything thrown at them? What shifts in behavior and expectations must you conform to before you have any chance of reaching them?  How can you leverage your customer's distracted state to communicate more effectively with them?


With communication barriers removed, the demands on today’s employees have never been greater.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of today’s organizations are upholding values, setting expectations, and relying on processes that actually contribute to the noise, stifling the productivity they are trying to create. The results are costly: 70% of today's workforce is disengaged from their work. That's dire, but it also means there's a huge opportunity for your team if you fix the problem from the inside out.

In this team-focused speech, Curt Steinhorst answers: How do you create organizational habits for open communication and highly-focused work?  How do you create environments and processes that actually bolster your capacity for focus rather than harm it?  How do you engage with emerging technology without letting it exploit you?


For the first time in world history, four distinctly different generations are working side by side. Each of these four generations (Matures, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Gen Y) is guided by a different set of values, beliefs, and expectations. In Crossing the Generational Divide, Curt entertainingly reveals each generation’s preferences and priorities to highlight what they bring to the workforce—and how to build on their common ground. Curt then shares The Center for Generational Kinetics' frontline-tested process which participants can immediately rely on to lead a culture of cross-generation communication, innovation, engagement, teamwork, and performance. Filled with surprising statistics, step-by-step strategies, and laugh-out-loud stories, attendees leave this presentation prepared to make their multigenerational workforce a competitive advantage.


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