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Francine Ward, Personal Growth Speaker

Francine Ward

    • High School, Drug-Addicted Dropout to Sober, Sucessful Attorney
    • Motivator & Success Coach
    • Helping people overcome the biggest obstacle in the way of their success 
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Francine D Ward, Attorney-at-Law - "Walking Through the Dark Places"

Francine D Ward, Attorney-at-Law - "Walking Through the Dark Places"

Francine Ward Speaker Biography

Francine Ward – lawyer, author, coach, professional speaker – helps people overcome the biggest obstacle in the way of their success – Themselves – one Esteemable Act at a time. Francine Ward uses her own compelling personal story of being a drug addicted, alcoholic prostitute with a 1% chance of survival, to show that regardless of where you come from or what your personal challenges may be, that anything is possible if you are willing to get out of your own way. 

Motivational speaker, life coach and attorney, Francine Ward has overcome obstacles most people would consider impossible. Francine Ward’s life reads like a great American novel; the kind where the heroine overcomes incredible odds, and then turns around to help others do the same. 

At fourteen, Francine Ward was a heroin addict and a practicing alcoholic – today she’s over twenty years clean and sober. At eighteen, Francine Ward was a high school dropout who lived homeless on the streets of New York – today she’s a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center and owns her own home in California. At twenty-one, Francine Ward was a prostitute selling her body to support her drug and alcohol habits – today she’s a lawyer, a successful entrepreneur, a loving wife, and a twice-published author. At twenty-six, Francine Ward was hit by a car and told she’d never walk again – in her early forties, she ran two marathons. 

At twenty-eight, Francine Ward was selfish, self-centered and self-absorbed – today her amazing life is about being of service to others. With the help of a powerful support group, tools for living, and a sincere willingness to do the Work, Francine Ward has found her way home. A successful lawyer, author, professional speaker, and self-esteem coach, Francine Ward proves that regardless of where you start in life, you get to create a new ending to your own story. 

Francine Ward is the author of Esteemable Acts: 10 Actions for Building Real Self-Esteem, 52 Weeks of Esteemable Acts: A Guide to Right Living, and The Staying Legal Guide to Copyright & Trademark Protection. Hers is a story of resilience, endurance, and a faith that works under all conditions. Francine Ward proves that success in life is not just about having confidence, or having the right pedigree, it’s about being making right choices and being willing to overcome the inevitable obstacles that are bound to get in your way. Drawing on her many life experiences, Francine shows that the jury is still out on YOUR life. Her unbelievably candid message, practical strategies and fresh ideas will force you to examine, re-assess and reframe your life events to realize the greatness that shines within you.

To book overcoming adversity speaker Francine Ward call Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

Self-Esteem is Not What You Think it is! 

Have you ever met someone who appears self-assured and certain of who they are, and you thought to yourself, “That person has self-esteem?” Well if you answered “yes” you are not alone. We often mistake confidence for self-esteem, where in fact they are two different animals born of the same mom. Real self-esteem does not come from how we think about ourselves or what we say about ourselves, it comes from how we act–how we behave. It comes from doing Esteemable Acts. This provocative and instructive program will introduce you to a new and fresh approach to building self-esteem.

Get Off Your Butt and Get Busy! 

It’s easy to hate your life and wish it were different. It’s easy to sit and contemplate what your next move should be. But all the thinking and feeling in the world won’t get you from point A to B unless something changes. At the end of the day, what it comes down to is ACTION–doing what it takes to get the desired result. This program will motivate you into getting busy, and examine some of the reasons you don’t want to.

ACTION is the Key to Everything! 

Nowadays, everyone’s talking about The Secret and the Law of Attraction–how you can have the life of your dreams if you just THINK it so. While that makes good coffee table conversation, in truth, research shows that those who reach their goals, whether it’s writing a book, losing weight, changing careers, buying a house, stopping drinking, learning a new skill, running a marathon, or meeting the person of your dreams, were able to do so, because they took action and lots of it! This program gets you off the couch and into your life, starting with creating a plan of action.

You Can't Change What You Can't See! 

It’s hard to change something unless you know it needs changing. Depending on who we are or where we are in our lives, success can be defined in any number of ways. Yet, regardless of how it’s defined, one ingredient to creating a successful life is a willingness to see the truth of a situation–even if that means seeing the truth in us. Oftentimes what stands between us and success is US–our attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, or old ways of doing things. Having the courage to see past our little feelings, to what needs to be done, is a mark of true character and the first step toward living a successful life. Having the courage to see ourselves clearly is an essential tool for successs, not only in our personal lives, but in business. Self-examination is life transforming.

Fear Ain't Nothin' But a 4-Letter Word! 

What’s the one thing every person has in common–from celebrities to politicians, to young moms, to captains of industry, to the auto mechanic down the street? FEAR. And what’s the one thing that separates those who are living the dream, from those who feel they’ve been left behind? A willingness to walk through the fear. Join Francine for an interesting and provocative program on how to stop letting fear control your life. Filled with tools and strategies for getting past the biggest obstacle in the way of your success — YOUR FEAR!

Protecting Your Valuable Intellectual Property in the Internet Age 

Confusion about copyright law isn’t new. Yet the explosion of electronic communications in all forms—from the World Wide Web to podcasts to digital music players to personal and professional blogs—have blurred traditional intellectual property ownership guidelines and boundaries in unforeseen ways. For example, do you believe: 

  • Registration is the key to protecting your copyrights? 
  • Copyright law doesn’t apply to material found on the Internet? 
  • Boilerplate agreements found on the Internet are good enough to use? 
  • You can be sued in a foreign country for something said on your website? 
  • Copyrights last forever as long as you renew them? 
  • If you hire a ghostwriter to write your book, you own all the rights to that book? 
  • You can use quotes as long as you give the author credit? 

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, interested in learning what you need to know to protect your valuable creative works of art and authorship, and to avoid being sued for infringement, then this might be the most important session you ever attend.

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