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Janine Driver

Janine Driver

    Lyin' Tamer, Body Language Expert, New York Times Best Selling Author
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Janine Driver Today Show NBC TV

Janine Driver Today Show NBC TV

Janine Driver Speaker Biography

How Your Clients' Body Language and Word Choices Reveal More Than You Think & How it's Making You Work Harder Then You Need To! - Without You Knowing It!

Wouldn't your life be a lot easier if you could quickly spot micro-expressions, body language, and words and phrases that suggested there's something more to the  story? Don't you work hard and deserve to know how to motivate your sales team, HR department, and association colleagues to literally always put their best foot forward and ultimately increase your bottom-line? Wouldn't you get excited if you could spot those "the check is in the mail" clients before you give them your product or your time?

Whether your group needs to learn to influence others, establish rapport, grow your membership, detect deception, investigate fraud, or negotiate business deals, New York Times Best Selling Author Janine Driver is the keynote speaker you are looking for!

Janine is retired federal law enforcement officer, who today is a body language and detecting deception contributor to NBC's Today show, Anderson Cooper Live, Extra!, and the Dr. Oz Show. She's also the CEO of the Body Language Institute, which the Washington Post called "a part of a thriving industry of consultants helping people to climb their career ladder."

Janine's keynote speeches are designed to help people better understand themselves, the impact of their non-verbal and verbal communication on others, and how to read others hidden emotions and build better relationships through the use of her cutting-edge NEW Body Language communication secrets.

In each of Janine's cutting-edge and fast-paced keynote presentations, you're given a front-row seat to her always sold out classes based on her instant best-selling books, YOU CAN'T LIE TO ME and her New York Time's Best Seller YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK (translated into 16 languages). Within minutes, you'll be granted access to knowledge that most people only dream about!

To book Janine Driver call Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

You Can’t Lie to Me

As a human resources professional, how much easier would your job be if you were able to decode who is being genuine and who is keeping something from you?  Most people think detecting deception takes decades to master and is only for the CIA and FBI, but the real truth is HR leaders can begin to spot and stop liars in their tracks by learning these easy-to-master techniques!

In this one-of-a-kind 1-hour keynote or 2-hour workshop presented by retired federal law enforcement officer and trainer for companies such as Procter and Gamble, Dove Chocolate, and Coca-Cola, Janine Driver, will share with you the same insider tricks she’s taught national three-lettered agencies with top-secret security clearances.

Use subtle, effective techniques also employed in police stations, federal agencies, and espionage operations around the world to serve the needs of top management, ensure proper ethics are observed, and keep your company on the straight and narrow.

Decipher nonverbal body language clearly and accurately when working with upper management, your HR team who is evaluating and filling the labor needs of your company, and bust applicants who, on paper, appear to be able to bring new skill sets to your company that will lead to business growth.

Identify the most common temperamental and emotional responses of chronic liars and manipulators and decrease pointless second-chances with the rule breakers.

Master dozens of fascinating tricks and the insider secrets of “statement analysis” and know what your current employees and interviewees for that hard–to–fill job are really telling you about their work ethic.

The New Body Language Must-Knows

Use “The Belly Button Rule,” “The 3 Power Zones,” and “Move Your Body, Move Your Mind” success moves to increase your perceived value and decrease your client or customers stress

Sell from your buyer’s right or left brain perspective and produce more consistent sales results

Monitor arm and torso movements and break the myths about crossed arms, sitting on the right side of your client, and shoulder shrugs and close the sale faster

Master the art of decoding and using Statement Analysis during all sales pitches and transactions and begin to think like an FBI agent or CIA operative when you spot deception in someone’s words

Nine Body Language Moves to Use to Get What You Want

Spot discomfort and deviations in hidden expressions and body language movements and take immediate action to decrease concerns, and ultimately get the sale

Discover how your body language and posture during a sales pitch or job interview hurts your chances of getting what you want without you knowing it!

Use powerful embedded commands to lead your customers and clients to solution-based conclusions about your product.

Discover the secret unconscious hand-movement over 99% of sales people miss, which immediately signals your prospect is ready to take action!

Essential Skills for Medical Professionals

Decode what it means when your patient’s eyebrows are raised and straightened; or her jaw drops and lips are stretched back; or his nose wrinkles with a slight lip raise, and discover how a patient is really feeling

Spot discomfort and deviations in hidden facial expressions and take immediate action to decrease concerns, address pain, and ultimately build trust with your patients.

Practice what to do and how to respond if you spot fear, disgust, or uncertainty during a patient consultation.

Spot when your patients may have misread or misinterpreted your facial expressions and act fast to positively affect the patients’ outcomes
Use the New Body Language system to decrease complaints

Decode Micro-Expressions Accurately (And Increase Sales Immediately)

Spot discomfort and deviations in hidden facial expressions and take immediate action to decrease concerns, and ultimately get the sale.

Act fast with the Advanced Questioning Strategies and increase sales by over 30%

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