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Jeffery Garten, Media Speaker

Jeffery Garten

    • Expert in emerging markets including China, India, and Brazil
    • Former managing director of Lehman Brothers and the Blackstone Group
    • Customized speech delivers the most important and relevant economic and business insights for each audience
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Professor Jeffrey Garten: The Fate of the Dollar, 50 Years After Nixon Let It Float

Professor Jeffrey Garten: The Fate of the Dollar, 50 Years After Nixon Let It Float

Jeffery Garten Speaker Biography

At the complex intersection of global politics, economics, investment, and financial markets sits Jeffrey E. Garten. Few business experts can boast high-level experience in both government and business, as well as deep knowledge in every aspect of the global economic picture. Over the past four decades, Garten has earned just such an unparalleled reputation. His wealth of experience – from the emerging markets of China, Brazil, and India, to the dean’s office at the Yale School of Management, to a decade of teaching graduate students from all over Yale – has made him a hot commodity for organizations whose survival depends on a clear picture of the state of the global economy and the underlying implications of America’s policies. Without a full picture of the interconnectedness of politics and economics, business leaders cannot truly make informed decisions about the future of their enterprises. In each uniquely customized presentation, Garten looks at the global economic order from several points of view and paints a picture that delivers the most important and relevant insights for his audience.

From Washington, to Wall Street, to the Emerging Markets. As Garten notes with great eloquence in his book, The Big Ten: Emerging Markets and How They Will Change Our Lives, economics and foreign policy form the crossroads where businesses will thrive or perish in the new millennium. His latest work, From Silk to Silicon: The Story of Globalization Through Ten Extraordinary Lives, is the first book to look at the history of globalization through the lens of individuals who did something transformative, as opposed to describing globalization through trends, policies, or particular industries. The Politics of Fortune: A New Agenda for Business Leaders, was called “a bold book that every CEO in America should read” by the Washington Post Book World. According to Publishers Weekly, his 2001 work The Mind of the CEO “provides an excellent, pertinent summary of significant business issues by people in the know.” In addition, his commentary and analysis have appeared in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Newsweek, Harvard Business Review, Foreign Policy, and Foreign Affairs. From 1997–2005, he authored a monthly column in Businessweek which dealt with the challenges faced by global business leaders, forming the basis of his book, World View.

Educating the Leaders of Our Future Economy. The former dean of the Yale School of Management, Garten brings a wide range of top-level experience in the private and public sectors and a global perspective to the leadership of Yale’s School of Management. He also served as U.S. undersecretary of commerce for international trade in the Clinton administration, where he helped companies gain access to foreign markets, especially the emerging markets of China, India, and Brazil. Garten spent 13 years on Wall Street as a managing director of Lehman Brothers and the Blackstone Group. During this time, he specialized in debt restructuring in Latin America and worked with some of the world’s largest shipping companies in Hong Kong.

China: What Could Happen and Why and How It Could Affect the World: Three Scenarios.
Jeffrey Garten speaks authoritatively about China – past, present, and future – and shares three scenarios for China over the next several years. He starts with the uncertainties that are enveloping the Chinese economy today, describing each potential situation and explaining why it might, or might not, happen. With each scenario, he shares the implications for China and the rest of the world, especially the United States. Garten presents in plain, non-technical terms and has a unique capability of bringing different arenas in the world economy together. He is one of the few people who can analyze a situation not only as it is but how it might evolve.

Garten has an extensive background relating to China. When he was in the Clinton administration, he was deeply involved in helping China to prepare for its entrance into the World Trade Organization. When he went to Yale in the late 90s as the dean of the Yale School of Management, he spent a lot of time traveling in China and continued his involvement in discussions with Chinese leaders. During that time he became a columnist at BusinessWeek and wrote frequently about how China was changing. Subsequently, he became a full-time professor at Yale and taught a course entitled “China in Global Markets,” which included visits to China with his students to meet with the top Chinese leadership in economics and finance. Recently he has just completed a book on globalization entitled From Silk to Silicon: The Story of Globalization Through Ten Extraordinary Lives, an important portion of which deals with China and how it has evolved to the present day.

What Does It Take To Be a Global Transformational Leader?
In his new book, From Silk to Silicon: The Story of Globalization Through Ten Extraordinary Lives, Garten discusses the lives and times of 10 people who transformed the world. Each did something spectacular to make our globe smaller and more interconnected, and each accomplished something that continues to affect us today. Garten portrays people such as Genghis Khan, who united East and West in the 14th century; Prince Henry “the Navigator” who inaugurated the age of European exploration in the 15th century; Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who built the most powerful global bank the world has ever seen in the 19th century; Cyrus Field, who, also in the 19th century built the transatlantic telegraph and forever changed the nature of global communications; Andy Grove, who, by virtue of his ability to manage production of tiny microprocessors – a key ingredient in every computer – is one of the fathers of today’s internet and digital revolutions; and several others. Garten explores what these people have in common and what it takes to be someone who can literally change the world. He looks ahead and explains why we should be optimistic that even more people like the ones he wrote about will be emerging in the future.

Where Is the Global Economy Headed, And What Will It Mean to You?
Every organization is impacted by what’s happening in the global economy—the likely course of countries such as China, India, and Brazil, the challenges faced by the European Union and China, and the possibility of slow growth for years to come, just to name a few recent of the major challenges ahead. These phenomena are changing the world as we know it, creating both new opportunities and daunting challenges, leading to the need for more information, sounder judgment, and better risk assessment with experience in politics and international investment banking. Garten understands these issues from all angles and engages in a discussion of what they mean for you as a decision-maker, citizen, consumer, investor, and corporate executive.

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