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Jennifer Moss, keynote speaker

Jennifer Moss

    • Award-winning journalist, author, and international public speaker
    • Author of Unlocking Happiness at Work and The Burnout Epidemic
    • Honored as the "Canadian Business Innovator of the Year" and "International Female Entrepreneur of the Year"
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Epidemic of Smiles & Science of Gratitude

Epidemic of Smiles & Science of Gratitude

The Hero Generation

The Hero Generation



Jennifer Moss Speaker Biography

Jennifer Moss is an award-winning journalist, author and international public speaker. She is a nationally syndicated radio columnist and writes for Harvard Business Review.

Her first book, Unlocking Happiness at Work, received the distinguished UK Business Book of the Year Award. Jennifer was named a Canadian Innovator of the Year, an International Female Entrepreneur of the Year, and recipient of the Public Service Award from the Office of President Obama.

Her new book, The Burnout Epidemic, published by Harvard Business Press, is now available.

Preventing Burnout in the New Future of Work
As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, we’re pivoting to a return to work that carries a number of uncertainties and many unanswered questions. In this time of enormous change, we must prioritize workplace well-being to prevent employee burnout and increase motivation. We’re in a time, like no other in history, where organizations have been given an opportunity to redefine their workplace. 

Jennifer Moss, globally recognized as an expert in workplace wellness, and author of the book, The Burnout Epidemic, published by Harvard Business Press, can show leaders how to capture those lessons from the pandemic. She will walk us through our current realities and provide tangible solutions to increase psychological fitness for a healthier and happier today, and in the new future of work.

Takeaways include:
• Building the psychological fitness skills – particularly efficacy and resilience – to protect our well-being during times of change
• Current realities of working during the pandemic recovery, and how to handle the changes to our work and personal lives while maintaining positive mental health
• The myths and facts about burnout 
• The role of the organization and the individual in preventing burnout
• Ensuring a healthy return to work experience
Regaining Well-Being for a Healthier Return to Work 
While we look towards a return to work, we need to consider what’s next for well-being in the workplace. We all want to be happy, engaged and satisfied and yet, during this time of continued change, these emotional states are at risk. Despite feeling overwhelmed, there is an opportunity for growth. By developing psychological skills, we can take the lessons learned during the pandemic and carry them into our post-Covid-19 reality, and be well-prepared to handle current and future stress.   

Award-winning journalist and author of The Burnout Epidemic, Jennifer Moss, will share important strategies towards building a happier, healthier and higher-performing professional and personal life. She will help us to develop strategies to deal with stress and support our well-being as we move into the new future of work. 

Takeaways include:  
• Taking the lessons learned during the pandemic and applying them to our post-pandemic life
• A deeper understanding of neuroplasticity and how to leverage it for a happier personal and professional life
• How to practice “active listening” a tenet of empathy to increase trust and sense of community at work
• How to turn positive actions into habits into permanent traits of wellbeing 
• The tools to reframe stressful experiences through cognitive resilience building
• A set of easy-to-apply, five-minute daily habits that can increase psychological fitness
Unlocking Happiness at Work 
Can you really be both “happy” and “at work”? We all want to be happy, engaged, and satisfied with our job or in the career we’ve chosen. Loving what it is we do makes us less stressed, decreases boredom, increases motivation, and has an overall positive impact on our personal lives. As workplace leaders, we want happier employees. These employees are more engaged, approach their work with enthusiasm, and bring a hunger to innovate. 

Sadly, only 13% of the global workforce is happy and engaged. Despite all the stats, happiness strategies are often low on the workplace priority list. With 50% of our waking hours spent at work in our lifetime; this is a massive problem. It isn’t just costing employers – studies show that employee disengagement is making us lonely, anxious, and harming our health.

Jennifer Moss believes we can solve this well-being crisis and has the research and data-backed insights to show us how. Drawing on her experiences as a behavioral sciences consultant and member of the UN Global Happiness Council, Jennifer provides audiences with practical advice to become happier, healthier, and higher-performing people both professionally and personally.

Takeaways include:
• How to develop the habit of gratitude and increase emotional intelligence.
• The insights from behavioral sciences on how to be the most effective leaders or managers.
• Psychological fitness techniques to better manage stress.
• The organizational shift in focus from work/life balance to work/life continuum – what this means and how can we achieve it.
Preventing Burnout in the New Future of Work (HEALTHCARE AUDIENCES)
In a provocative and illuminating new talk, bestselling author and researcher, Jennifer Moss, shares ground-breaking and novel research on issues facing healthcare professionals today. Jennifer will discuss the serious impact of empathy fatigue, burnout, depletion and anxiety on health professionals and how that influences patient care. Jennifer’s talk includes real-world case studies from her first-hand experience working with doctors, nurses, first responders, administrators and front-line staff in hospitals, and government agencies.

Drawing from her collaboration and interviews with researchers at leading academic institutions like Harvard, Berkeley, UCLA, and Stanford, Jennifer’s talk will discuss how to identify staff burnout before it leads to attrition or long-term employee health issues. Jennifer will share some of the most compelling analyses to date on the correlation between staff well-being, employee retention and subsequent patient wellness and customer satisfaction.
When it comes to patient care, evidence-based research proves that mentally healthy practitioners consistently deliver better patient outcomes. And yet, despite the easy, and effective interventions that can be implemented to increase well-being, most practitioners simply do not take the time to increase their psychological fitness. This is in turn, leads to increasing burnout, lower engagement, higher employee turnover and inevitably, less satisfied and less healthy patients. This is a massive issue that is crippling the healthcare industry. Recent studies showed that in the US, 1 million people per day miss work because of stress, equaling a loss of $300B annually just to this issue alone.

Jennifer will share proven strategies, combined with simple tactics to increase psychological fitness. From ways to develop a growth mindset in your teams, to improving overall resiliency across your healthcare facilities, this talk will be the kick-start to building your healthiest and highest-performing workforce to date.

Jennifer is a regular contributor to Forbes and Harvard Business Review as a workplace expert. Recent articles specific to healthcare include, How to Make Your Workplace Safe for Grief, The Science of Happiness and the Innovative Brain, and The Scientific Approach to Improving Employee Performance in Front-line Staff.

Key Takeaways:
1. Understanding the current state of the healthcare employee – what issues they are facing, why is different today than it was in the past?
2. Decoding the millennial workforce (also the largest workforce in history) to learn how it shapes this discussion.
3. Developing the ability to see the signals of burnout and proactively manage their negative impact on the employee and the broader organization.
4. How to build an emotional toolbox for employees to access when they are in a state of anxiety and stress.
5. Learning how to create a more resilient, mentally-well workplace for your staff and your patients.

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