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Kim Becking, speaker
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Kim Becking

    • Change & Leadership Expert
    • Helps Others Conquer Change, Boost Resilience, Accelerate Success and Achieve Life-Balance
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Kim Becking - Speaking Reel

Kim Becking - Speaking Reel

The Power of Saying NO! - Kim Becking

The Power of Saying NO! - Kim Becking

Kim Becking Speaker Biography

Kim Becking, J.D. is on a mission to empower leaders, teams, and organizations to build a Momentum Mindset® to be more adaptable, resilient, and ready for what’s next in this rapidly changing world. As a leading thought leader on thriving in the midst of change, you might have seen her on Good Morning America or read about her in Harvard Business Review, People magazine, or the New York Times.

She is an engaging, high-energy, and impactful international keynote speaker, human behavior expert, best-selling author, consultant, cancer thriver, recovering attorney, and a proud Thin Mint girl scout addict. Her strategic insights and practical solutions to adapting to change and boosting resilience have been utilized by hundreds of happy clients – including Fortune 100 companies, national and statewide associations, healthcare organizations, governmental entities, and non-profit organizations.

Kim provides practical tools and strategies for leaders and teams to effectively master change, be more adaptable, strengthen their resilience muscle and build MOMENTUM for what’s next. After hearing Kim, audiences leave ready to take her relatable lessons and practical solutions and put them into immediate action.

Master Your Disasters
How to Overcome Adversity and Boost Resilience

Challenges, unexpected changes and uncertainty are guarantees in life. Doing more with less. An unpredictable economy. Sluggish sales. Health challenges. Relationship struggles. Dealing with tough issues at home and at work. We live in an ever-changing, dynamic and stressful world – one where adversity will always live and life will inevitably knock you down.

The ability to find the lesson, grit up, get back up and create momentum to keep moving forward during the tough times is what will separate you from those who get stuck. In this inspiring, interactive and impactful session, Kim shares her own stories of resilience in life and business with healthy doses of vulnerability, humor and motivation. You will learn how Resilience Boosters can help you create a “Momentum Mindset” where you push past limited thinking and use the adversity in your life as the fuel needed to propel you forward – faster, further and stronger than ever before.

Leave this program equipped with the tools you need to create everyday resilience, master your disasters and conquer change.
Program Outcomes:

You will leave learning how to:

Enhance your ability to adapt to change, deal with the unexpected and develop greater flexibility when adversity hits
- Handle stress and perform better under pressure
- Inspire and build resilient teams and organizations to amplify productivity, enhance performance, accelerate results and boost the bottom line
(NOTE: This program can be tailored to focus on personal resilience, team resilience, organizational resilience and/or developing resilient leaders.)


Punch in the Gut Moments
How to Get Up, Grit Up and Conquer Change

Unexpected changes. Punch in the gut moments. “Stuff” hitting the fan. Life, both personally and professionally = constant change, with crazy and unpredictable ups and the downs. How you deal with this ever-changing high-stress world is completely up to you. Change is certain. But growth and progress are not. Do you learn, grow, evolve and stretch or do you stay stuck when unexpected change and challenges knock the wind out of you? In this authentic, inspiring, high energy session, Kim will share her own punch-in-the-gut moments and how to unlock the keys to conquer change and roll with these gut punches in life. Six Keys to ROCK Your Change will be unveiled, providing you the tools you need to get up, grit up and rock any change that is thrown your way.

You will leave learning how to:

Conquer change, boost performance and productivity and reduce the stress associated with change
- Create an organization of Change Catalysts instead of Change Resisters by focusing on the 3 C’s of Change: Communication, Connection and Collaboration
- Inspire and lead your team through change, helping them embrace change, become solution seekers, innovate faster and create more sustainable success while increasing morale, engagement and productivity.


Resigning as General Manager of the Universe
5 Keys to Finding Balance, Reducing Stress & Avoiding Burnout in the Midst of the Chaos

In this fast-paced, constantly changing, high-stress world, life is anything but balanced. It’s more like a colossal collision between the thousands of things pulling at your time – the demands of work, home and everything in between – leading to overwhelm, stress and burnout. In this interactive, energetic, laugh out loud program, Kim will share her own raw, inspiring and humorous lessons learned about “balancing” the chaos of life through the demands of being a wife, mother, cancer and life thriver, serial entrepreneur, passionate volunteer as well as the dozens of other hats she wears. You will learn the Five Keys To “Resigning As General Manager of the Universe” and leave with practical, immediately actionable strategies to reduce stress, overwhelm and burnout; boost your resilience; take control of your health and your life; and create a life where you are thriving and creating momentum for massive success.

You will leave knowing:

Key techniques and simple mindset shifts you can use to reduce stress, burnout and overwhelm and boost your resilience
- How to put yourself first, set boundaries, say NO without guilt, prioritize, and delegate more effectively
- Proven strategies to maintain a positive attitude, maximize your energy, create more focus, and become more present, productive, engaged and connected


Communicating Courageously
What Epic Leaders Know About Leading Their Team Through Change

Change is certain. But communicating change effectively is not. Often when dealing with change, communicating the change is where the breakdown occurs. A disconnect may occur between those who are pushing for change and everyone else. Resistance to change keeps people stuck, creates stress and stifles growth and productivity. And people resist what they don’t understand. For leaders to successfully navigate change, communication and engagement with those affected are critical in order to reduce drama, stress and misunderstanding. In this engaging, fun and highly interactive session, you will learn proven, easy to implement strategies on how to effectively communicate, connect and create the momentum needed for success when facing change – whether you are the one pushing for the change or the one having change “happen” to you.

You will leave learning:

How to effectively deal with the naysayers, resisters and challengers to the change, turning resistance into understanding
- How to be more confident when leading through change
- How to create Change Catalysts instead of Change Resisters by focusing on the 3 C’s of Change: Communication, Connection and Collaboration


Lead From Where You Are
How to Impact, Influence and Create Momentum to Get Results

Titles don’t define a leader, actions do. You have the ability through your action and your attitude to lead right from where you are, regardless of your title, role or position. In this interactive session, Kim will outline strategies to Lead From Where You Are and discuss those qualities that create an epic leader.

You will leave learning:

The importance of connecting, communicating and collaborating with others
- Why having massive, epic failures are critical to success
- How to become a champion of change, instead of a resister to change
- That attitude and positivity is what will determine your success as a leader
- To recognize that leadership is about something bigger than you as the leader – it’s bigger than you – it’s about teamwork.


Ditching the Drainers
How to Stop the Unreasonable, Unruly and Out of Control People From Sucking the Life Out of You

Difficult and toxic people. They’re everywhere – in both our professional and personal lives – co-workers, bosses, customers and even family members. You know who they are. The Whiners. The Drama Makers. The Complainers. The Gossips. The Back Stabbers. The Know-it-Alls. The Bullies. The Negative Nellies. The Victims. The Drainers. They are exhausting, annoying and can drive you crazy. And if you’re not careful, they have the ability to negatively impact you, your team, your organization and your life. Effectively dealing with negative and difficult people can reduce stress, improve confidence, boost productivity, improve morale and create a better life for you and those around you. In this fun, energetic and engaging session, you will learn what they do, why they do it, and what you can do about it the next time a drainer enters your life, whether at work or at home. You will leave with tools you can start using right away to make an immediate impact.

You will leave learning:

Key strategies on how to effectively communicate with difficult people, including the words to use, the words to avoid and powerful body language techniques
- How to be more confident when dealing with the most difficult people and how to handle any difficult conversation
- How to control your emotions and reactions, set boundaries and stay calm when a negative person pushes your buttons
- Practical solutions for how to transform the drainers negative energy into positive contributions









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November 2, 2023

Kim is an incredibly energetic, engaging speaker who provides real takeaways. She was the perfect keynote to kick off our conference and our attendees truly enjoyed her presentation.

Lex Mundi

October 9, 2023

Kim was a pleasure to work with and her presentation really resonated with our audience.

Idaho Hospital Association

February 28, 2023

Kim did a really nice job with our group. I haven't ever experienced a speaker who did as much prep work and incorporated our nomenclature and resources within her presentation. She was uplifting and delivered tangible takeaways for the leaders.


May 11, 2022

Kim was an excellent keynote speaker. She was incredibly energetic and engaging. She really worked to customize her message for our group of management level customer service professionals which we appreciated. She put in the time to ensure it was an impactful presentation that will leave attendees with practical tips for gaining control of her every day. I would highly recommend Kim!



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ESB was patient, thorough, and responsive during the planning process. Thank you for making this such a great experience for us!


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"Excellent! Thank you for being a true partner to our organization and its development."

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