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Kristie Tobias keynote speaker

Kristie Tobias

    • Innovative Consultant, Coach & National Speaker
    • Shares her struggles of PTSD and excels at bridging communication and relationship gaps at all levels of leadership
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Driving Transformational Change - Are You Ready to Lead - Kristie Tobias

Driving Transformational Change - Are You Ready to Lead - Kristie Tobias

Self Awareness - Kristie Tobias

Self Awareness - Kristie Tobias

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Fearlessly Made You

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Fearlessly Made You

Kristie Tobias Speaker Biography

Kristie Tobias is the Senior Vice President of People and Culture for Catalyst Healthcare Real Estate Firm and the CEO and President of Fearless Existence, LLC. She is a Certified Change Management and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Executive Leader, coach, national speaker, and author with a background in Human Resources and Organizational Development. She has close to 20 years of people, consulting, and leadership experience with a primary focus on healthcare organizations, utility-based organizations, small to mid-size businesses and not for profit organizations. She guides and coaches organizations on key focus areas prioritizing change management, leadership alignment and development, diversity, equity, and inclusion, employee engagement, patient and customer experience, leadership development, business optimization, board alignment and management, and financial improvement.

With a concentrated expertise in professional development and leadership alignment, she has upskilled thousands of employees and leaders to the next phase in their career journey. She excels at bridging communication and relationship gaps at all levels of leadership to create high-performing organizations of effective and proactive change competency, improved environments of inclusivity, high employee engagement, and reduced turnover results. She is an expert in assessing organizational operating models, identifying opportunities to align leaders in the right positions at the right times, and building programs that support succession planning and accelerated revenue growth.

As a national speaker and executive coach, Kristie has spent over a decade sharing her struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and believes that everyone deserves to have a voice. She developed Fearless Existence, LLC, and the accompanying brands Fearlessly Made You and Fearlessly Made Leadership as a way to support and walk alongside those who don’t always feel as if their voices have been heard. Kristie also released her first book, podcast, and streaming series all of the same name, Fearlessly Made You.

When Kristie is not inspiring others with her quick wit, charm, and engaging attitude, she lives in Atlanta, GA. She has served on several non-profit boards, was a former advisor for the mayor in Pensacola, FL and offers her services as a speaker and business advisor to several non-profits and small businesses. She is a self-proclaimed wine enthusiast, certified cycle instructor, and mother to her dog Cooper.

The Value of Fostering a Culture of Inclusivity

During these times of great change and urgency, it is easy to move throughout our daily activities and lose sight of the impact of connection and engagement with our peers, employees, patients, and even our own families. We have a responsibility to be intentional in connecting back to value and fostering an environment of trust that allows us to better serve our peers, employees, patients, families and even ourselves. During this session, we will work through how we can reconnect to The Value of Fostering a Culture of Inclusion by walking through the following:

• Understanding the impact of fostering value and building trust in our environments,
• Creating awareness of factors that can reduce trust and value such as biases, and
• Defining and owning the role we play in fostering an environment where we feel like everyone’s voices are valued and heard.

Driving Health Outcomes through Inclusivity

Health inequities are tied to environmental and social factors impacting patient access to care and organizational understanding of barriers to patient care. During this session, we will walk through the key community and organizational factors that open the dialogue on building inclusivity in our internal and external environment by focusing on the following:

• Defining how to build understanding within your organizational and community environment,
• Creating awareness of key factors that impact internal and external equality and inclusivity, and
• Identifying the key techniques in building a roadmap to foster a culture of inclusivity.

Re-Finding Your Purpose: Moving from Surviving to Thriving as a Leader

We have made it. We are leaders, we have accomplished the goals we set for ourselves years and even decades prior. Now that we are here, the environment has changed, we have changed, the people we work with and the people we serve have changed, and we find ourselves in this space of moving so fast we have lost sight of why we started this journey into leadership, and more importantly into healthcare. It is time to refocus on the most important part of our lives, ourselves. We must intentionally give ourselves time and grace to re-find our purpose, so we can in return cascade purpose and focus to the teams and patients that we serve. During this session, we will re-find our purpose and move from survival mode to thriving by working through the following:

• Redefining our purpose, value and how we build trust as a leader in our own environment,
• Understanding how to engage our teams in defining their own purpose and aligning that purpose with our team goals and expectations, and
• Identifying how we show up every day as a leader who is building proactive environments that thrive through changes and disruptions.

An Adaptable Leader’s Guide to a Change-Ready Environment

We are living in an ever-changing environment that requires dexterity and adaptability that we are rarely taught throughout our journey. As a leader, it is important to not only understand the way we respond to a changing environment, but to also shift our mindset to one that allows us to become innovative in our approach. During this session, we will walk through how to become an adaptable leader in a change-ready environment by focusing on the following:

• Understanding our response to a changing environment,
• Building proactive change leadership guidelines to cascade to our teams, and
• Transitioning from a constant mode of survival into an environment that allows us to innovatively lead and make decisions through change.

Guiding Your Teams through Conflict Resolution and Resistance Management

It is inevitable that during times of great change resistance is present. That resistance should not only not be viewed as negative, but it should be seen as an area to help grow and strengthen teams. When resistance is not understood, it can escalate into preventable unhealthy conflict. During this session, we will work through how to unearth resistance, understand healthy conflict and build resolutions by focusing on the following:

• Understanding the root cause of conflict and resistance and how it shapes your leadership and your teams,
• Defining the key tools and skills that are needed to work through conflict and build an environment that supports open dialogue to proactively unearth resistance, and
• Building systems to proactively support teams that understand conflict and resistance and work through them together.

Fostering an Environment of Psychological Safety

The key to success within any organization is developing an environment that fosters teamwork. This environment must be rooted in safe, open spaces for employees and leaders to authentically show up in their workspaces. During this session, we will focus on creating psychologically safe group dynamics to encourage employees to promote honest and authentic dialogue by focusing on the following:

• Defining what psychological safety is and how it impacts your leadership and your teams,
• Understanding how psychological safety impacts performance and sets standards of behavior within your environment, and
• Fostering an environment of psychological safety within your teams.

The Art of Mentorship

The key to any successful organization is ensuring leaders are equipped with the right mentors to steer their success. During this session, we will guide leaders through a successful mentorship program to ensure they have the right skills to coach and mentor their teams. We will also share how to set up mentorship programs within organizations to cascade mentor and mentee relationships by focusing on the following:

• Discussing best practices with defining and building mentorship relationships,
• Identifying how to cascade mentorship programs throughout any organization, and
• Educating on how to provide development plans with phased goals and timelines to support building mentorship skills for a successful mentorship program.

Building Your Voice

The key to any successful career is ensuring employees and leaders feel like their voice has the strength and viability to make an impact. Utilizing a background of over two decades of speaking experience from national pageant stages to consulting conferences, during this session we will work through how to identify and showcase your strengths as a speaker in any environment by focusing on the following:

• Defining your speaking style and unique qualifying traits that only you can own,
• Understanding how to connect to an audience from a large stage or a more intimate event, and
• Building your best practices around speaking content development and overall presentation skills to provide the most confidence during any speaking event.

Owning Your Journey to Success

Everyone has a story to tell, and that story has the power to empower those around you. Through a background with being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and using that background to uplift the voices of those who often feel like their voices are not heard, this session will help you own your voice, own your journey and own what success looks like for you by focusing on the following acronym OWN:

• Owning and sharing your story your way,
• Working with your network of key people who will help you heal and drive your own success, and
• Never stop growing and developing your own coping strategies to uplift your voice and the voice of those around you.

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