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Mark Brown keynote speaker
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Mark Brown

    • Certified Speaking Professional
    • World Champion of Public Speaking
    • Emmy-Nominated Presente
    • Co-Author: Deliver Unforgettable Presentations
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Mark Brown Speaker Biography

Mark Brown is an expert at helping people overcome their fears to reach their maximum potential. He focuses on helping humans EXCEL in the areas of Performance, Leadership, Communication, and Life.

Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Mark migrated to the United States at 18 with only $40 in his pocket and a dream for a better life. Today he is one of the most popular inspirational speakers in the world.

In 1995, Mark defeated more than 20,000 contestants from 14 countries to win the illustrious Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking. Since then, he has delivered more than 3,500 presentations to more than 1.7 million people, on five continents.

A passionate, powerful presenter, Mark has earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speaker Association. He uses a unique combination of humor and poignancy to reach the most diverse audiences, continually inspiring people from all walks of life.

When organizations need empowerment to excel, they call on Mark Brown.

Mark Brown has earned rousing ovations, enthusiastic endorsements, and effusive praise – telling the story of a skilled professional speaker with an important message to help audiences identify and address their obstacles.

Mark Brown, CSPFurther evidence of his qualifications is his CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation from the National Speakers Association recognizing his proven record of achievements for several years.

He is committed to upholding the high standards of the NSA and CSP communities with professionalism to deliver the “Mark Brown Message” so that he inspires you, your team, and those you are guiding on the path to improvement.

Most of us never reach our potential. We go through life without ever really pushing ourselves to the limits of what’s possible. As a result, many times we miss out on all of the abundant rewards that life has to offer. In this high-energy program, Mark will share powerful principles that when applied, will empower you to attain unexpected levels of excellence in every area of your life. Get ready to be inspired and energized as you are about to elevate your performance to the next level.

Leadership Speaker, Mark Brown, CSPWe often consider celebrities, financiers and politicians to have the greatest influence, but WE have more influence than we realize. In this inspirational, uplifting program, Mark debunks conventional thinking about our lack of influence. Using specific examples and 3 powerful principles, he prompts us to adjust our mindset, stop labeling, limiting and lying to ourselves about our lack of influence, and acknowledge that we are ALL instruments of influence. Key points:

• How to identify the power of your influence
• How to use your influence for maximum effectiveness
• How your local influence can have global impact

‘You are what you do’…or so we have been told. But to fulfill your purpose you must ‘do what you are.’ With that end in mind, Mark will share five powerful principles for pursuing your passion. You will embark on a voyage of self-discovery and find out who YOU really are. You will learn:

• The potency of a pinpoint FOCUS
• The power of planning and priorities
• Key relationships you must build to transform your life
• How your passion can uplift others
• Lessons he learned in fulfilling his dream

Leadership Speaker, Mark Brown, CSPLeadership is a challenge…no doubt about it, but success will come through PRACTICAL leadership. Mark offers time-tested techniques for successful teamwork, and expounds upon practical but powerful leadership principles which, when applied, will catapult anyone to leadership success! He will also address:

• The single mistake almost EVERY leader makes
• The flawed philosophy that stifles leadership growth
• The popular adage that destroys your team
• Two terrific tools for boosting team morale

So you need to write a new speech and you ask, “Where do I begin? What will I talk about? Where will I find appropriate stories? How will I find the most descriptive words? How will I look on the platform?” Mark Brown shares the techniques that have helped him answer these and other questions successfully for 20 years.

In this program, Mark reveals the tips, tools and techniques that will help to transform your speech from a 1-dimensional presentation into a 3-dimensional experience for your audience. He will explain:

• How to use POWERFUL descriptors
• How to apply ‘VERBAL VISUALS’
• The power of the PERSONAL STORY
• The importance of CHARACTERS and DIALOGUE

In this unforgettable, Emmy-nominated presentation designed for Junior and Senior High School students, Mark Brown uses the popular Disney film ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ to deliver a powerful message about tolerance, respect and the value of relationships. This program addresses acceptance of differences and the prevalence of “verbal weapons” (words that hurt instead of heal). Using an artful combination of hilarious humor and hard-hitting honesty, Mark poignantly covers the dangers of bullying, cyber-bullying and the importance of tolerance and acceptance among peers. Students will learn:

• The long-lasting effect of ‘harmless name-calling’
• The ‘BIG LIE’ used by students to justify their behavior
• The power within each student to truly change a life!

S.C.R.E.A.M. – How To LOVE Leadership
In this exciting, upbeat presentation designed for Junior & Senior High Schoolers, Mark examines 6 key components for effective youth leadership and living a balanced, exciting life. Included are:

• The value of serving your school and community
• Why it’s GOOD to watch TV and spend time online
• Why the classroom isn’t the only source of education
• The hidden benefits of sports, the arts, jobs & pets!

Drawing from his own experience as a student athlete, Mark presents challenging thoughts on the importance of teamwork, team spirit, and staying the course; key ingredients in creating a championship season. This includes:

• The value of LOSING
• How to cope with disappointment
• The greatest benefit of being on the BENCH

Inspirational Speaker, Mark Brown, CSPThere is the dash to catch the plane, the dash to catch the train and the mad dash to get to the store before it closes. Join Mark as he takes a unique look at the most important dash of all… ‘The Dash Between the Dates!’ In this fun-filled, inspirational keynote, Mark compares the race of life to a sprinter’s dash and reveals:

• The single greatest ACTIVATOR to overcoming life’s obstacles
• 4 keys to living a meaningful, purposeful life
• The power of your influence… and of those around you
• How to be ‘fit for the race of life’

If you have ever wanted to sit down with a World Champion of Public Speaking and ask them about their experiences, tips tools and techniques, stage management, their contest journey, mistakes they have made and how they recovered…and more, THIS is your opportunity. In this no-holds-barred, straight-from-the-heart session, Mark will respond to questions related to his entire Toastmasters experience.

Selected speakers get to deliver a portion of their speech and receive coaching immediately. This is really fun, and educational for every attendee!

In this program, Mark will draw on 20+ years of contest experience…as a participant, coach, judge, observer and student of the International Speech Contest…and offer insight on ‘The Olympics of Oratory’, covering subjects like:

• The myth of speaking position
• Fearing the perennial contest champion
• To script or not to script?
• Editing for IMPACT
• How to avoid going over time
• And much more!



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April 7, 2024

It was wonderful to have you, Mark, thank you for coming to Prague! My notebook is full of notes on how to tell better stories and I can't wait to come back to them the next time I will be preparing a presentation.

YPO Czech Chapter, z.s.


We work with a lot of speaking organizations... Let me tell you - ESB is the best! Matt Meyer is by far the best agent to work with!

Warrior Rising

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Plexus Worldwide

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ESB was patient, thorough, and responsive during the planning process. Thank you for making this such a great experience for us!


ESB supported our needs and the needs of our speaker throughout the entire process. I highly recommend working with ESB to find your next spe..


"It's always a pleasure to work with ESB. Very professional and personable staff. Thanks!"

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"Excellent! Thank you for being a true partner to our organization and its development."

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A wonderful bureau to work with! Big ups to everyone who helped make our event a success. Fingers crossed we get the chance to collaborate fo..

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