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Nancy Friedman, Customer Service Speaker

Nancy Friedman

    • Customer Service and Communications Expert
    • "The Telephone Doctor"
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Nancy Friedman Keynote Presentations

Nancy Friedman Keynote Presentations

Nancy Friedman Speaker Biography

When Oprah, The Today Show, CBS This Morning, Good Morning America, Good Morning Canada and Great Britain, CNN, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and other well respected publications need an expert on Customer Service they call on Nancy Friedman. You should too.

Nancy has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows over the years. Her common sense and “down to earth” actionable material provides a great package for any conference or major event.

The author of eight books on communications, sales, and customer service, Nancy will energize, inspire, and motivate you with tips, ideas, skills, and techniques you’ll use the rest of your life. Nancy’s keynote speaker presentations are high-energy, high in content, and best of all, high-results!


With that succinct phrase, Nancy Friedman canceled her insurance policies, and “fired” her insurance company. “Mike,” she told her agent, “We treat our wrong numbers better than you treat your customers. 

“You’re great, but you’re never there . . . and the people who handle me are rude, unfriendly, unhelpful, and just plain unwilling to help. I don’t have to be treated like that . . . I won’t be treated like that. Just cancel my policies.” 

To his credit, the insurance agent did not simply slink into the night. He asked Nancy to come in and tell his staff exactly what they were doing wrong. She agreed, and that first program marked the beginning of a highly successful new career. 

When a friend who managed a newspaper heard about what she had done, he asked her to present a keynote program to the staff of the Quad City Times in Davenport, Iowa. After that program, the editor-in-chief approached Nancy and said, “That was great . . . you sure have the cures . . .  you’re the doctor . . . you’re the Telephone Doctor.”  She and her husband registered the title and a career was made.   

This keynote speaker and customer service skills guru was no accident. Nancy’s husband, Dick, ran his own successful St. Louis-based business, WEATHERLINE®, a dial in weather by phone service operating in over 100 cities. Nancy handled customer relations. Through her work, she discovered that businesses spent plenty of time educating employees on their rights, basic duties and product knowledge. But NO ONE was helping improve performance in the customer service arena. 

Telephone Doctor has grown and now owns ServiceSkills.com, an online eLearning platform offering 91 training modules on customer service, customer loyalty, communications, internal customer service, sales training, and management and leaderships programs. Corporate America has embraced the teachings of the Telephone Doctor. (Companies like…. Big clients have embraced the teachings of the Telephone Doctor.)

“More business is lost due to poor service and poor treatment than poor product.” Nancy Friedman – The Telephone Doctor (Circa 1985)

To book Nancy Friedman call Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Customer Scorned
(Keynote or Workshop – 60 to 90 minutes)

What are those wicked little phrases that instantly turn your customers off? They frustrate, they annoy, and they cost you business. As Nancy delivers the Telephone Doctor’s famous FIVE FORBIDDEN PHRASES, you’ll recognize them right away. Learn how to permanently banish them from your vocabulary, and replace them with powerful phrases that build customer loyalty and increase your sales. This content-rich program is designed to get your customers swearing BY you, not AT you!

How to be an Island of Excellence in an Ocean of Mediocrity
(Workshop – 90 minutes to 2 hours)

See exactly where you and your company stand in delivering the almighty customer experience. Why do you need to know? For starters, consider these surprising customer defection facts: 


  • 8 of 10 people who will never do business with you again won’t tell you that. They just go away.
  • 8 of 10 people will tell 11 others how bad you are (yet only 1 of 10 will tell others how good you are!).

No one aspires to mediocrity, so learn how to soar above it! Keep your customers coming back and singing your praises. This interactive session begins with participants taking the Telephone Doctor’s eye-opening 10-point self-assessment quiz. You’ll see where you land on the customer service spectrum, and pinpoint the gap between where you are and where you need to be. Nancy leads participants through each of the 10 points, arming you with customer service and sales tools you can use immediately. Learn how to create a customer experience that will put you on the map as an Island of Excellence!

7 Traits of a Successful Leader
Can You Grow and Change Like a Leader?
(Keynote – 45 to 60 minutes)

How do you handle growth and change? What about bad news? Or other obstacles that come your way? Does “Apathy” sound familiar? In this program, keynote speaker Nancy Friedman shares how to handle growth and change with grace, and uncovers the strategies behind these 7 leadership traits: 

  • Choose Your Attitude In Advance 
  • Visualize Success 
  • Demonstrate Humor, Energy and Enthusiasm 
  • Resist Negative Tendencies 
  • Be a “Whatever It Takes Person” 
  • Embrace Change; Expect It and Accept It 
  • Be Grateful For What You Have 

Sales and Communication Skills From A to Z
(Workshop – 2 hours – Needs a DVD player and screen)

Learn the language of sales from Nancy Friedman, an expert in capturing and navigating the customer contact from lead to sale. From soup to nuts, front to back, and A to Z, this dynamic and interactive sales program is bursting with tips, skills and techniques you’ll use forever.Whether you’re a seasoned sales executive or just starting out, you’ll walk out of this session prepared to handle every sales situation like a champ. Always a hit, and labeled a DON’T MISS session! Come join the fun. Special bonus:  Nancy shares the 5 Most Frustrating Voice Mail Phrases. The invaluable Q & A at the end is worth the entire program! (DVD and projection screen used)

Telephone Inquiries Are Not Always About Price
(How to Navigate the Call)
(Keynote or Workshop – 60 minutes)

How much is that doggie in the window? You may recognize that as an old song, but it’s still a current question. If you get price-shopped, this is a great program for your audience. You see, most people ask about pricing because that’s all they know to ask. It’s normally not really what they need at the first breath.

Whether on the phone or in person, if your employees (or you) are giving away price estimates and not getting anything in return (like a name or an appointment), that’s a lost opportunity and possibly a lost sale. Nancy is an expert at engaging the contact, getting names, and gathering information. She will help you get more appointments and eventually more sales!

Are You Really Engaged?
(The Golden Nuggets of Sales & Service) 
(Keynote or Workshop – 60 to 90 minutes)

Companies spend big bucks to make their phones ring and attract customers to their business. If those contacts aren’t handled just right, that money is wasted. Nancy Friedman packs this session with her unique insights and techniques to ensure you never waste another dollar of your marketing budget.

This is a custom program we like to call “poor man’s Jeopardy.” You will work with Nancy in advance of your conference or event to design each “nugget” to incorporate into the session. Like a game show, the audience gets to pick a “nugget,” and then the fun begins! There’s even a daily double! An audience favorite for all the interactive fun and useful content, this keynote program is a “Nancy favorite” too, because it’s different every time. 

The Five MUSTS of Selling to Women
(Workshop – 90 minutes to 2 hours – Needs a DVD player and screen)

Is it really different, selling to women vs. selling to men? Hmmm …

  • Do they drive differently? 
  • Walk differently?
  • Think differently? 
  • Do they talk differently?  

You bet they do. And they buy differently, too! Nancy delves into the ‘how to’ of selling to women. And not just because she is one. She understands and shares the driving forces behind a woman’s buying decisions. If you miss certain cues, you could miss the sale. So don’t miss this laugh-out-loud, yet very serious session! Oh, and there are more than just 5 “musts” (that was just to get your attention!) and you can probably use them on men, too!

12 Hot “Cold Call” Techniques
(Workshop – 60 to 90 minutes)

As an expert in cold calling, whether it’s business-to-business or business-to-consumer, Nancy has presented this program to those in need of sprucing up their cold call techniques. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned sales person, you will learn something new and valuable.

She’s the author of Telesales from A to Z and has some of the most effective sales tools and techniques available. 

A powerful program for salespeople who want to improve and succeed.

Customer Service 411
Eight Killer Words
(Keynote or Workshop 60 – 90 minutes)

Nancy Friedman, The Telephone Doctor, brings the 8 Killer Words to life – words that distract, words that confuse, annoy and can stop a conversation. When that happens, it can be tough to get back on track. 

Some of your folks may be using them. And if they are, they could be “killing the deal.”

You’ll wish you had known about these words sooner; you’d have saved a lot of sales.

The Customer Experience Defined
(Keynote or Workshop – 60 to 90 minutes)

Well, as you can imagine, it’s not one thing. It’s many things – some big and some quite small or simple. Together, they create an overall service experience for your customers that builds loyalty, positive sentiments for your brand, and ultimately a stronger bottom line for your business. In this fun, content-rich program, Nancy shares a treasure trove of information that will help you bring that “EXPERIENCE” everyone is looking for into your organization.
This session will benefit organizations of every size and shape, and applies to participants at every level, from the front line all the way to the top!

Common Sense Customer Service is NOT Really So Common
(Keynote or Workshop – 60 to 90 minutes)

You hear it over and over… Gee, customer service is just plain old common sense, isn’t it? Well if it were, there wouldn’t be so much talk about it!

So let’s just admit it:  Common sense in customer service is NOT so common. 

In this program, Nancy goes over the subtle differences between what’s right and what’s not; what’s common and what’s uncommon; and the words and actions that frustrate the customer, no matter what industry. If you’ve ever been irritated by a service situation and thought, “Gee, you’d think they’d use some common sense,” then this is a good program for your group. Like all of Nancy’s programs, she engages with the audience, and gets them laughing and learning her “common sense” ideas and techniques!

What’s Your Leadership/Management Style?
(The DiSC Profile)
(Workshop – 90 minutes to 2 hours)

Everyone has a management style. But what kind is it? The DiSC profile 10 point style finder helps you understand not only yourself, but more importantly your co-workers and your customers. You’ll realize why and how you bond with some easier and quicker than others.

While not a ‘label,’ learning what STYLE you are helps you understand so much in working with others. Learn which style has the most patience, the least patience; who turns on a dime and who needs to dot every ‘I’ and cross every ‘T.’ And have fun trying to figure out what ‘style’ others in your office are.

Fun, fast and funky, this session allows you to keep the DiSC profile papers and study them for working with others. (There is an additional $10 fee for each DiSC used.)

The Entrepreneurial Edge
(Keynote or Workshop – 45 minutes to 1 hour)

Stumbling blocks. Most everyone encounters them, whether they happen in your personal life or on your career path. But it’s how you handle these situations that will set you apart. Through the story of how Telephone Doctor came to be, you’ll learn how the basic entrepreneurial spirit carried one dream into reality, and how you can gain the entrepreneurial edge. 

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