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Nicole Kalil keynote speaker

Nicole Kalil

    • Confidence Sherpa
    • In-demand Speaker
    • Leadership strategist, respected coach, and host of the “This Is Woman’s Work” podcast
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Nicole Kalil Sizzle Reel

Nicole Kalil Sizzle Reel

Nicole Kalil Speaker Biography

Nicole Kalil’s passion for eliminating gender expectations and redefining “Woman’s Work” is both what keeps her up at night, and what gets her up in the morning. Well that, and an abundant amount of coffee.

An in-demand speaker, author of Validation is For Parking, leadership strategist, respected coach, and host of the “This Is Woman’s Work” Podcast, her stalker-like obsession with confidence sets her apart from the constant stream of experts telling us to BE confident. She actually shares HOW you build it, and gives actionable tools you can implement immediately.

A fugitive of the C-suite at a Fortune 100 company, she has coached hundreds of women in business, which has given her insight as to what – structurally, systemically and socially – is and isn’t serving both women and leaders within an organization.

Maintaining some semblance of sanity in her different roles of wife, mother, and business owner successfully is an ongoing challenge… in whatever free time she has, she enjoys reading and wine guzzling, is an avid cheese enthusiast, a hotel snob, and a reluctant peloton rider.

The Confidence Con: The Lies, The Truth, and How You Build Your Confidence
Too many people believe that confidence is either something you have, or you don’t. It’s viewed as a fixed character trait rather than what it is: a skill that can be developed. What would you do with more confidence? Who would you be? You can change the trajectory of your life, the decisions you make, the risks you take, and the dreams you chase… all with a little more confidence.

So how do you build your confidence? What’s the secret?

Understanding both what strengthens confidence, and what chips away at it, is key. Everyone wants to feel confident, there’s a constant stream of experts telling us to BE confident, but nobody tells us HOW to build it. That changes now.

- Define and blast through the 5 major limiting beliefs and confidence “derailers”
- Create a deeper connection to the first anchor of confidence: knowing who you are
- Get actionable tools that will have you exponentially expand your confidence right there in the room

Confident people are more adaptable, productive, and engaged… it’s time to invest in confidence!

Stop Managing Your Time, Start Managing Your Life
We are constantly trying to fit more into our days, fighting against conflicting priorities, and feeling pressured, overwhelmed, and exhausted in our daily lives.

Do you feel like you’re running on fumes? Are guilt and stress running your show?

Nicole’s unique perspective will bust up the time management and work/life balance myths and leave you feeling back in control. Having been an executive at a Fortune 100 company, a business owner of a start-up, a wife, and a mom, Nicole shares from experience relevant and applicable ideas, such as:
- Reframing time management – no matter how busy – as Choice Management, putting you back in the driver’s seat
- Learn Nicole’s proven 3 Eff Word approach to success and achievement
- Identify and communicate your boundaries from a position of power

It’s time to ditch time management and replace it with choice management, so you can live your life by design, not by default

Valuing & Advancing Feminine Leadership
Leadership has been defined by many different people, in many different ways… but what we know for sure is it’s only becoming more complex. The skills, abilities, traits and talents needed to navigate change, lead teams, and increase productivity are broader today than ever before. What are the leadership skills of the future? What is most frequently missing in organizations today? What are employees looking for more of? Empathy. Collaboration. Inclusivity. Relationship.

In short, feminine leadership. Having coached hundreds of women in business and consulted with several Fortune 500 companies, Nicole will share forward learnings like:
- The ways in which culture and environment can either discourage or encourage individuals to bring their unique talents, gifts, and energy to work
- The systems that feed into unconscious bias and limit opportunities, and the small tweaks with big impact every organization should consider
- How to recognize, develop, and empower feminine leadership, both within (this includes men) and around you

If your organization has yet to see the power of feminine leadership, it’s time to tap in to that potential!

Turning Failure Into Fuel
Most people avoid failure at all costs, which keeps them in their comfort zones and prevents them from taking risks toward the goals they desire. But fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.

What we should really fear is inaction, living small, and giving up on our dreams… because fear of failure is what limits our opportunities for growth, joy, and success, not failure itself.

In this inspiring presentation, Nicole will give you the keys to creating a more empowered, productive interpretation of failure:
- It’s counter-intuitive… learn to lean into failure, embrace it and use it to grow
- Develop the skill of tenacity and failing forward using Nicole’s proven Recovery Plan
- Learn the process that retrains your brain to ACT in the face of fear and doubt, so you're in constant motion toward what matters most
- Reframe your failures as gifts, lessons, and opportunities… turn your failure into fuel.

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