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Peg Neuhauser, Customer Service Speaker

Peg Neuhauser

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Peg Neuhauser Speaker Biography

Peg Neuhauser has worked for over twenty years as a management and organizational consultant specializing in the areas of conflict management, organizational culture, avoiding burnout. In 1984, she established her own company and works with clients in many industries including healthcare, high tech, finance and publishing.

Ms. Neuhauser completed studies in the United States and England with an M.A. in psychology and undergraduate work in sociology. She worked as an internal consultant for Hospital Corporation of America developing services and programs for both corporate and hospital clients. In addition to working as a designer, trainer and consultant, Peg Neuhauser also managed financial systems conversions which involved training and consultation in the technical and accounting divisions.

She is the author of four books, “I Should Be Burnt Out by Now, So How Come I’m Not?, “Tribal Warfare in Organizations,” “Corporate Legends & Lore” and “Culture.com: Building Corporate Culture in the Connected Workplace.”

As a speaker and consultant, Peg Neuhauser offers practical tips for action to create a more innovative and adaptive organization. Her focus is on increasing collaboration in cross-functional teams, improving relationships among work colleagues, avoiding burn out, and strengthening the organization's culture to focus on its goals more effectively. Her stories, case examples, and humor illustrate each idea in a way that is both entertaining and easy to remember.

Nuts & Bolts of Organizational Change: Practical Strategies for Changing Your Organization’s Culture

Change is a constant part of any organization. It is difficult to chart the course for your organization’s future, but even harder to execute on that strategy if it means changing the way people in your organization function. Changing the culture means changing the habits in your organization - individually, teams, procedural, technical. Change the habits and you change the culture. Peg provides down to earth, practical tips and strategies for changing those habits. To be able to target these changes where they are in need and to do so rapidly is an essential skill for a successful organization in today’s world.

Rethinking the Way You Lead (for managers) and Moving On ... Healing from the Turmoil and Adapting to the New Realities (for employees)

Uncertainty is the word that best captures the thinking of most individuals and organizations these days. People say it’s like working in a fog. How do we succeed in this new world?

What do 90% of top execs rank as the critical organizational skill needed today – agility.  Here are some practical definitions of what they mean by organizational agility:

  • Capacity to identify and capture opportunities more quickly than a rival does
  • Combining patience and boldness
  • Being ready to move on the moment the fog lifts just enough so the choice is more than a crap shoot, but before things are clear to everyone including competitors
  • Help your leaders and employees understand the new normal in your organization and adapt as leaders and employees to these new realities.

Each organization’s circumstances are different, so the presentation will be tailored to your needs.

Building a Corporate Culture that Helps Your Organization Succeed

There is no one “right” culture for all organizations. The right culture is the one that helps you succeed in accomplishing your goals. Peg Neuhauser’s presentation offers practical tips for how to build and maintain your corporate culture to succeed in today’s world. Neuhauser has written three books on corporate culture: Tribal Warfare in Organizations, Corporate Legends and Lore, and Culture.com. Click here for more information.

Breaking Down the Silos in Your Organization

This presentation is based on Peg Neuhauser's book Tribal Warfare in Organizations. It takes a humorous and entertaining look at turf battles between departmental and professional groups in organizations...IT, HR, lawyers, paralegals, nurses, doctors, sales, back office or whatever the silos are in your organization. Neuhauser offers practical tips on the do's and don'ts of tribal communication. The goal is to produce more effective collaboration and problem solving that makes life easier for everyone and provides service to customers.

I Should Be Burned Out by Now . . . So How Come I'm Not?

Everyone’s work life has been affected by this era of uncertainty. The world we are living in today operates at a much faster pace than a decade ago. In addition to the increased speed, there is great uncertainty triggered by economic and world events. In this presentation, Peg C. Neuhauser provides dozens of practical tips for coping with one of the most serious dangers of the high speed, uncertain world of work — burnout. Peg covers three areas where actions can be taken to reduce burnout in your organization:

  • Corporate culture strategies
  • Leadership actions
  • Personal tips

In this interactive and entertaining presentation, Neuhauser will discuss ideas with the audience and tell stories about how people are surviving and even thriving in this era of uncertainty.

Coping with Culture Clashes in Your Organization

There is a great deal of talk these days about organizational culture and its impact on the long term performance of a company. It is generally agreed that culture is important, but many people are not at all clear what their organization's culture is, what it should be, and whether there is really any hope that it can be changed if needed. As an organization struggles to become more customer driven, quality focused, or innovative, the people inside that organization know there needs to be fundamental change in how the organization operates. Exactly what needs to change and how to go about changing it is not so clear.

With all the mergers, partnerships, and restructuring going on in organizations these days, clashes between the cultures are inevitable. People do not give up their old ways or blend two groups with different customs and histories without a struggle. Ordering people to change rarely works. The conflicts do not go away; they just go underground. To change or blend cultures requires negotiation to develop new ground rules and common agreements about how the groups will work together in the future.This presentation guides participants through their own current cultures and to help them identify specific changes and common agreements that are needed.

Bringing Cultures Together After the Merger

With all the mergers, partnerships, and restructuring going on in organizations these days, clashes between the cultures are inevitable. People do not give up their old ways or blend two groups with different histories without a struggle. Ordering people to change rarely works. The conflicts do not go away; they just go underground. To change or blend cultures you must develop new ground rules and common agreement about how the groups will work together in the future. This presentation guides participants through their own current cultures and to help them identify specific changes and common agreements that are needed.

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