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Ray Cash Care keynote speaker

Ray Cash Care

    • Former Navy SEAL
    • Co Founder of Squire and LTD Training
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Ray "Cash" Care : Navy SEAL on Showing Vulnerability | EP 20

Ray "Cash" Care : Navy SEAL on Showing Vulnerability | EP 20

Ray “Cash” Care: Conquer The Strength Within

Ray “Cash” Care: Conquer The Strength Within

Ray Cash Care Speaking Engagements WEB

Ray Cash Care Speaking Engagements WEB

SURVIVING BUD/S - with Ray Cash Care | Nick Koumalatsos

SURVIVING BUD/S - with Ray Cash Care | Nick Koumalatsos

The Selection: Instructor Bio - Ray Care, Navy SEAL | History

The Selection: Instructor Bio - Ray Care, Navy SEAL | History

Ray Cash Care recap

Ray Cash Care recap



Ray Cash Care Speaker Biography

Former U.S. Navy SEAL and Co-Founder of The Squire Program and LTD Training Ray "Cash" Care lives and breathes the principles of the 4 Pillars of success; 1) Teamwork 2) Problem Solving 3) Leadership, and 4) Communication. Ray’s energy and power inspires and elevates his audience to new and higher levels.

When Ray was 11, his father was murdered, leaving him to defend and learn on his own. Most would have taken to a life of crime, but Ray chose the path of success; he enlisted in The United States Navy. Ray became a member of the most elite military program in the world, serving 12 years, 8 of which were as a Navy SEAL. Ray Graduated BUDS class 200. Out of 157 who started, Ray was 1 of 12 who graduated from his original class.

The stories, exercises, and energy Ray brings are intoxicating, keeping the audience mesmerized and engaged as Ray incorporates his life lessons, missions, visions, values, and goals from the battlefield to your home field of life. His message is designed not to motivate but elevate individuals, youth, companies, and teams to “Shoot, Move, & Communicate” like a Navy SEAL. You will become and understand the importance of TEAM:
● Trust
● Effort
● Attitude
● Mission

Explore the essence of effective communication. From understanding the definition of communication to the five styles and types of communication, attendees will gain valuable insights. Ray provides practical strategies to enhance workplace communication, emphasizing the importance of honing communication skills and adopting the five foundations of being a tier 1 communicator. Ultimately, participants will learn the key aspects of transparent communication, including sharing knowledge, acknowledging uncertainties, and seeking definitive answers for effective team dynamics.

Discover the keys to building a successful team: Trust/Time, Effort, Attitude, and Mission (TEAM). Ray emphasizes the importance of valuing time and provides practical tips like setting alarms 15 minutes ahead. Obligations, including family, fitness, finance, and faith, are highlighted as essential priorities. Participants will be inspired to embrace their inner warrior and adopt the motto "I bet on me" for life. Ray encourages continuous education, surrounding oneself with the right people, and embracing repetition for lasting results. The audience will learn the seven steps to conquer challenges.

Uncover the four pillars of mental toughness and develop a Navy SEAL mindset. Emphasizing goal setting with short, middle, long, and lifelong goals, including process, performance, and outcome goals. Harness the power of mental rehearsal through visualization. Learn the importance of positive self-talk and gain practical success strategies. Explore attention to detail with the ten commandments, covering preparation, planning, practice, communication, listening, diligence, accuracy, risk analysis, refinement, and repetition. Uncover the secret to success by embracing challenges. Embrace a growth mindset for personal and professional growth.

Unlock the secrets to winning in both business and life. Ray sheds light on the three battlefields of life: internal, business, and home, emphasizing the significance of excelling in each realm. The event centers around the Three R's - resilience, resourcefulness, and relentlessness - as indispensable qualities for conquering obstacles and achieving triumph. The audience is urged to commit to becoming role models of high performance, not just for themselves but also for their children, spouse, employees, and colleagues. By embracing these principles, participants will be empowered to excel in all facets of their lives.

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