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Rubin Pillay, Healthcare speaker

Rubin Pillay

    • Professor of Healthcare Innovation
    • Assistant Dean & Chief Innovation Officer at UAB Medicine
    • Medical Futurist and TedEx Speaker
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Rubin Pillay Speaker Biography

Dr. Rubin Pillay, MD, Ph.D. is a high performance, versatile and commercially astute healthcare executive offering a twenty-eight-year career of impressive successes in healthcare as a clinician, academic, leader and innovator/entrepreneur. A medical futurist and Professor of Healthcare Innovation, he is currently the Assistant Dean for Global Health Innovation at the School of Medicine, and the Chief Innovation Officer of the Health System at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

He was previously the Daniel White Jordan Chair and the founding Executive Director of the Center for Health Systems Innovation in the Spears School of Business and Center for Health Sciences at Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Pillay is a Family Physician and Clinical Pharmacologist who holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration, an MBA and an MSc in Health Management. Prior to taking up his current position, he headed up programs in Health Leadership (with a focus on Operational Excellence) at the McKenna School of Business, Economics and Government (Pennsylvania, USA) and the School of Business and Finance (Cape Town, South Africa). He has substantial international teaching and consulting experience and a global reputation as a healthcare innovation and innovation management specialist. Dr. Pillay is widely published in the field of Strategic Health Leadership and his current work focuses on the role of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the transformation of health and healthcare with particular emphasis on how macro-environmental variables like the politico-legislative environment, technology, economics and socio-demographic and cultural changes are set to impact the supply side, demand side and the payment for healthcare.

Dr. Pillay is the first President of the International Society of Healthcare Entrepreneurship Education and Research (ISHEER), a Harvard Advanced Leadership Fellow in Health Innovation and Editor in Chief of the Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Health.


That the U.S. healthcare system is greatly troubled is no news to anyone. Rising costs, questionable quality, and poor access are not only impacting the health and well-being of the nation at large but is directly impacting its engine room – Business! Healthcare spending is cited as the third top cost pressure facing CEOs while CFOs agreed they could invest more in their businesses if their company’s healthcare costs were lower. Rising healthcare costs are hurting the enterprise. The high cost of healthcare in the U.S. gives foreign companies a competitive advantage. GM says healthcare costs add between $1,500 and $2,000 to the sticker price of every automobile it makes! But the days of leaving healthcare reform solely to the public and healthcare sectors are over. For their own survival, employers must help fix the system. In this incisive presentation, Pillay looks at how healthcare impacts on the global competitiveness of US companies and, more importantly on how companies can take action to heal the wound. He takes C Suite executives through a journey into the future covering some of the major future trends driven by technology advances focusing specifically on how companies can leverage these to minimize their healthcare costs and improve their employees' wellness.



We are living through what is arguably the most challenging time for the health care industry. Most health systems consistently underperform on one or more dimensions of performance related to the process of care delivery as well as outcomes. The healthcare industry, propelled by the politico-legislative turbulence in addition to economic, socio-demographic and technological forces, is transforming at a velocity that is catching many organizations unprepared. Current clinical, business operational and financial models are rapidly becoming redundant as the future begins to take shape. In this keynote, Dr. Pillay paints a positive vision of the future of healthcare. A perfect storm is driven by the convergence of policy, provider models, payer innovations and the rise of consumerism that is resulting in a move from the historical zero-sum approach in healthcare to a period of explosive connectedness, alignment, and synergism. He will walk you through a succinct analysis of Trump’s proposed healthcare plan, and through the lens of disruptive technologies and the IOT, and emerging care delivery and payment models, illustrate how for the very first time in healthcare, policy, provider and payer strategies and innovations may be aligning with consumerism and a market-based approach to healthcare. His keynote is brought to life with demonstrations of validated and emerging technologies that are disrupting healthcare interspersed with real-world examples of emerging and converging provider and payer models.



Over the coming decades, humanity will encounter some of the greatest transitions any generation has ever had to face. Technological disruption is reshaping every part of our lives… every business, every industry, every society, even what it means to be “human”…..Exponential technologies are on the cusp of solving some of humanity’s biggest challenges and healthcare is set to be one of the chief beneficiaries. We are already in the midst of this medical revolution driven by the convergence of exponential hardware, software, communication and biomedical technologies. There has never been a better time to resolve the cost, quality and access challenges that have plagued healthcare for the last few decades In this interactive and animated keynote littered with real-time demonstrations, Pillay explores some of the key exponential technologies that are set to impact healthcare, including Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, 3D Printing, Sensor Technology, AR/VR and the “Omics” including genomics. The solutions to the world’s most pressing health and healthcare challenges lie in the intersection of these exponential technologies. When two or more of these technologies are used in combination – converging exponential technologies – we will begin to unlock unfathomably productive capabilities and begin to understand how to solve the world’s most challenging problems. The golden thread that runs through the presentation is Pillay’s succinct explanation of how the convergence of these technologies is set to transform patients to prosumers (producers of care), current pipeline approaches to care delivery systems to platform-based systems and finally a payment transformation from the current insurance-based approach to an outsurance (getting paid to maintain health) based approach.



Macro environmental forces in healthcare are driving a transformation among healthcare consumers. Far from being the traditionally-passive recipients of care that was prescribed and financed by others, consumers are being called upon to take a greater hand in managing and paying for their own health. In response, they are quickly becoming better informed, more discriminating on price and quality, and increasingly willing to walk away from poor service. As in other industries before it, the rise of consumerism is likely to precipitate a sea of change in how business is conducted in every sector of the healthcare industry. The industry, which has been focused on its institutional stakeholders, insurers, employers, and hospitals will shift to a new basis, in which health plans and care delivery will reorient to focus on individuals and families. Dr. Pillay will outline the implications of this new world and help you become leaders in the consumerization of healthcare through the application of a deep, nuanced understanding of consumers and the development of new business models, capabilities, and offerings.



  • How do the most successful health care organizations generate more than their fair share of smart ideas?
  • How do they unleash the creative talent of their people?
  • How do they move ideas through their organizations and supply chains that are not only innovative but impactful?

The answers to these and other key questions form the core of Dr. Pillay’s presentation for healthcare leaders who are determined to position their organizations not just to survive but to grow through creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Despite the increasing spend and the availability of exponentially advancing technologies, healthcare continues to be plagued with inefficiencies and complex problems – erratic quality, unequal access, and relatively high costs. Addressing this growing potential – performance gap will require novel approaches to the reconceptualization of health and healthcare delivery. Creating disproportionate value relative to these investments and advances is at the core of the innovation agenda in healthcare. Dr. Pillay examines how organizations can accomplish this using his proprietary NQ360 approach.



The global healthcare industry is undergoing a profound and fundamental shift towards improving overall health, patient outcomes, and value for the health system. In this talk, Dr. Rubin Pillay analyzes the massive transformation that is taking place, then examines new strategies and business models to help you gain influence and a competitive edge in the new landscape and finally details how to build organizations fit to collaborate and compete in redefined markets. He will provide concrete actionable advice supported with illuminating examples to ensure that your organization can adapt, stay relevant, and gainfully contribute to the new age of digital medicine.



Healthcare is on the cusp of radical change – we’ re in the midst of an avalanche of converging technologies in medical science, software, hardware and communications and this perfect storm is giving patients the tools to not only participate in but direct their own care. From his unique vantage point as a clinician, academic, corporate leader and innovator, Dr Pillay examines the most exciting and promising trends driving the future of medicine and explores how these will enable patients to monitor, diagnose and in some cases treat almost every organ system no matter how difficult to access and no matter what illnesses they may have….moving from having their illnesses managed for them to becoming the CEO of their own health!!..

Alternate Title: The Future of Medicine – Physicians Optional



The field of healthcare is entering a period of explosive transformation. Over the past decade, smartphones have radically changed many aspects of our everyday lives, from banking to shopping to entertainment. Medicine is next! With innovative digital technologies, cloud computing and machine learning, the medicalized smartphone is going to upend every aspect of healthcare. And the end result will be that the patient will take center stage for the first time. Dr. Pillay explores how the smartphone revolution and it’s increasingly powerful new set of tools, from attachments that can diagnose an ear infection or track heart rhythms to an app that can monitor mental health, can reduce our use of doctors, cut costs, speed up the pace of care and give more power to patients!



The disruption and transformation of medicine has already begun and we will witness medicine advance more in the next decade than it has in the last century! We’ re in the midst of an avalanche of converging technologies in medical science, software, hardware and communications and this perfect storm is transforming medicine and healthcare in ways that sounded like science fiction a mere decade ago….and it’s happening fast! In this powerful and animated keynote, Pillay walks you through two of the key technologies that are driving the automation of medicine – Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Most of us are barely aware of it, but AI is already a part of our lives – it’s in our cars, telling us when it’s time for the engine to be serviced based on our driving patterns; it’s in our everyday Google searches and the suggestions from Amazon that follow us around on the web; it’s the chatbot on the end of the telephone in call service centers. AI is becoming ubiquitous and most of us use it: Apple’s Siri processes two billion natural-language requests a week, and 20% of requests on Android phones are made by voice alone. AI and robots that support, diagnose and treat people are already in homes, workplaces and clinical environments all over the world. And how we embrace AI and robotics to complement and enhance current healthcare services over the next ten years will define our ability to deliver a more responsive health service with improved health outcomes, while at the same time enabling people to take more control over their day-to-day health needs. AI is getting increasingly sophisticated at doing what humans do but more efficiently, more quickly and at a lower cost. The potential for both AI and robotics in healthcare is vast. Just like in our everyday lives, AI and robotics are increasingly a part of our healthcare ecosystem. Throughout this keynote, Pillay highlights a range of products and existing or emerging AI/Robotic technology and helps providers, payers, policymakers, educators and the public consider two questions:

  • What is the role of AI/Robotics in Healthcare?
  • What is the future role of the human physician and current care delivery systems?

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