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Tom Hegna Retirement Expert

Tom Hegna

    • Keynote Speaker, Retirement Expert, Economist, Author
    • NSA Million Dollar Level Speaker
    • Former First Vice President at a Fortune 100 company
    • Retired Lieutenant Colonel
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$15,000 - $20,000

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Women Face More Risks in Retirement. Have a Plan.

Women Face More Risks in Retirement. Have a Plan.

Here's What the Research Says about Lifetime Income Annuities

Here's What the Research Says about Lifetime Income Annuities

Why Every Investor Needs an Annuity NOW!

Why Every Investor Needs an Annuity NOW!

THE Way to An Optimal Retirement

THE Way to An Optimal Retirement

Tom Hegna - Promo

Tom Hegna - Promo

Tom Hegna Speaker Biography

Tom Hegna CLU, ChFC, CASL is an author, speaker, and economist. He has been an incredibly popular industry speaker for many years and is considered by many to be THE Retirement Income Expert! As a former Senior Executive Officer at New York Life, retired Lieutenant Colonel, and economist, Tom has delivered over 5,000 seminars, helping Baby Boomers and seniors retire the “optimal” way.

He has condensed a large chunk of his considerable knowledge into five of his books: (1) Paychecks and Playchecks: Retirement Solutions for Life, which is in the top 1% of any book ever sold, (2) Retirement Income Masters: Secrets of the Pros that compiles the very best practices from the top retirement experts in the country. (3) Paycheques and Playcheques, Retirement Solutions for Canadians, And most recently, (4) Don’t Worry, Retire Happy! Seven Steps to Retirement Security, which is based on his popular Public Television Special that has played in over 80 million homes in the US and Canada, and most recently, (5) Don’t Worry, Retire Happy! Seven Steps to Retirement Security for Canadians. Tom specializes in creating simple and powerful retirement solutions based on math and science – not opinions.

Tom has the unique ability to pump up a crowd, make people laugh, and solve complex financial problems using easy-to-understand words, ideas, and stories. He is available to speak to businesses, government organizations, professional associations, financial professionals, and their clients all across the globe.

Who wants to be a Millionaire? (Just released 02/21)
In his Financial Wellness presentation, Tom shares simple concepts that can help anyone become financially independent. Not only can people become very wealthy using these tips, research shows they will also likely be much happier and even live longer! Most people think you have to make a lot of money to become wealthy, Tom shows how it is NOT how much you make that counts, it’s how much you keep. Spending less than you earn, investing in appreciating assets, having an emergency fund and protecting your blind side with insurance products can allow nearly everyone to become financially successful. Tom shows how poor planning, procrastination, credit card debt, divorce and a failure to understand the Opportunity Costs of purchases doom many people to a life of financial stress and unhappiness. This is a presentation you don’t want to miss!

Life Insurance and Annuity Questions, and Handling Concerns
There are so many objections, excuses, and stall tactics that your clients use. Tom Hegna has heard them all! You've got to handle them in your presentation so they don't even come up. It's up to you to be the most prepared person in the room. In this presentation, Tom covers several concerns, gives you a simple process to handle ANY of them, and explain the importance of asking questions to uncover your clients' needs. Today’s busy world demands that you use optimal ways to communicate, educate, address concerns, close, sell, and write policies. This is the reality, so optimize your work now.

Retirement Alpha: How Mortality Credits Improve Retirement Outcomes
Join Tom Hegna for a stimulating session on how the insurance industry is uniquely situated to solve the boomer retirement crisis. In a low interest rate environment, CD’s and Bonds are not going to give the adequate “alpha” necessary to provide adequate income to retirees. Utilize “Retirement Alpha” by using life insurance and guaranteed lifetime income from a life insurance company! Understanding the importance of securing Alpha and how it is essential in every retirees plan!

Don't Live a Just-In-Case Retirement!
Retirees talk so much about saving their pile bigger and bigger so they have enough when they arrive at retirement. What happens when they think they have arrived? Rather than live a fulfilled retirement, they live in fear of outliving their money or always keep their kids in mind to leave whatever is left over. Understanding risk management is KEY to unlocking retirement happiness.

"The Words and Language of Life Insurance"
Tom will cover everything you need to know about how to successfully sell different types of life insurance depending on each of your clients' unique situations. He will explain the differences and nuances of the most popular types of life insurance and make it so simple, that even a small child could understand it.

You will learn...

* The differences and nuances of the most popular types of life insurance
* How to sell to different types of people depending on the their unique situation
* Simple stories to communicate complex, yet powerful ways to show your client the need for insurance
* Specific and powerful words and language that will help you handle insurance objections and close more sales
* Different methods to demonstrate how much insurance your client actually needs
* How to optimize your clients' portfolios to protect from both inflation and deflation

Paychecks and Playchecks: Retirement Solutions for Life
If you ask 50 different financial advisors how to plan for a secure retirement, you will get 50 different opinions. Their opinions are likely to be sub-optimal. "Paychecks and Playchecks: Retirement Solutions for Life" is a guide for retirement that is built for uncertain markets like the one we are in today. The strategies in this presentation are based on a mathematically and scientifically proven approach that will enable you to create a secure retirement, no matter how long you live. You will learn how to retire with enough guaranteed lifetime income to cover your basic expenses and how to optimize the rest of your portfolio to make sure you receive your "playchecks."

Don't Worry, Retire Happy!: Seven Steps to a Secure Retirement
"Don’t Worry, Retire Happy! Seven Steps to Retirement Security" is your guide to straight-forward retirement planning in uncertain times. In this presentation, Tom will simplify the retirement journey with his seven steps to retirement security. Learn how to make a trouble-free plan for retirement with a solid foundation to build on for future generations. Avoid living a just-in-case retirement and enjoy the fruits of your labor! Whether you are a late starter with your retirement planning or you have significant savings, this presentation outlines how to make the most from the least with the smallest amount of risk.

Unique Retirement Challenges for Women

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