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Navigating Change: Keynote Speakers Guide Leaders Through Uncertain Times

Ryan Cook
Wednesday, Sep 20, 2023
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First, it was COVID-19 and the implementation of remote work. Then, just as suddenly, “quiet quitting” was baffling managers across the nation as they watched their employees mentally check out while doing the bare minimum. Now, AI appears poised to change the operating procedures of everything from healthcare to the auto industry. 

In short, our society, work life, and fundamental assumptions about the way things get done have been through a LOT in the past three years. What’s more, the pace of change doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The rapidity and unpredictability of these changes can be synonymous with anxiety, stress, and worries about long-term viability. But they don’t have to be. 

The four speakers listed below can help guide industry leaders into flipping the narrative by embracing uncertainty and navigating changes big or small with calm and the poise necessary to make the right decision at the right time. 

20210112182908Headshot2-87-.png (35 KB)Mark Denton: Professional Competitive Sailor

Mark Denton cut his teeth leading some of the world’s highest-performing professional sailing teams. To say that he knows how to navigate stormy waters (real or metaphorical) would be a nearly criminal understatement. In 2000, for example, Denton took up a challenge that seemed ludicrous to many onlookers and led a team of sailing amateurs to success in the world’s most grueling round-the-world race, the BT Global Challenge. He translates his insights from leading world-class teams into helping companies perform better together. 

He is a certified leadership coach and organizational culture expert who has consulted with organizations ranging from BMW and Siemens to the British Armed Forces. By helping leadership teams and individuals understand the three core components of what goes into creating a winning team, he can help leaders of all kinds embed resilience and adaptability into the DNA of their organizational culture. The result is a team that is ready for whatever challenges life can throw at them. 

Denton’s distinctive keynote address, Navigating the Storm, is unique in that it can be adapted for nearly any audience or event, and if requested, expanded into a more comprehensive, multimedia presentation.

2023207185836Headshot2-2023-07-20T135819-831.png (14 KB)Lisa Walden: Co-Founder GoodCompany Consulting

Lisa Walden is the Co-Founder of Good Company Consulting and co-author of the hotly anticipated new book, “The Future of Work is Human: Transforming Company Culture for a Post-Pandemic World.” An expert in identifying how COVID-19 has shifted workplace assumptions and attitudes, Walden’s mission is to help organizations adapt to and navigate the new normal. 

The throughline of her work is as brilliant as it is simple: people like being treated like…people. The companies that are thriving in the new world of work, according to Walden, are those that prioritize empathy, communication, and most importantly, trust among their employees. Walden’s insights are not simply touchy-feely intuition. Her insights are backed by mountains of data and real-world examples. In her keynote, Walden offers her audiences an actionable plan to implement the three cornerstones of compassionate leadership, build stronger teams, and ultimately create a workplace that can recruit and maintain top talent. 

Perhaps the most welcome aspect of Walden’s work is the refreshing dose of optimism, humor, and a reminder that despite the radical changes of the past few years, it is ultimately the human touch that can guide organizations to success.

20221711172342Headshot2-2022-11-17T112305-083.png (17 KB)Mark Noon: USAF Lab Officer

Mark Noon is a retired Air Force Major, author, and executive coach with over 29 years of experience in the military and civilian healthcare industry. His experience in both military and civilian fields has made him an authority on developing leadership talent and managing organizational change. Noon began his career at the bottom of the totem pole but was quickly promoted and commissioned as an Air Force officer. The speed and sudden nature of Noon’s advancement resulted in a career-long fascination with understanding what makes a great leader and how organizational culture can help, or hurt. 

In his keynote on what he terms “Change Leadership,” Noon illustrates how leadership can make or break an organization undergoing change. The biggest mistake? Most people in charge simply manage change. Few actually lead it. Noon’s antidote consists of actionable steps that help audiences understand why change is good, how to communicate that it is happening, and how to get past common barriers. He adeptly delves into strategies for fostering a culture of agility, effective communication, and collaboration, enabling organizations to thrive in the face of uncertainty.

20220310170102Headshot2-2022-10-03T120032-707.png (15 KB)Molly Fletcher: CEO and “The Female Jerry Macguire”

Even a casual sports fan understands that a single injury, a single trade, or a single yard gained or lost will create a ripple effect that can change an entire season. As a sports agent whose client’s careers are tied to these moments, Molly Fletcher understands the fear and opportunity those changes represent better than just about anyone. 

Popularly known as the “Female Jerry Macguire,” Fletcher has negotiated over $500 million in contracts while representing over 300 top athletes. She is, in addition, an award-winning speaker with over one million views of her “Secrets of a Champion Mindset” keynote. Fletcher's powerful message reveals insights garnered from years of fostering successful partnerships and negotiating at the highest levels. Offering actionable strategies for embracing change with confidence and resilience, she delves into topics like negotiation, leadership, and achieving peak performance, all while imparting the significance of agility and effective communication in achieving sustainable success.

The hardest time to ride a bike is when it is standing still. Balancing only becomes easier when you finally get moving. The four speakers above, with diverse backgrounds and an enormous degree of real-world experience, offer comprehensive toolkits for embracing change as an opportunity to be welcomed rather than a challenge to avoid. 

As your organization charts its course through evolving landscapes, consider the power of these speakers to catalyze growth and innovation. Their insights can equip your team to embrace change with open minds and confidence. If you or your organization are interested in booking one of the above speakers to unlock the potential of change, please contact Executive Speakers Bureau today.


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