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Mark Noon, USAF (Ret.)

    • Retired Air Force Officer
    • Executive Leadership Coach, Author
    • Employee Engagement, Change Leadership, Service Excellence, Values, and Culture
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Mark Noon | Leadership Speaker

Mark Noon | Leadership Speaker

Mark Noon | Sizzle Reel

Mark Noon | Sizzle Reel

Different Values of a Leader

Different Values of a Leader

Mark Noon Speaker Biography

Mark Noon excelled in military and civilian healthcare leadership for more than 25 years. He is an Author, Actor, Speaker, Executive Coach, Husband & Father. Spending his early military days as a lab technician, Mark received a commission as an officer and an immediate promotion to a lab management role. As is true with many promotions, he entered this new role lacking the skills and training needed to lead others and his department. That experience shaped Mark’s career-long commitment to developing skilled leaders in all industries. Mark’s expertise includes employee engagement, leadership development, inspirational and motivational speaking, collaboration & teamwork, change leadership, creating value and leading by values bridging generational gaps in all organizations, and at all levels.

Mark served 20 ½ years in the U. S. Air Force, 12 ½ years as clinical lab director before retiring as a Major. Nine different assignments, seven states and a tour of duty in the Middle East created experiences few in healthcare or leadership ever acquire. During that time, Mark was a key leader in a cultural and leadership transformation within the AF medical community. Following his military retirement, Mark brought his operational and service excellence expertise to Studer Group, and now to Leadership10. He is an expert at conveying the value connection— driving results by teaching leaders to cultivate value in the people they manage. He has taught the highest level of both civilian and military leaders about improving Employee Engagement, Customer Experience, Self-leadership, Values, and Culture. Mark Noon specializes in Leadership Development, providing an exceptional foundational understanding of the Leadership Framework. He has coached and spoken in more than 265 organizations in 43 states and 1 province. Known for his energetic, affable presentation style, Mark easily connects with diverse audiences, in all businesses, by creating a positive environment where people are ready to learn. When he’s not traveling the country speaking to organizations and leaders, Mark lives in a small beach community near Destin, Florida, with his wife. He has 4 grown children, 1 daughter-in-law, and two dogs.


Set up to Step in is Mark’s signature topic, and from his book, SET UP. He combines his passion for the importance of leadership development with his years of field experience training leaders. As a leader, your principal task is to develop future leaders. In the simplest terms: If a new leader is identified within your organization, does that new leader have to step up to a position of leadership, or can they simply step in? Have you set them up for success and put them in a position for which they have been properly prepared to deliver success?

Learning Objectives:
• Learn how to set up yourself for success, so you can set up others
• Identify the eight characteristics of leader development for all levels of leadership.
• Create the most effective teams by putting people in the right positions for the best outcomes

The engagement and alignment of employees will accelerate the achievement of quality, safety, service and operational goals. This is easy to say, but it is more challenging to execute. In this presentation, discover what leaders must do to create true employee collaboration through managing up.

Learning Objectives:
• Implement three tactics proven to improve teamwork and collaboration
• Discuss the link between managing up people and patient/customer perception of care
• Learn the difference between managing up and false pretentions
• Develop the art of delegating and giving up control
• Qualification for Collaboration

In this session, Mark will venture into the increasingly important endeavor of creating highly engaged employees. He doesn’t merely focus on the process but also on the relationships that create buy-in, enthusiasm and commitment to the organization. Rounding is THE number one most powerful thing you can do to improve employee engagement, and in this session, you will learn how to implement this tactic.

Learning Objectives:
• Describe the five essential elements of effective Rounding for Outcomes
• Identify the barriers and how to overcome the obstacles that hinder us from creating high engagement
• Learn how to be carefree by caring more
• Investigate the three requisites of recognizing and rewarding behavior

Want to make changes that not only improve your bottom line but also have staying power? Focus on leadership. Not leaders—leadership. One characteristic of highly successful organizations is their ability to foster and develop great leaders. Many organizations spend more time standardizing the way expense reports are compiled than they do standardizing their leadership practices, building value in their leaders and preparing leaders to lead. Products and services change with the demands of the market and individual leaders come and go. The key is to create a culture that ensures great leadership today and tomorrow. Mark Noon presents how to implement some tried-and-true best practices—to create results that last. Values based leadership uses a systematic process to identify behaviors that organizations can standardize to achieve breakthrough outcomes, communicate those outcomes, and make better decisions.

Learning Objectives:
• Impact the building of an organizational culture that develops great leaders today and continues to foster great leadership tomorrow, setting up organizations and individuals for success
• Build strong leadership and interdepartmental teamwork
• Implement Leadership practices through alignment of goals, behaviors and processes to achieve breakthrough results
• Apply practices and strategies across every group, department or division, resulting in improved leadership and performance on the individual, group and organization levels

The strategic planning process is about getting from here to there with minimal obstacle interference. In addition, the team should enjoy the progress. In this strategic planning session, Mark delivers the facilitation needed for leadership teams to set realistic SMART goals, perform a good SWOT analysis, establish short and long-range planning, and create a plan for the implementation of those ideas.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn the basic principles of highly reliable strategic planning
• Establish long and short-range SMART goals for your organizations
• Grow together as a leadership team while planning for the highest potential outcomes

Adapted from one of the chapters in Mark’s book, Set Up, creating the setting is paramount to establishing the highest leadership and engagement in every organization. As a leader, one of your principal tasks is to create the right environment and culture for your team. The right culture creates value in each member of your team, renews the pride of the organization, sets up the next generation of leaders and propels your own success.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn how to create the right setting, with the right people, in the right spot, doing the right things
• Increase your ability to tell stories and to build the pride of the team
• Improve your skills in building relationships, developing talent, and empowering people
• Create synergy and collaboration
• Bring new members onboard with enthusiasm and activity
• Learn different methods of reward, recognition, and appreciation


Why is change such an important topic, and yet so avoided? And how do you, as a leader, make change welcomed? In this series on Change Leadership, Mark goes deep into the why, what, and how of leading change in your organization. And yes, there is a difference between Managing Change….and Leading It!

The effects of Change are felt from bottom to top of all organizations, and knowing how to make it happen, overcome the barriers, focus the efforts, and lead the charge are all essential qualities of great leaders. Learn how to communicate change, lead it, drive it, and love it. Yes, Love It!


  • Know the differences between Change Leadership and Change Management – And how to showcase this for your team
  • Why Change is important. How change leads to great outcomes. What changes need to be made
  • What are the common barriers and how to know the difference between a barrier and an excuse, and how to coach your team through
  • Gaining the essentials of communicating, showcasing, and reinforcing Change Leadership skills

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November 1, 2022

Mark's webinar surpassed our expectations when it came to customizing his presentation for our group. He was relatable and exhibited a clear connection to and understanding of our business!

Lamar Advertising Company

October 10, 2022

November 10, 2021

Mark was wonderful to work with, filling in for a speaker for us on very short notice. He presented to a small group of experienced health care executives and I was blown away by the research that he did on each of them so that he could incorporate them into his presentation. He was relatable, energetic and a pleasure to hear speak. We will be engaging him in the future!

Texas Hospital Association

September 23, 2021


A wonderful bureau to work with! Big ups to everyone who helped make our event a success. Fingers crossed we get the chance to collaborate fo..

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"As always, you are the best most responsive speaker bureau I've ever worked with!"

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