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Top Keynote Speakers on Adaptive Business Strategy and Industry Disruption

Kyle Munger
Monday, Nov 27, 2023
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2023178163423Headshot2-2023-08-17T104941-958.png (37 KB)Beekman 1802: Leveraging Your Resources

Beekman 1802, a thriving skincare brand, emerged from a story of resilience and adaptation. Founded by Josh Kilmer-Purcell and his husband Dr. Brent Ridge, the brand's journey began when they moved to the historic Beekman 1802 Farm in rural Sharon Springs, New York, where they discovered a close-knit community and a herd of goats in need of a home. What started as a kitchen table project, making goat milk soap, quickly evolved as they shared their creations with neighbors and witnessed incredible transformations in their skin.

Inspired by the natural remedy's efficacy, Kilmer-Purcell and Ridge delved into the science behind goat milk's moisturizing and nourishing properties, leading to an immensely popular line of skincare products. Beekman 1802's transformative journey illustrates the power of adapting to local resources and community needs, making it a prime example of business strategy in the ever-changing landscape of skincare.

Their keynote offers key insights into our era of constant change and disruption, where businesses must adapt and evolve to thrive. Beekman 1802's remarkable journey is a testament to the power of innovation and adaptation. What began as a modest endeavor on a rural farm has grown into the world's largest goat-milk based skincare company, thanks to the founders' ability to adapt their business strategy and products to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. Their story exemplifies how embracing change and leveraging local resources can lead to unprecedented success in a dynamic and challenging business landscape.

20221710150143Headshot2-2022-10-17T100107-247.png (22 KB)Dr. Jonah Berger: Become Disruption-Proof

Dr. Jonah Berger, a renowned Wharton School professor, is a global expert in business strategy and adaptation. His bestselling books and research on innovation and the dynamics of product and idea popularity have earned worldwide recognition.

Acknowledged as a leader in business, his work combines behavioral science and real-world examples, offering valuable insights into change management and driving success in a rapidly evolving business landscape. Berger's impact extends to influential keynote addresses and consultations with industry giants, cementing his status as a key figure in modern business strategy.

In his recent keynote presentation titled "Disruption-Proof," Berger delves into the ever-disruptive business landscape where emerging technologies and new business models can reshape entire industries. With a focus on achieving "disruption-proof" status, Berger offers valuable insights on how organizations can not only adapt but also thrive amid constant change.

He sheds light on the unique strategies employed by successful innovators, ranging from mindset shifts to redefining competitors and embracing innovation and self-disruption. His keynote provides a roadmap for not only survival but excellence in an era of unrelenting disruption.

2023117155948Headshot2-2023-07-11T105855-293.png (23 KB)Adam Braun: Create a New Model

Adam Braun, a New York Times bestselling author, is a leader in professional upskilling, sustainability, and education. He serves as CEO of Climate Club, collaborating with major companies for success in the low-carbon economy. As the Founder of Pencils of Promise, he's built almost 600 schools worldwide with just $25.

Braun is a sought-after speaker, featured at The White House, the United Nations, renowned universities, and corporations. His accolades include Business Insider's 40 Under 40, Wired Magazine's 50 People Changing the World, and selection as a World Economic Forum Global Shaper. Braun's career spans across sustainability, education, technology, and innovation, with several industry-defining companies.

In Braun’s speech, “The For-Purpose Approach: Redefining Business for What’s Ahead,” he encourages everyone to embrace the "for-purpose" approach that’s shaped his career. Braun skillfully merges the principles of for-profit business acumen with the ideals of non-profit organizations, offering a model that resonates with the mission-driven generation.

Braun's journey serves as a valuable blueprint for breaking free from stagnation and actively transforming small ideas into substantial realities. During this engaging presentation, he recounts the calculated risks he took early in his entrepreneurial path, anticipating the surge of the "profitable purpose" and harnessing the collective power of the millennial workforce. He sheds light into the invaluable currency of shared commitment to a common mission, illuminating a path for businesses to adapt and thrive through disruption.

2021299171644Headshot2-5-.png (18 KB)Leonard Brody: Looking to the Past to Shape the Future

Leonard Brody, a coveted expert in navigating rapid change and disruption, provides guidance to organizations and government entities looking to shake things up. Drawing from his extensive experience in entrepreneurship, venture capital, and bestselling authorship, he offers valuable insights into adapting to innovation.

Brody's illustrious career features a leadership position at the Anschutz Company and an ongoing collaboration with Forbes on a forthcoming book. As a two-time Emmy nominee and the current President of the Clarity Digital Group, Brody stands as a reliable expert in crafting robust business strategies and navigating the intricacies of disruption.

In Brody's speech titled "Bouncing Back: Preparing for Future Growth," he highlights the significance of strategy and adaptation in times of disruption. By comprehending the historical cycles that have repeated over the past three centuries, often referred to as resets, we gain essential context for navigating current challenges and shaping our outlook for the future.

In this keynote address, Brody illuminates these repetitive and predictable patterns, helping leaders prepare for the upcoming recovery. Offering insights on distinguishing permanent changes from short-term shifts, he enables businesses to intelligently adjust their frameworks for navigating the path ahead. Drawing from proven research and extensive experience, he offers a comprehensive perspective, providing a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape.

2023162194926Headshot2-2023-02-16T134113-496.png (19 KB)Laura Gassner Otting: Overcoming Disengagement

Laura Gassner Otting, an esteemed authority in business strategy and navigating disruption, tackles the widespread issue of employee disengagement. Even before the pandemic and the Great Resignation, statistics showed that two-thirds of the workforce were chronically disengaged.

In her compelling keynote addresses, Otting highlights the core challenge: the lack of a profound connection between an individual's work and their personal values. Drawing upon her remarkable 20-year career in executive research, she provides actionable insights that promise enhanced recruitment, elevated engagement levels, reduced turnover, a more cohesive corporate culture, and an improved financial bottom line.

In her compelling keynote, "Invitations, Not Limitations: Embracing Your Wonderhell," Otting reframes the essence of success, portraying it as a dynamic process rather than a fixed destination. She emphasizes that success is not just an endpoint but a navigational point in the ever-evolving journey of business strategy and adapting through disruption. This presentation encourages your audience to push the boundaries of their ambitions, conquer fears, and navigate the complex terrain of adapting to disruptions, ultimately fostering innovation and reaching new strategic heights.

2021299174133Headshot2-9-.png (14 KB)Ken Hughes: The Future of Consumerism

Ken Hughes, a foremost authority on consumer behavior, merges psychology, anthropology, economics, and retail foresight to anticipate and meet the demands of the modern consumer. He advises major global brands on customer experience, omnichannel strategy, and emerging trends, including the impact of artificial intelligence and the peer-to-peer economy.

As a prolific author and engaging TED speaker, Hughes's electrifying presentations offer key insights for businesses navigating disruption, making him a coveted keynote speaker at international conferences focusing on the future of consumerism and digital transformation.

Ken Hughes' keynote address, "The Joy of CX: The Blue Dot Consumer," offers a dynamic examination of contemporary consumer values, delivering powerful insights for brands and businesses seeking to excel in today's disruptive business landscape. Hughes goes beyond the surface to explore the intricacies of consumer expectations, the evolving values of the modern consumer, and the essential art of striking a balance between digital strategies and meaningful human connections. His expertise is a blueprint for companies looking to adapt their business strategies in an era of disruption, emphasizing the paramount importance of consumer-centric approaches for long-term success.

Are you seeking expert guidance to navigate the shifting business landscape and excel in times of disruption? Contact Executive Speakers Bureau today to secure a keynote speaker who can lead your organization towards success and help you navigate disruption with confidence.


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