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Jim Mathis, Speaker

Jim Mathis

    • The Reinvention Strategist
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Keynote Speaker Jim Mathis

Keynote Speaker Jim Mathis

JIM MATHIS is an international Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and best-selling author. He has been presenting, leading conferences and consulting for over 30 years. Jim helps business leaders who want different results in a changing economy.  Jim believes the economic climate is very different... and you should be, too!  He presents globally on leadership and competing successfully in a consumer-empowered marketplace.  Jim is the author of the best-selling book: "Reinvention Made Easy: Change Your Strategy, Change Your Results" as well as "Reaching Beyond Excellence" and "Reinvention 101". Jim has also authored Lead Trac Management Training Workshop for facilitated leadership training.

As the Chief of Reinvention Nation™, Jim publishes a monthly e-Newsletter to help leaders grow revenues. You may join the "Nation" and subscribe for free on our Home Page.

You will hear many stories from Jim about people and organizations that reinvented themselves, and some stories about Jim....but it is really all about YOU!

To book Jim Mathis call Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

What is "Kindling" You? – Interactive Keynote
Change Your Strategy, Change Your Results

Every leader can reinvent both their business and perspective in the face of change.  An entertaining, energetic and interactive presentation that will engage participants in discussions for months following the program: Change happens...!  Just as the Kindle has changed publishing, Netflix has changed movie rentals, the smartphone has changed transactions, navigating and personal information, the realities of your business climate have changed... permanently.  Answer questions and hear stories about amazing turnarounds and reinventions from companies in an out of your industry who took advantage of a changing economic and business climate.

Key questions/talking points:

  1. Where has your business climate CHANGED recently?
  2. What do people VALUE MOST about you
  3. What is "KINDLING" our business model now?
  4. How can we DOMINATE our local business market?
  5. What is COSTING us more than returning to us?
  6. When is frequency PREFERABLE to loyalty in customers?

Reinvention Made Easy – Interactive Keynote

Any leader can reinvent themselves. A fast-paced discussion and interactive dialogue with participants in small buzz-groups. Attendees combine their creativity to leave with step-by-step actions to take from the session. Participants answer Critical Questions dealing with how people feel "punished" for doing business with you; what policies, practices or programs have become your "dinosaurs;" what has changed in your consumer base; why do people do business with you; and what is "kindling" your business are dealt with interactively with attendees in small buzz-group discussions.

Key Outcomes:

  • Alleviate practices and habits that have become your dinosaurs
  • Become unique in your market and industry.
  • Discover the value/trends people value most in your community.
  • Identify universal differences and concepts to incorporate into your business.
  • Develop an actionable plan to implement during the program.

How you will benefit: Attendees will list actionable steps to initiate the Reinvention Process.

Reinvention Styles – Staff Development & Customer Service
Adapting to Others Better

Every leader can learn how to place the right person in the right job reducing turnover and personal leadership stress. How do you lead different people in a changing environment? Are you managing everyone in their strengths? Do you hire for Authority, or for Responsibility? Participants will enjoy an interactive exchange about positioning individuals to perform at their best. Participants will explore essential tools for managing, leading & retention of good workers, improved communication and reduced conflict.  A fast paced, high-energy presentation in a "Dr. Phil meets Jeff Foxworthy" delivery that explores:

  1. Excellence in your workplace
  2. Succession planning in your organization
  3. Identifying different personalities you manage and market to...
  4. Leading people to perform in their strengths with authority
  5. Identifying your customer and employee styles
  6. Reinventing and adapting your style

Key Outcomes:

  • Discover the strengths of your management style and those of your staff.
  • Identify the areas that people work best and learn to place them in positions to succeed.
  • Understand examples of working with different personalities and how to adapt.
  • Hire employees to give more authority instead of more responsibilities
  • Design a unique actionable plan to communicate more effectively internally and externally.

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