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Lucas Boyce Speaker
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Lucas Daniel Boyce

    • Motivational Speaker for Overcoming Adversity
    • From Foster Care to the White House
    • Director of Business Development for NBA Orlando Magic
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Lucas Boyce

Lucas Boyce

Lucas Daniel Boyce's Story

Lucas Daniel Boyce's Story

As a motivational speaker Lucas has spoken on over forty occasions in the last three years to students of all ages, professional and civic associations, non-profits, group homes, government officials, and even prisoners in transitional housing. He speaks at corporate retreats, graduations, schools, universities, group homes, adoption and family centered organizations, church groups and community events.

When he graduated high-school, Lucas had three dreams: to work at the White House, fly aboard Air Force One and to work for an NBA team. And at the age of 29, Lucas, an executive with the NBA's Orlando Magic, didn't just fulfill the near-unattainable troika of dreams; he obliterated a myriad of obstacles to do so. His path to the NBA was an improbable journey filled with daunting life challenges.

Born premature to a 19-year-old call girl who abused drugs and alcohol Lucas had early struggles with schooling and ended up struggling through pre-school and even flunking kindergarten. But his adoptive mother instilled two very important principles. Those principles led Lucas to get up off the mat, step it up and eventually stand out.

Regardless of whether you are looking for inspiration or not, Lucas Daniel Boyce's story will touch your heart. The life lessons he shares can help anyone, in any stage of life. With a number of entertaining and insightful stories he has gathered from his time at the White House and flying aboard Air Force One Lucas presents a deeper level of insight on what it takes to be a leader, be successful and live authentic lives of character.

"Whether the speech is brief or long and the group is small or large, Lucas always finds a way to make the impact strong, emotional and moving. His presentations leave people wanting more. It is a real gift." -Allan Chernoff, Executive Director of the City of Life Foundation

Lucas presents strategies that will help individuals or groups (such as students, churches, or families) to 1. Understand who they are and what they are meant to be. 2. Focus on what they would like to become or where they would like to be, and 3. Reach these goals. His speeches give a practical, hands-on approach to personal growth and leadership.

Through the use of entertaining stories and important life principles learned from service at the White House and as an NBA executive, Lucas has at his disposal an arsenal of thematic discourses designed to motivate and inspire audiences to reach for something more. Whether the theme is Leadership, Family, Teamwork, overcoming obstacles or personal development, Lucas shares dynamic insight right for any occasion.


Be a Champion On and Off the Court!
The Five Qualities of an Effective Leader

What does it take to be a strong principled leader at home and in the boardroom? Be Ready, Be Authentic, and Embrace Character are just a few of the principles Lucas shares in this powerful discourse on leadership. Lucas discusses the philosophy of what it takes to win, lead effectively, and be a champion both in professional and personal life. Life can change in the blink of an eye and if you're not ready to lead, it will pass you by. This presentation offers inspiring insight and stories taken from Lucas service at the White House his experience as an executive for the NBA's Orlando Magic.


Everybody Grab a Handle
The Art of Building Successful Teams

In order to be successful in a unit or team, we must be selfless. Each of us, through our individual gifts, must do our part to contribute to the whole. No more. No less. Being a strong team mate requires resolute commitment, and unwavering dedication. You're either in or you're out. And the effort you give is returned tenfold by what you get back. In this presentation Lucas uncovers the four building blocks of strong and cohesive teams. With the NBA and its best teams as a real-world guide, Lucas discusses what it takes for organizations, leaders, families and communities to build unbreakable bonds that foster success.


Living Proof
You Were Built for Something More

Living Proof is a speech that details Lucas' journey to overcome significant obstacles to achieve three once-in-a-lifetime goals. The quote by George Bernard Shaw,"Some men see things as they are and ask, why? Others dream things that can be and ask, why not?," is a fundamental theme interwoven throughout this talk. Personal history or external conditions outside of our control don't have to determine our future trajectory, success and/or fulfillment. While some may view past and present conditions as an eternal harness and cause for inaction or paralysis, Lucas shares that our obstacles and limitations become irrelevant when we understand our life purpose and are willing to reach for something more. It doesn't matter what station of life we find ourselves, we were built for something more. We were meant to succeed. Lucas is living proof of this and shares his view on what it takes to overcome, stand up, and stand out.

If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Gotta Get Out of the Boat! Becoming Who You Want Starts with a Single Step

Have you ever had a dream or goal and have been unable to take the necessary action to turn your desire into destiny? In this speech, Lucas discusses the three common barriers that hold us back. He then uncovers three things we must do to achieve breakthrough and go from desire to destiny.


Supermoms and Superwomen Mother's Matter

Moms don't always get the appreciation they deserve for sacrificing so much for their children's success. Lucas would never have been able to achieve three once-in-a-lifetime goals: Working at the White House, flying on Air Force One, and working for an NBA Team, without a steady hand to guide him and mentor him along the path of life. In this speech Lucas talks about the importance of family, specifically the lasting impact mothers have on children. Lucas details the journey that led his mom (Dorothy) to build a home for forty foster care children over the course of fifteen years. He also shares what led her to adopt six children from different races, some with special needs and severe handicaps. This speech is an inspirational, heartwarming tribute that leads audiences on a journey of self discovery while uncovering a new appreciation for the true sheroes that walk our streets and impact our families every day.

What You Can Expect:

  • Individuals who Believe they are built for something more
  • Pragmatic Steps to Becoming a Quality Leader
  • Stronger Teams Built for Success
  • The Tools to Shape A New Future Despite Your Past
  • A Stronger Appreciation for the Shero in your Life

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September 11, 2019

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