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Barbara Sanfilippo Speaker

Barbara Sanfilippo

    • A Business Motivational Speaker and Expert at Moving People to Take Action!
    • Inspires audiences and businesses to act on their highest aspirations, transform old beliefs, enrich customer relationships, increase sales, and experience work and life at the highest level possible − in high definition! 
    • CSP, CPAE and Co-Founder, High Definition People
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Barbara Sanfilippo Sizzle Reel

Barbara Sanfilippo Sizzle Reel

Barbara Sanfilippo Speaker Biography

Barbara Sanfilippo is an expert at moving people to take action. She inspires audiences and businesses to act on their highest aspirations, transform old beliefs, enrich customer relationships, increase sales, and experience work and life at the highest level possible − in high definition! 

Barbara has three goals in addition to inspiring and energizing:

  • Deliver a long-remembered, differentiated experience by offering practical, immediately applicable ideas that get lasting results
  • Provide powerful tools with take-home value AND motivate and inspire your audience to WANT to apply what they learned back on the job
  • Bring exceptional value, generate a positive ROI for her clients and help people live and work at the highest level possible, in High Definition

Barbara’s high energy, entertaining and interactive style combined with her idea-packed and highly-tailored programs have earned her high marks and repeat business from associations and organizations in nearly every industry segment. Previously, Barbara was a VP and Regional Sales Manager with Bank of America. Prior to that enjoyed a successful career in sales.

A down-to-earth style gives Barbara the unique ability to connect easily with CEO's, senior executives, mid-level management and front-line staff. She delivers inspirational and business keynotes and, on request, conducts workshops and training sessions to reinforce her message.

She is the author of, Dream Big! What's The Best That Can Happen?, numerous articles and a popular blog. In addition, Barbara has achieved the highest honors and recognition in the speaking industry:

  • CPAE (Council of Peers Award for Excellence): Speaker Hall of Fame Member − an elite award shared by less than 230 speakers worldwide
  • CSP (Certified Speaking Professional): The highest earned designation of the National Speakers Association

In addition to her busy speaking schedule she is co-founder of a successful training and consulting firm.

To book Barbara Sanfilippo call Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404.

Restore Personal Connection – The High Definition People® Advantage

Are you frustrated with employees so reliant on electronic communication, they avoid personal interaction? What really drives superior organizational leadership and results is employees with superb relational ability. But in today’s device-obsessed culture, employees have lower empathy and are losing the ability to connect, collaborate and build trust relationships. We refer to this phenomenon as The LESA SyndromeTM (Lack of Empathy and Self-Awareness). In this idea-packed energizing and interactive session, an award-winning speaker will share traits and takeaways to facilitate self and other-awareness, personal connection and relationship-building in your organization. Join the conversation!

- Prioritize, instill, and create a greater appreciation for undervalued relational skills
- Discover common symptoms alerting you to potential problems
- Avoid the consequences and cost of neglecting crucial connection and self-management skills
- Understand the amazing benefits of developing relational skills in your people
- Learn proven ideas to address The LESA SyndromeTM and move your team to action
- Gain a sense of excitement and commitment about elevating and celebrating
these highly valuable attributes with your team and in your organization
- Learn the three key relational traits of High Definition People® that positively impact advancement opportunities, staff retention and productivity


Experience Life and Work in High Definition™
What does living in high definition™ look like?

Imagine feeling optimistic, joyful, peaceful, vibrant, valued, inspired and purpose-filled despite a stressful job, daily challenges or life circumstances. Imagine being full of life, energized and appreciated by those you serve. We call these folks High Definition People®.

Everyone has the potential to experience personal and professional gratification. Still, many of us settle for the status quo or let doubt and worry sabotage our efforts to move on. High Definition People® have learned that living life well is a discipline and a choice that involves much more than striving for a big bank account. It means participating in life rather than observing it, believing rather than doubting, giving rather than getting. High Definition People® are defined by their character.

In this highly engaging and inspirational program you'll learn how to experience life and work at the highest level possible - in high definition! You will learn how to:

  • Think differently and monitor your thoughts with a renewed mindset
  • Get unstuck from the status quo and make better decisions that impact your life
  • Awaken your desire to make a difference and live with a higher purpose
  • Enjoy and appreciate the present with Cappuccino Moments™
  • Use powerful principles and fun tools to help turn your dreams into reality


Lead in High Definition™ – Inspire Breakthrough Performance

Envision yourself as a highly inspired leader with an ability to connect with, develop and inspire your team in ways that bring out their best performance - even breakthrough performance! You've moved beyond merely managing by facts, numbers and reasoning to tapping into what drives each member of your team. They achieve unprecedented results because you inspired and coached them to be all they can be. This is the art of leadership used by High Definition Leaders®.

Whether they lead a sales team, manage a support function or are a CEO, High Definition Leaders™ think of themselves as Olympic coaches and servant leaders committed to helping each team member "go for the gold." A genuine and authentic leadership style earns them the trust, respect and loyalty of their team and colleagues. They’re successful because they take responsibility for getting results and are focused on making individual team members successful first. Instead of being preoccupied with past performance and results, they are experts at coaching for activities that will impact future performance.

In this energizing and interactive session, you'll be inspired to build a high-performing team by leveraging your current approach to getting results with proven ideas, techniques and wisdom applied by High Definition Leaders®. You'll learn:

  • The secret to getting buy-in and winning team commitment
  • Why focusing exclusively on results may hinder success
  • The #1 most critical yet overlooked ingredient of successful coaching
  • How to transform mindsets and increase personal responsibility
  • The #1 motivational exercise to inspire breakthrough performance


Sell in High Definition™ – Become an Expert, Build Trust, Attract Business

Imagine after a few years in your sales job you've created a situation in which a substantial quantity of your sales come from prospects who learned about YOU and your product or service and CALL YOU to explore how you can meet their needs. Imagine your pipeline filled with leads from referrals and never having to make a cold call. Sound farfetched? It's more realistic than you might think when you Sell In High Definition™.

Salespeople who've reached this pinnacle have positioned themselves as experts, advisors, and problem solvers in their niche industry and have become masterful at building trusting relationships. They no longer chase the sale because they've built a reputation as a "go to" person who creates a differentiated customer experience, adds value and always does what's best for the customer. As a result, they become a "business and referrals magnet".

Attracting more customers rather than continually searching for them will require you think differently about how you now sell. You'll learn how to do that and more when you attend this high-energy session with proven ideas that will increase your sales and make you stand out from your competition. You'll discover how to:

  • View what you do for a living from a totally new perspective
  • Position and promote yourself as an expert and a "mini celebrity"
  • Attract warm inquiries from prospects who are referred to you
  • "Clone" your best customers and infiltrate your niche
  • Pre-call plan effectively to increase your chances of winning the business
  • Add value, educate, and be bold to advance the sale
  • Critique your sales calls and avoid the most common pitfalls that repel customers


Serve In High Definition™ – Differentiate, Deliver Value and Delight Customers

To attract and retain loyal customers requires a lot more than a smile, a return call, and a thank you note. Good customer service is expected and no longer a differentiator. Has your attempt to create consistency and standards resulted in robotic or impassive conversations? Has your focus on growth overshadowed the voice of the customer?

To grow your business and stand out from the crowd, every employee and department must seek to add value, contribute, and create a memorable experience. In this action-packed program, Barb will give you a roadmap and proven ideas to:

  • Increase staff engagement to bring your service and brand promise alive
  • Break down silos and encourage collaboration between sales and support areas
  • Provide additional value and stay top-of-mind with customers
  • Get customer feedback and measure service easily
  • Avoid the top three pitfalls that repel customers
  • Most of all, inspire your staff to deliver genuine and attentive service!


Live and Work With Purpose and Significance
Faith, Values and Character-Building Programs

In today's consumer-driven, superficial, "what's in it for me" society, it's easy to lose sight of what really matters. We're bombarded with messages that promise wealth, beauty, prestige and happiness but in many cases lead us down a detrimental path of striving, stress and discontentment.

In the workplace, we can be so focused on career and advancement that we often forget how our actions and words influence our colleagues, customers and employees. We need to be reminded that as managers and leaders, it's a privilege to serve and lead our team. As individual contributors, it's a privilege to serve everyone who we come in contact with.

There is a more optimal measure of life and work. Imagine being worry-free and filled with purpose, peace, joy and gratitude despite your circumstances. Imagine a workplace where integrity, empathy and encouragement are valued and recognized. Sound too good to be true? This and much more is possible with a renewed mind and a transformed life.

On request Barb will tailor an inspirational message based on eternal principles, parables and values.    
...be transformed by the renewing of your mind.


Value Added for EACH of the above programs

  • Barbara Sanfilippo is not only a popular business motivational speaker but a respected consultant and coach to banks and credit unions. Here are some additional ways High Definition People® can work with your organization during or after Barbara's presentation to reinforce and sustain the message, get your attendees to actually apply the ideas, address issues that may impact results and better insure your ROI.
  • Executive Debrief − In the course of learning a great deal about your company during her pre-speech preparation, Barbara gains valuable insights into issues that sometimes only an outsider can see. If you choose to do so, she will debrief your executive team on potential challenges, pitfalls to avoid and also provide solutions and proven ideas on how to address them.
  • Tele-Coaching − Thirty to sixty days after Barb's presentation a highly interactive telecoaching call can be scheduled with a group of your attendees to maintain the momentum and instill accountability. The purpose is to review key principles, share successes in how they used ideas from the presentation and discuss any obstacles. Attendees are expected to prepare for the call and contribute to the facilitated discussion. These calls put the onus on participants to apply what they learned and prepare for the calls.
  • Workshops − If improving a skill or getting specific results is a high priority, a keynote may not be the best format. Allotting more time with some application and discussion exercises can often improve sustainability. Any of Barbara's presentations can be turned into 2-3 hour workshop or what we call, a keynote/workshop blend.
  • Consulting - After her keynote Barbara is also available on an as needed basis to assist with identifying challenges, avoiding pitfalls and recommending follow-up reinforcement.

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