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Barry Moltz, small business speaker

Barry Moltz

    • Small Business Expert
    • Getting Small Business Unstuck - sales, marketing, customer service, and finance
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Small Business Expert Reel

Small Business Expert Reel

Get Your Business Unstuck demo reel

Get Your Business Unstuck demo reel

You Need to be Crazy to Start a Business demo reel

You Need to be Crazy to Start a Business demo reel

Barry Moltz Speaker Biography

Barry gets small businesses unstuck.

As a small business expert, Barry Moltz gets owners growing again by unlocking their long forgotten potential.  With decades of entrepreneurial experience in his own business ventures as well as consulting countless other entrepreneurs, Barry has discovered the formula to get stuck business owners unstuck and marching forward. As a small business expert, Barry applies simple, strategic steps to facilitate change.

Barry has founded and run small businesses with a great deal of success and failure for more than 20 years.

After successfully selling his last operating business, Barry has branched out into a number of entrepreneurship-related activities.  He founded an angel investor group, an angel fund, and is a former advisory member of the board of the Angel Capital Education Foundation.  His first book, “You Need to Be A Little Crazy: The Truth about Starting and Growing Your Business” describes the ups and downs and emotional trials of running a business.  It is in its fifth reprint and has been translated into Chinese, Russian, Korean and Thai.

His second book, “Bounce! Failure, Resiliency, and the Confidence to Achieve Your Next Great Success”, shows what it takes to come back and develop true business confidence.  It has been translated into Korean and German.  His third book, “BAM! Delivering Customer Service in a Self-Service World” shows how customer service is the new marketingPeople now buy experiences and relationships, not products. His fourth book, Small Town Rules: How Small Business and Big Brands can Profit in a Connected Economy shows how when every customer can talk to every other customer, it’s like living in a small town: Your reputation is everythingHis fifth book, “How to Get Unstuck: 25 Ways to Get Your Business Growing Again” focuses on how to get small business owners making more profits in their company.

Barry’s 6th book  “Small Business Hacks: 100 Shortcuts to Your Success” with Rieva Lesonsky is now available as a #1 release on Amazon.

Barry is a nationally recognized speaker on small business who has given hundreds of presentations to audiences ranging in size from 20 to 20,000.  As a member of the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, he has also taught entrepreneurship as an adjunct professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology.  He has appeared on many TV and radio programs such as CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, MSNBC’s Your Business and NPR’s The Tavis Smiley Show.  He hosts his own radio show, Business Insanity Talk Radio on AM560, and writes regularly for the American Express Open Forum and other online and offline periodicals.

For more information on Barry Moltz, contact Executive Speakers Bureau at 901-754-9404. 

Getting Your Small Business Unstuck

What you did to get your business to where it is today, is not what you need to do to get it where it needs to be now. Businesses growth requires different actions as the market changes. Barry has identified 6 ways that businesses get stuck, causing their growth to slow. By simply making changes to these ineffective patterns, your business can start to flourish again. Areas discussed are sales, marketing, finance, personal productivity, managing employees and customer experience.


Small Business Hacks: 25 Shortcuts for Your Success

Running a small business is hard and confusing. Most entrepreneurs start a company to solve a problem and just want to focus on doing only that with customers. Unfortunately, managing all the other parts of a business and the people “gets in the way”. This is a high-speed presentation that will rapidly go through the best 25 tips, tricks and workarounds for anyone in a small business to be able to accomplish critical tasks in seven steps or less.


You Need to Be A Little Crazy to Start and Run Your Own Business

The best way to debunk myths about start-up business is, to tell the truth: You truly have to be crazy to start a business. Entrepreneurs live at the complex intersection of business, financial health, physical well-being, spiritual wholeness and family life. Tidbits of insight will vaporize isolation, encourage self-reflection and refresh the spirit of anyone running their own business.


5 Surefire Ways to Supercharge Your Sales for Success (and Keep Your Pipeline Full)

Most small business owners don’t like to sell. But even if you have a great product, you can’t grow your business without selling your product or service. Barry shares his simple and quick shortcuts to keep your sales pipeline full and turn your prospects into customers.


Escape the Double Helix Trap and Boost Your Sales

When business is booming, small business owners ignore their sales and marketing efforts. Then, when business slows down, they turn your attention back to sales and marketing. This is a hamster’s wheel to nowhere. Their business will remain flat-lined in this “Double Helix” treadmill. Barry shows how to grow a small business by tossing out the old paradigms and traditional sales techniques with easy to follow step by step guide.


How to Really Compete Against Big Box Retailers and Their Online Stores

The biggest challenge for independent retailers is the massive big box stores and their seemingly ever-present sales reach online. Many just want to give up because they think the situation has little promise. Barry teaches how every small retailer can compete and win against the big guys with five proven techniques to attract and keep their customers.


How to Raise Prices That Keep All Your Customers

One of the biggest fears that small business owners have is that if they raise their prices, then their customers will leave them. Barry shows how to raise prices annually and not only keep the customers they have but attract new ones!


How to Market Your Small Business on a Shoestring Budget

Many small business owners know they need to do marketing but are not sure where to start especially on their small budget. Barry demonstrates on how to put together a marketing strategy on a limited budget and get the results that are needed to grow any small business.


9 Simple Ways to Get Your Email Opened and Read

Most customers are flooded with daily email and most of it goes unnoticed. This is a problem for small business owners that use email marketing. Barry shows how and when to send email communication that not only gets opened but acted upon.


5 Ways Social Media is Killing Your Business

Small business owners are typically listed on social media. Unfortunately, they approach this new marketing with very little strategy and seem to react to it. Barry details how social media may actually be hurting your business and what steps need to be taken to use it to the company’s marketing advantage.


Building a Team that Lasts and Lasts

One of the most difficult elements of growing a business is hiring and the right team members. That is why it is critical to be slow to hire and quick to fire. Unfortunately, not many business owners follow this advice. Instead, they hire the first person that reasonably fits the role before they’ve learned a lot about them. Then, if the employee doesn’t work out, they hesitate to fire them. Barry shows how to stop the employee merry-go-round and effectively hire, train, manage and fire people to provide the maximum leverage for every business.


How Technology Can Help Small Business Deliver a Better Customer Experience

People no longer want to buy products, they want experiences and to form relationships with the companies they do business with. Technology used to give large companies the advantage in this area. Barry demonstrates how new cloud and applications can now give small businesses the same power on a fraction of the budget.


5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Customer Experience to Boost Sales

Customers believe that most things they buy are commodities and can be purchased anywhere. This is why they now focus on the actual customer buying and service experience. While most small businesses see customer service as an expensive afterthought, Barry shows 5 techniques that can instantly improve any customer’s experience and bring the company more sales.


Delivering Customer Service in A Social Media World

For a long time, a company’s commitment to outstanding customer service began and ended in its mission statement. The goal of the customer being number one in most companies is not translated into tactics for training the staff. The truth is that customer service has become the key marketing weapon. In this new age of social media, traditional advertising has become all but meaningless while customer reviews, or “earned media,” take center stage in a customer’s buying decision. Barry teaches how to create an effective Customer Service Manifesto that always boosts sales.


How to Hire and Retain Millennials in Your Company

Many small business owners struggle with hiring the new millennial. If they are successful, they then need to figure out how to retain them. Barry explains what millennials really want and how to leverage their expertise in your company.


Breaking the Cash Crunch and Generate Money Faster

Most small business owners spend a ton of energy and time worrying about their financial obligations. Very few read and understand their monthly financial statements. Recent surveys indicate that only 5% of business owners understand the secrets to overcome the crunch and never being short of cash again. Learn them in this session and never run out of cash again.


The Best Way to Fund Your Business Right Now

The most popular funding sources for small businesses used to be their own bank account, family, friends, and the bank. Now new online resources are available that make available more money than ever before. Barry shows how to use these new tools effectively and how to create a compelling story that gets funded.


Tiny Financial Habits of the Most Successful Small Business Owners

Most small business owners have no experience managing the finances of their company. But there are tiny habits that they can make a big difference in their bottom line. Barry shows 10 daily and monthly habits that can help boost any company’s profit.


10 Real Tricks to Skyrocket Your Productivity and Your Team’s Success

Stop confusing being busy with productivity. Busy is doing any stuff, while productivity is getting the stuff done that will move the small business forward. In addition, every employee will mimic the way the owner works. They could soon have a team filled with inefficient, multi-tasking workers all running around chasing their tails. This session uncovers ways to get more done in half the time using “micro-progress techniques”, even in this interruption-based culture.


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